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581 collocations for  engaging

581 collocations for engaging

Specimens were shortly afterward procured by Drummond near the sources of the Athabasca River, between the fifty-fourth and fifty-sixth parallels; and it has been collected by nearly all of the numerous exploring expeditions undertaken of late through our Western States and Territories; for it never fails to engage the attention of naturalists in a very particular manner.

After engaging a man to take care of the farm, I proceeded to Leavenworth and there met my old wagon-master and friend, Lewis Simpson, who was fitting out a train at Atchison and loading it with supplies for the Overland Stage Company, of which Mr. Russell, my old employer, was one of the proprietors.

Miss Weston took counsel with some officers in the service, and engaged a room for meetings at Devonport.

The Caribees marked with indignant surprise that, when they had turned into a field about seven o'clock, the long line following them pushed onward until far into the night, and they envied the contiguity this would give the lucky laggards to first see and engage the enemy!

He did not engage the services of any hackman or professional guide.

"And so," cried he, "you have dared to engage your affections without my privity, have you?

Some years ago, I engaged passage from Charleston, S.C., to the city of New York, in the fine packet-ship Independence, Captain Hardy.

But I thank you sincerely for the hint, and shall receive it as far as I am able,that is, endeavor to engage my mind in some constant and innocent pursuit.

The losing of employees has become so serious and general that big industries have engaged women who devote their time to looking up absentees and finding out why each worker left.

They do not, when engaging a servant, expressly tell her all the duties which she will be expected to perform.

Ingenuous views engage His thoughts, on themes, unclassic falsely styled, Intent.

He might possibly have been able to carry out his plan; but the huge San Philip, an immense vessel of 1500 tons, coming towards him as he was engaging other ships of the fleet, becalmed his sails and then boarded him.

The poor princess lived about seven years in the court of Berlin, in a state which the world has not often seen, a wife without a husband, married so far as to engage her person to a man who did not desire her affection, and of whom it was doubtful, whether he thought himself restrained from the power of repudiation by an act performed under evident compulsion.

" "To my mind it is foolish to engage the German fleet with only a few ships," said Jack.

And Romeo enquiring who her mother was, discovered that the lady whose peerless beauty he was so much struck with, was young Juliet, daughter and heir to the lord Capulet, the great enemy of the Mountagues; and that he had unknowingly engaged his heart to his foe.

The first time she saw mademoiselle de Freville, she told her as a great secret that her brother was fallen in love with mademoiselle Charlotta, and that she believed it would be a match, for he had already engaged friends to sollicit monsieur de Palfoy on that score.

The family with whom he lodged at Eppendorf strongly engaged his religious sympathy.

Jacob steps into the street with every eye upon him; he approaches Monsieurhe addresses to him a few remarksthey shake handsthey engage in some conversationMonsieur places his hand on his sword!now Monsieur passes.

I shall engage the table flippantly: Hear how preposterously the fellow talks!he jests to satisfy a grudge.

For this purpose he engaged the forces of Proxenus, and to this army Xenophon attached himself.

For this a good reason was given by Maelruin, i.e. that the recitation might engage the eye as well as the tongue and thought.

He only longed for the time when he could take Etta freely into his confidence and engage her interest in the object of his ambitionnamely, to make the huge Osterno estate into that lump of leaven which might in time leaven the whole of the empire.

For I remembered how Mr. Winkle once engaged horses to take the Pickwickians out to Manor Farm and what mishaps befell them on the way.

" Leglosse had already engaged a cab, and when I joined him I discovered that he had also brought a Sicilian police official with him.

A.Some engines have guide rods set on each side of the piston rod, and eyes on the top of the piston rod engage these guide rods, and maintain the piston rod in a vertical position in every part of the stroke.

The treasurer answered, very coolly, that he was sorry his lordship had occasion to make such an observation; but that in the mean time, he would engage his honour, that whoever his lordship should name, might venture upon this theme, without fear of losing his time.

"At 12:22 o'clock the French squadron, consisting of the Suffren, Gaulois, Charlemagne and Bouvet, advanced up the Dardanelles and engaged the forts at closer range.

Encouraged by the result of several preliminary encounters, the Emperor was eager to engage Meha's main army, and after some weeks' searching and manoeuvring, the two forces halted in front of each other.

But even when he had opened his eyes and looked about him he was thinking of schools, saying to himself that he must send them to a private academy, or even at the worst engage a tutor.

Before noon he had engaged cheap but neat lodgings at the home of an old negro woman.

In a few moments Louise had engaged the agent in a spirited discussion of the absorbing "mystery" and so occupied his attention that he paid no heed to the direction they had taken.

" "Uncle John has engaged a lawyer," announced Patsy, "and if he proves bright and intelligent he ought to be able to free Ajo.

I should have to engage a nurse for any baby of mine.

As those Sentiments naturally engage the Reader to regard the Mother of Mankind with more than ordinary Commiseration, they likewise contain a very fine Moral.

But in order to open a school she had to engage a house for herself; and after great difficulties one was secured in a suitable position.

That is not a trade, you know, it is impossible to earn one's living at it, and as proof of it, the greater part of the time the master was only able to engage the poor little blind boys from the Blind Asylum.

McLeod and his chum, to save time and money too, engaged 35 Indians to pack their supplies over the mountains, but they had to carry their own bedding and grub to keep them on the road.

Whatever company he engaged himself in, whatever amusement he endeavoured to entertain himself with, he could think only of her.

" "I'll engage a nice upholstered seat in the smoking car.

Having received a hint from Mr. Merrick, Joe promptly employed the strangers to prepare the old mill for the reception of the machinery for the lighting plant, and both of them engaged board at the hold.

At Cairo I engaged a guide whom I paid three dollars for accompanying me as many hours, and bargained with him that he must furnish the mules, (or donkeys I should have said), and pay all the contingent expenses.

The middle age could do without humane letters, as it could do without the study of nature, because its supposed knowledge was made to engage its emotions so powerfully.

Being obliged to be in London on the 24th December I took leave of the agreeable city of Milan with much regret on the 19th of October and engaged a place in a Swiss voiture going to Lausanne.

As the latter employment engaged the great body of the Israelites, the Apostle amplifies his illustration under that head by much detailand enumerates the five great departments of agricultural labor among the Jewsvine-dressing, plowing, sowing, reaping and threshing, as the representatives of universal labor.

I saw him measure Allen with his eye, and then they engaged a second time.

Instead of weakly yielding to despondency, she promptly engaged a boat to go out after the vessel, to bring their effects ashore.

Further inquiry brought out the fact that of a long list of women's clubs and associations which have built or altered property for their purposes, only one had engaged a woman architect.

A company was pushed forward to engage the battery.

When you have engaged a maid, do not permit her to take the slightest liberty with you, nor allow her to speak disrespectfully to you.

"Did you engage a carriage, Major?"

When the young ploughman resolves to quit the hamlet for the backwoods of America or the sheepwalks of Australia, he comes here to engage his berth.

One day his employer had engaged a carpenter to make him a counter, but the man instead of attending to his work had been off on a drunken spree, and neglected to do the job.

" The merchant engaged the crew of a Spanish fishing schooner that was being laid up, and Barbara returning to the hotel found Wheeler in the garden.

This included souvenirs of cases on which he had been engaged, wonderful sets of burglars' tools, weapons used by murdererssaws, picks, jointed jimmies of tempered steel, that could be taken apart and folded up in the space of a thick cigar and hidden about the person.

He feared the commitment of it would be a very alarming circumstance to the Southern States; for if the object was to engage Congress in an unconstitutional measure, it would be considered as an interference with their rights, the people would become very uneasy under the government, and lament that they ever put additional powers into their hands.

Robert happened to engage the king, who was concealed by his helmet; and both of them being valiant, a fierce combat ensued, till at last the young prince wounded his father in the arm, and unhorsed him.

The Grand Prince, perceiving that the enemy was powerless, now no longer hesitated; but, engaging all the princes in his service, and throwing his own guards into the ranks, he despatched his colossal forces to reduce the already dismembered hold of the Tartars of Kazan.

It is in the present critical and singular circumstances of great importance to engage the confidence of the great portions of the Union in the characters employed and the measures which may be adopted.

He was devoted to the state: its interests engrossed all his study, and engaged all his care: it was the element alone in which he seemed to live and move.

An official recommendation from the alcalde is usually effectual, but not in all the provinces; for many alcaldes do hurt to their own authority by engaging the assistance or connivance of the native magistrates in the furtherance of their personal interests.

She engaged an Irish girl as nurse-maid in her family; and, a short time after her arrival, was astonished by an urgent request from this damsel, to permit her to charm little miss from ever having the hooping-cough, (then prevailing in Dublin).

n]; and he engaged the Grand Master of the Templars, by large presents, as was generally suspected, to put him in possession of Gisors [o].

At the same time he sent away the priests and engaged an additional number of vaqueros.

They, at first, met privately, and then engaged the theatre of Avenham Institutiona place which had previously been the nursery of Fishergate Baptism and Lancaster-road Congregationalism.

I said this from a foolish anxiety to engage Dr. Johnson's curiosity more.

Scrubbing and other secular matters engage the farmer's wife.

Seeing that his master was given over to a gloomy despair that verged upon madness, Jonathan resolved to distract his mind at all costs, and knowing that he was passionately fond of music, he engaged a box for him at the Opera.

If I ever do come over, I see I couldn't go back the same day, so you will have to engage me a bed somewhere in Swanage; and if you can't find one, I shall expect you to spend the night on the beach, and give up your room to me.

Artifice is, indeed, one more source of perplexity: it is the interest of that man whose cause is bad to speak unintelligibly in the defence of it, and of him whose actions cannot bear to be examined, to hide them in disorder, to engage his pursuers in a labyrinth, that they may not trace his steps and discover his retreat; and what intricacies may be produced by fraud cooperating with subtilty, it is not possible to tell.

We engaged a couple of window tables at the Cafe des Beaux Minks realizing that though we were not in the money we were still on the track.

The severed braid, a bow of yellow ribbon at the end, now engaged the notice of its late owner.

When the examination was over I took leave of my fellow travellers, and repaired to the German Hรดtel in the Via de' Condotti, where I engaged an apartment, and sat down to dinner at an excellent table d'hรดte at five o'clock.

Bengal galley, the; engages Portuguese grabs; attacked off Colaba and boarded by Angrian ships.

This confidence in Redwald's honour and friendship, with his other accomplishments, engaged the queen on his side, and she effectually represented to her husband the infamy of delivering up to certain destruction their royal guest, who had fled to them for protection against his cruel and jealous enemies

His duty lay closer at hand, for he knew that a swarm of fighting Gothas had started up to engage the attacking squadron, and realized that one or more of these hostile aircraft might suddenly appear close at hand, bent on bringing about their destruction.

The Christian Evidences are an essential part of the course of religious study prescribed at Oxford, and they had engaged from an early period a large share of my attention.

Nevertheless, none engaged their fortunes in this business openly but two, Sir Robert Clifford and Master William Barley, who sailed over into Flanders, sent, indeed, from the party of the conspirators here, to understand the truth of those things that passed there, and not without some help of moneys from hence; provisionally to be delivered, if they found and were satisfied that there was truth in these pretences.

There was one old lady, in particular, who engaged my fancy; she came to see us quite often, and in the family went by the name of "Aunty Patton.

Is it not in earnest most palpable folly, for so mean ends to do so great harm; to disoblige men in sport; to lose friends and get enemies for a conceit; out of a light humour to provoke fierce wrath, and breed tough hatred; to engage one's self consequently very far in strife, danger, and trouble?

As many of my military friends who have visited West Point have spoken to me in terms of the highest admiration of the institution, I propose entering more into detail than I otherwise might have thought requisite; and I trust that, as military education is engaging a great deal of public interest, the following observations may be found worthy of attention.

Among his friends, Beauclerk seems most to have engaged his love, Langton his respect, and Burke his admiration.

We were, therefore, obliged to engage a very indifferent sloop, but she was fortunately an excellent sea boat.

"Back to the hotel, please; and I'll engage your car for the next three or four days," said Mrs. May to Sealman, suddenly full of kindness for him and all the world.

A similar cross bar at the other end of the beams serves to connect them together and to the connecting rod which, proceeding from thence upwards, engages the crank, and thereby turns round the paddle wheels.

But objects of the highest importance, not only to the future welfare of the whole human race, but bearing directly upon the special interests of this Union, will engage the deliberations of the congress of Panama whether we are represented there or not.

In vain we told them that we would engage no donkeys at all, and no horses till we reached our destination; in vain we bade them allow us to "pursue the even tenor of our way" in peace, and hush their high soprano tones.

'It's worth while to engage such people.

"Bless your heart, child," he said; "you couldn't expect to engage a whole cook in one afternoon!

It is true that the United States, with a moderation and forbearance for which they receive no credit, waited two years, almost without complaint, for the performance of a treaty which engaged the faith of the French nation to pay a just indemnity, for which they had already waited more than twenty years.

Stockdale records (Memoirs, ii. 98) that in 1773 the Empress of Russia engaged 'six English literary gentlemen for instructors of her young nobility in her Academy at St. Petersburgh.'

In Fedor's place I had engaged a native by the name of Lofka.

"Excuse me, there was no one in Number Five during that fifteen minutes, and the party who had engaged Number Seven did not come.

Quadrille, she has often told me, was her first love; but whist had engaged her maturer esteem.

After having for some time revolved these considerations, she thought of the expedient of desiring Grimes to engage Mrs. Jakeman's sister to wait for her at the outside of the garden.

The boys sat together on a knoll, their heads close together, engaged in earnest and animated and sometimes loud-voiced conversation.

There was in his face and manner a sort of impersonal human kindness, well calculated to engage a diffident and sensitive stranger, standing in dread of gratuitous benevolence or pity.

I did, however, greatly desire to engage the assistant physician in conversation, as he was a man of some education and familiar with the history of my case.

The Anger of Achilles was of such Consequence, that it embroiled the Kings of Greece, destroyed the Heroes of Troy, and engaged all the Gods in Factions.

Babson bowed and the jury saw the lawyer lean across the defendant and engage his partner in what seemed to be a weighty deliberation.

The legions, unshaken by their apparent danger, advanced to attack the enemy's line; and, although the row of elephants placed as a protection in front of it checked the right wing and centre of the Romans, the left wing at any rate, marching past the elephants, engaged the mercenary infantry on the right of the enemy, and overthrew them completely.