1565 collocations for enjoyed

He always seemed to enjoy life, never looked bored, was unfailingly courteous and interested in the people he was talking to.

After doing this a good many times he could be told that this is a universal method, and he would doubtless enjoy the purely puzzle pleasure in working long sums to perfect practice.

They are perishing for lack of knowledge, while I enjoy the glorious privileges of a Christian land.

And did each one of them expect to enjoy that advantage for which I came here?

Well, I didn't go altogether because I wanted to enjoy Mr. Lister's society.

You must be free, you must realize and enjoy your freedom.

It is well perhaps to advise the traveller to supply himself with a small medicine box which can be purchased in Juneau, but it is not necessary if he enjoys good rugged health.

The weeks slipped away, and the Triple Alliance soon got over their new-boy trials, and began to enjoy all the rights and privileges of Ronleigh College boys.

There are lawyers and judges, who enjoy a high reputation, whose fame rests upon their profound research among the worm-eaten tomes of black-letter law, and whose glory consists in their familiarity with the opinions and axioms of men who lived and died so long ago that their very tombs are forgotten.

This city, though granted, by the common treaty, the special privilege of enjoying its liberty, Hannibal, seeking pretences for new disturbances, destroyed with his own hands and those of its inhabitants, in order that, by an infraction of the compact, he might open a passage for himself into Italy.

Public interest and parliamentary control are the very life of armies and navies in every country which enjoys the blessings of self-government.

what happiness I enjoyed in these interviewsin seeing Veenahin gazing on her lovely featuresin listening to her sentiments, that were sometimes gay and thoughtless, sometimes serious and melancholy, but always tender and affectionate,and now and then, when not perceived, in venturing to take her hand.

And they told her that they had all been poor and labored hard in the old time, and had never rested; so that now it was the Father's good pleasure that they should enjoy great peace and consolation among the fresh-breathing fields and on the riverside, so that there were many who even now had little occupation except to think of the Father's goodness, and to rest.

The American Constitution still remains in its essential principles and still enjoys not only the confidence but the affection of the great and varied people whom it rules.

The two nations shall enjoy the benefits of peace.

The object for which Sir John Franklin had sailed, viz., the discovery of the North West passage, had been attained, but no single man of the expedition, alas, lived to enjoy the fruits of the discovery.

But, Sir, I shall enjoy My rest, though you're not there! ~A

When I first enjoyed this superb view, one glowing April day, from the summit of the Pacheco Pass, the Central Valley, but little trampled or plowed as yet, was one furred, rich sheet of golden compositae, and the luminous wall of the mountains shone in all its glory.

The philosopher, not waiting to enjoy the triumph of victory, abruptly took his leave, and we, refreshed and delighted with our walk, returned home.

Because if Laura and I had had to go to Three Towers without you we wouldn't have enjoyed a single thing.

In the League one practiced self-help, and enjoyed the twin luxuries of self-direction and self-expression, and came sooner or later to that strange new knowledge which is self-discovery.

After enjoying the beauties of the scene for some minutes, we descended by a rough winding road, and entered this Lunar Paradise, in about four hours.

Being now so near land, all the ships lay to, everyone thinking it long till daylight, that they might enjoy the sight they had so long and anxiously desired.

In making my way from Yosemite to the glaciers at the heads of the Merced and Tuolumne rivers, I camped in a particularly wild and romantic portion of the Nevada cañon where in previous excursions I had never failed to enjoy the company of my favorites, who were attracted here, no doubt, by the safe nesting-places in the shelving rocks, and by the abundance of food and falling water.

"Why should you not come to 'The Willows'?" John Randolph put the question one afternoon, as they were enjoying Miss Diana's hospitality in the fragrant porch.

1565 collocations for  enjoyed