66 collocations for entrapping

A man spending his time painfully to catch a beaver, or entrap an enemy, without stores of thought, without leisure, with nothing often to eat, and nothing to put on but tatters and rags, and, withal, with the whole Anglo-Saxon race treading on his toes and burning out his vitals with ardent spirits.

Nor was his diligence less to accumulate all that could be necessary to make winter comfortable: he dried the roe of fishes and the flesh of seals; he entrapped deer and foxes, and dressed their skins to adorn his bride; he feasted her with eggs from the rocks, and strewed her tent with flowers.

When they have thus been involved in crime, to follow them up and punish them, is to entrap the people.

I suppose you didn't think I saw that you were trying to entrap my poor boy; but a mother's eyes are sharp, and a mother will protect her own at any cost.

It was not a man setting his wits at a child, and winking all the while at other children who are mightily pleased at being let into the secret; but a consummate villain entrapping a noble nature into toils, against which no discernment was available, where the manner was as fathomless as the purpose seemed dark, and without motive.

In the "Merchant of Venice," (Act iii. Sc. 2,) where Bassanio is making his choice among the caskets, after a long speech about "outward shows" and "ornament," he is made to say that ornament is, "in a word, The seeming truth which cunning times put on To entrap the wisest.

It is opposite to hope, and a most pernicious sin, wherewith the devil seeks to entrap men.

There are continual reports of insurrections and plots, but it is now well known that the most of them are got up by the Ultras to entrap the unwary.

I know it is capable of improvementfor example: I can land these ladies in France; whip over before they can get a passage back, or before Hickman can have recovered his fright; and so find means to entrap my beloved on boardand then all will be right; and I need not care if I were never to return to England.

I was quite quick enough to perceive at a glance that they had been planning some scheme to entrap meat all events, to cause me embarrassment.

An adventuress named Maria boasts to Miramillia that she has attained perfect felicity by entrapping the Marquis de Savilado into a marriage.

For Bessie's dark locks And Phyllis's smart frocks Are but snares to entrap the society fox.

She has entrapped himpoor, innocent, unsuspecting Dent!

It is because you have no right to entrap Miss Brentwood into an obligation that would make her your debtor for the very food she eats and the clothes she wears.

He, never suspecting, talked with her day after day of the signal vengeance in store for the miscreant; how he had enlisted the aid of the most powerful in Washington; how he had instructed the emissaries sent to Richmond to effect Wesley's release, to direct all their energies to entrapping the murderer into the ranks of the escaping prisoners.

We left Lafayette at Williamsburg, disappointed at the failure to entrap Arnold.

After having visited all the provinces devastated by war and depopulated by the slave trade, Kilemmba, Ouroua, the sources of the Lomane, Oulouda, Lovale, and having crossed the Coanza and the immense forests in which Harris has just entrapped Dick Sand and his companions, the energetic Cameron finally perceived the Atlantic Ocean and arrived at Saint Philip of Benguela.

"I desired by this means," says she in her memoirs, "to entrap the gentlemen into making a vow.

A clause in an act of parliament procured by a learned judge entrapped Wild.

Mercury stole it for the purpose of entrapping Chloris, and left it in the temple of Anu´bis, whence it was stolen by Caligorant.

He has made some progress in his conspiracy to entrap love and a fortune.

BOSTA'NA, one of the two daughters of the old man who entrapped prince Assad in order to offer him in sacrifice on "the fiery mountain.

In vain; for they were themselves entangled in that labyrinth in which they thought to entrap the Romans.

"Nice" girls did not do that sort of thing, and even though she was seeking to entrap her neighbor she did not for a moment wish him to consider her as belonging to the other sort.

They were afterward entrapped by the same stratagem as that by which they had entrapped the Fabii: having pursued cattle which had been intentionally driven on in all directions to decoy them, they fell into an ambuscade; in proportion as they were more numerous, the slaughter was greater.

66 collocations for  entrapping