340 collocations for encloses

' On the 8th of January I wrote to him, anxiously inquiring as to his health, and enclosing my Letter to the People of Scotland, on the present state of the nation[805].

Still I am bound to do what I can to get at the truth, and enclose a copy of some notes I have had occasion to make.

These consist of six enormous chambers, above 200 feet in height, and each enclosing a vast space like that of a field.

The modern town is surrounded with a triple wall thirteen feet high and three thick, enclosing a spacious area.

The returned letter was one which he had sent enclosing a check to a Dr. Hartley, to whom he had become indebted for professional services at one time.

A carriage and four well-broke dogs, was procured for us, and we soon reached the foot of the mountain that encloses the fortunate valley, in about fifty-two hours.

Mr. Powis will enclose my note in one of his letters, and will, I trust, second the request by his own solicitations.

It looked towards the wood, and the commanding situation which it occupied, on a rising ground towards the center of the garden, enabled her to overlook the green fence that enclosed the grounds, and to watch the receding forms of her brothers, until they were hidden from her sight by the winding of the path through the underwood.

I therefore enclose you three hundred dollars and beg that you will have the well piped at once, and if there is any way to carry the water to the bedroom floor, do it, and let me send the extra amount involved.

Behind this line there was many a sunken passageway and shelter from gunfire, while backing the whole system, and, for reasons I have given, an element of defence as strong as the prepared positions, were cactus hedges enclosing the West Town's gardens.

She enclosed a cheque, and said she would send on some books and small possessions that Miss Townsend had kept there.

In sea-fishing a much larger net, sometimes enclosing more than 10,000 square yards, is employed.

" In her letter, the wife enclosed a money order for $1 out of $1.20, the total amount of money which she possessed.

It was written, with incredible care, on one side of the paper only; it enclosed a fully stamped envelope for a reply or a return of the manuscript, and all day long Nancy, trembling between hope and despair, went about hugging her first secret to her heart.

Fences of trees, brush, and even rails, enclosed, on this portion of the flats, quite fifty acres of land; and Indian corn, oats, pumpkins, peas, potatoes, flax, and several other sorts of seed, were already in the ground.

(I am going to try to enclose the necessary stamps in this, but if I forget ithowever, I won't) We have been poking around slowly through Switzerland for a month; a week hence we go to Veniceto Rome & other places later; & we are booked for Munich Nov. 10 (for the winter.)

You can imagine the Periwinkle's mantle as a tube enclosing the animal's body.

"On Jan. 11th I addressed Mr Buck, agent of the Princess Sophia of Gloucester, Ranger of Greenwich Park, for leave to enclose a portion of the ground overlooking my garden.

The houses of the town are mostly on a ridge, and enclosing the place is a mass of gardens fully a mile deep, each surrounded by high cactus hedges affording complete cover and quite impossible for infantry to penetrate.

In the rear, too, a wing had been thrown along the verge of the cliff, completely enclosing the court.

He enclosed several photographs, mostly very bad ones, which he had managed to develop and print in the wilderness.

Inside of these leaves he found carefully enclosed a bank bill of five hundred dollars.

'I have enclosed ten pounds, and Mrs. Porter will pay you ten more, which I gave her for the same purpose.

Perhaps you will enclose a line for him....

Yours, every third Wednesday, C.L. [Talfourd states that the note is in answer to a letter enclosing a list of candidates for a Widow's Fund Society, for which he was entitled to vote.

340 collocations for  encloses