88 collocations for endorses

What position does a person assume by endorsing a note?

One, in his treatise on Duties, is probably paraphrased from the Greek of Panaetius, the philosopher who first introduced Stoicism to the Romans, and modified it to suit their temperament, but it is quite clear that Cicero himself entirely endorses the Stoic view.

And in the Punjab case the former has endorsed the policy of terrorism and emasculation of a brave people initiated by the latter.

" "That they are, Mrs. Montrose!" said Goldstein, the manager, a lean little man, earnestly endorsing the statement; "and that makes them the highest priced stars in all our fourteen companies of players.

Of the two men, however, it is most probable that Hack possessed the more experience and knowledge of country, and, moreover, Time, the great arbitrator, has endorsed his words.

They underline and endorse the claim of German imperialism that this is a war for bare existence.

If the jury acquitted the prisoner, their verdict would not necessarily mean that they endorsed the theory of the defence.

" The judge endorsed the papers and handed them to the clerk, and Sharpman walked up the aisle with Ralph to the door of the court-room.

The Russian Ambassador is convinced that the German Government also desired war from the first.' Sir Maurice does not actually endorse this opinion concerning the attitude of the German Government, but there can be no doubt that this general attitude was most pernicious to the cause of European peace, and that if the German Government had desired war they could scarcely have acted more efficiently towards that end.

The one argued that I, of necessity, endorsed slavery every where by recognizing the Constitution; the other that I must favor its existence where it then was, by working with the Republican party, which was only pledged to prevent its extension.

This was the opinion of all useful Negroes except Bishop H.M. Turner, who endorsed Morgan's plan by advocating the emigration of one fourth of the blacks to Africa.

So far as insanity goes, I perceive that the cruelty of the law would but endorse the cruelty of nature.

"I take it, then, the Council endorses my decision to proceed with the negotiations instituted by Soviet Russia; to accept its proposals and pledge our cooperation in every way?" This time there was no mistaking the accuracy with which he had gauged the minds of his associates.

I do not know whether it is a mere fancy of mine, or whether those who know him better will accept and endorse my belief, that one element of his wonderful power showed itself after this fashion.

I know from the German Ambassador himself that he endorses every line of it.

We should hardly endorse the arguments by which Irenaeus proves a priori the necessity of a 'four-fold Gospel,' but there is real weight in the fact that four Gospels and no more were accepted by him and others like him.

He endorsed the brokerage check for deposit and mailed it to his bank.

It seems to me that I do not necessarily endorse the means by which a man has acquired money or power, when I ask him to use either in my behalf.

The sheriff endorsed his return on the writ and filed it.

Whether public sentiment will continue to endorse these local revolutions is the question that can be answered only by time.

The British nation has endorsed the Punjab and Khilsfat crimes.

Alas, what could be hoped when the Church endorsed such absurd doctrines!

And the New Orleans Press endorses all the author's sentiments, and insults American gentlemen and American intelligence, by asserting that it "admirably reveals the sentiments of the whole people, and will find sympathy in the mind of every true son of the soil.

After he had endorsed the cheque the disdainful hand clawed it up once more, and directed upon its obverse and upon its reverse a battery of suspicions; then a pair of eyes glanced with critical distrust at so much of Priam's person as was visible.

[Footnote 24: Southern Banner, Jan. 11, 1855, endorsing an editorial of similar tone in the New York Express.]

88 collocations for  endorses
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