581 collocations for engaging

Specimens were shortly afterward procured by Drummond near the sources of the Athabasca River, between the fifty-fourth and fifty-sixth parallels; and it has been collected by nearly all of the numerous exploring expeditions undertaken of late through our Western States and Territories; for it never fails to engage the attention of naturalists in a very particular manner.

After engaging a man to take care of the farm, I proceeded to Leavenworth and there met my old wagon-master and friend, Lewis Simpson, who was fitting out a train at Atchison and loading it with supplies for the Overland Stage Company, of which Mr. Russell, my old employer, was one of the proprietors.

Miss Weston took counsel with some officers in the service, and engaged a room for meetings at Devonport.

The Caribees marked with indignant surprise that, when they had turned into a field about seven o'clock, the long line following them pushed onward until far into the night, and they envied the contiguity this would give the lucky laggards to first see and engage the enemy!

He did not engage the services of any hackman or professional guide.

"And so," cried he, "you have dared to engage your affections without my privity, have you?

Some years ago, I engaged passage from Charleston, S.C., to the city of New York, in the fine packet-ship Independence, Captain Hardy.

But I thank you sincerely for the hint, and shall receive it as far as I am able,that is, endeavor to engage my mind in some constant and innocent pursuit.

The losing of employees has become so serious and general that big industries have engaged women who devote their time to looking up absentees and finding out why each worker left.

They do not, when engaging a servant, expressly tell her all the duties which she will be expected to perform.

Ingenuous views engage His thoughts, on themes, unclassic falsely styled, Intent.

He might possibly have been able to carry out his plan; but the huge San Philip, an immense vessel of 1500 tons, coming towards him as he was engaging other ships of the fleet, becalmed his sails and then boarded him.

The poor princess lived about seven years in the court of Berlin, in a state which the world has not often seen, a wife without a husband, married so far as to engage her person to a man who did not desire her affection, and of whom it was doubtful, whether he thought himself restrained from the power of repudiation by an act performed under evident compulsion.

" "To my mind it is foolish to engage the German fleet with only a few ships," said Jack.

And Romeo enquiring who her mother was, discovered that the lady whose peerless beauty he was so much struck with, was young Juliet, daughter and heir to the lord Capulet, the great enemy of the Mountagues; and that he had unknowingly engaged his heart to his foe.

The first time she saw mademoiselle de Freville, she told her as a great secret that her brother was fallen in love with mademoiselle Charlotta, and that she believed it would be a match, for he had already engaged friends to sollicit monsieur de Palfoy on that score.

The family with whom he lodged at Eppendorf strongly engaged his religious sympathy.

Jacob steps into the street with every eye upon him; he approaches Monsieurhe addresses to him a few remarksthey shake handsthey engage in some conversationMonsieur places his hand on his sword!now Monsieur passes.

I shall engage the table flippantly: Hear how preposterously the fellow talks!he jests to satisfy a grudge.

For this purpose he engaged the forces of Proxenus, and to this army Xenophon attached himself.

For this a good reason was given by Maelruin, i.e. that the recitation might engage the eye as well as the tongue and thought.

He only longed for the time when he could take Etta freely into his confidence and engage her interest in the object of his ambitionnamely, to make the huge Osterno estate into that lump of leaven which might in time leaven the whole of the empire.

For I remembered how Mr. Winkle once engaged horses to take the Pickwickians out to Manor Farm and what mishaps befell them on the way.

" Leglosse had already engaged a cab, and when I joined him I discovered that he had also brought a Sicilian police official with him.

A.Some engines have guide rods set on each side of the piston rod, and eyes on the top of the piston rod engage these guide rods, and maintain the piston rod in a vertical position in every part of the stroke.

581 collocations for  engaging