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416 collocations for  equalled

416 collocations for equalled

As the boat continued to ascend, Mr. Effingham triumphantly affirmed that the appearance of things more than equalled his expectations, while both Eve and the baronet declared that a succession of lovelier landscapes could hardly be presented to the eye.

There she is the weaker vessel, and it takes so many of her to equal one man, that she is kept in a proper state of subjection.

Its obsequiousness equals its "power of legislation in all cases whatsoever."

During the fourth quarter of the year it is estimated that the receipts will at least equal the expenditures, and that there will remain in the Treasury on the 1st day of January next a surplus of nearly $9,000,000.

The burly Juniper, whose girth sometimes more than equals its height, is about as rigid as the rocks on which it grows.

And the continued maintenance of this practice must be regarded farther as a proof that the English legislators had not yet learned to consider Ireland as an integral part of the kingdom, entitled in every particular to equal rights with England and Scotland.

A variation of the first method on a map of different scale might be: 1 inch equals 1 mile.

In spite of its civic associations, when once inside there is much of the state and grandeur inseparable from Royalty, and I soon determine that Holland can almost equal England for its palatial contents and embellishments.

Stockholders who were dissatisfied could protest against the enabling resolution to be offered at the annual meeting of the stockholders of Horse's Neck to be held the following week at Wilmington, Delaware, and could avail themselves of the right to have their equity assessed under the laws of Delaware, but as the liabilities practically equaled the present value of the property that equity would naturally be highly problematical.

Mignon B. Rimmer (W); 21Jan72; R521971. Inspiration plus revelation equals the Bible.

His height at shoulder should about equal his length from the top of the withers to the root of the tail.

The pamphlet, Right and Wrong in Boston, issued by them in which a particular account is given of that "mob of broad cloth in broad day," does equal credit to the head and the heart of her who wrote it.

When the number of people in a territory equals or nearly equals the number required to secure a representative in congress, the inhabitants thereof may petition congress, through their delegate, for an act authorizing the formation of a state government.

They were blessed with but one child, the young divine we have mentioned, who promised to equal his father in all those qualities which had made the Doctor the delight of his friends, and almost the idol of his parishioners.

Now, during the remaining years of this war and throughout the Napoleonic war, great as were the demands of the navy, they only in one year, that of the rupture of the Peace of Amiens, equalled the demand at the beginning of the Revolutionary war.

None of Livingstone's predecessors equalled the achievements of this Scottish missionary and explorer, who combined with his zeal in the cause of religion and humanity a spirit of investigation and adventure that made him also the servant of science, the "advance-agent" of discovery, settlement, and civilization.

During the first week after the tragedy this jail witnessed scenes of torture and horror that equaled the worst days of the Spanish inquisition.

Nothing in story books equals the pathos and romance of some of them.

Bunyan wrote many other works, but none of them equals the Pilgrim's Progress.

[that] we equal the Ancients in most kinds of Poesy, and in some, surpass them; neither know I any reason why I may not be as zealous for the reputation of our Age, as we find the Ancients themselves, in reference to those who lived before them.

In two minutes from the time I left his presence I had begun my flight, and there were no horses in all his dominions which could equal the speed of mine.

and Queen Elizabeth, and Shakspearethink of Shakspeare, young ladyand Sir Walter Scott, and the Gun-Powder Plot; and Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell, my dear Miss Eve; and Westminster Abbey, and London Bridge, and George IV., the descendant of a line of real kings,what, in the name of Heaven, can Italy possess, to equal the interest one feels in such things as these?'

The cubical contents of such a room equals 1,700 cubic feet.

Nothing can be more romantic than this country except the region about Valois, and nothing can equal this place in beauty but the borders of the Lake.

The only, splendid, great, unchangeable, eternal onelike God, who is the only Being that equals thee!

Nothing can equal the magnificence of his palace.

In two years the population of the Victorian gold-fields almost equalled the whole population of the colony at the close of 1850.

He that long delays a story, and suffers his auditor to torment himself with expectation, will seldom be able to recompense the uneasiness, or equal the hope which he suffers to be raised.

The circle described by the point whose velocity equals the velocity of the ship, is called the rolling circle, and the resistance due to the difference of velocity of the rolling circle and centre of pressure is that which operates in the propulsion of the vessel.

Might not one hope, then, for a humanity in which the amount of work accomplished would so exactly equal the sum of sensations received, that suffering would be utilized and, as it were, abolished?

They read with much fluency and distinctness, equalling white boys of the same age anywhere.

Meanwhile, we may express the conclusions of the present chapter by the statement that the price of a commodity tends to equal its marginal utility, as measured in terms of money, i.e. relatively to the marginal utility of money to its purchaser.

Nothing can equal the serenity of their lives.

It takes eight smut spores to equal the diameter of a human hair.

This shows that the most available point at which to work steam expansively is at I/4, as the percentage of increase of power does not equal the percentage of loss in economy.

And while I would not throw a straw in the way of the colored man, even though I know that he would vote against me as soon as he gets his vote, yet I do think that woman should have some power to defend herself from oppression, and equal laws as if she were a man.

The statue of "Christ," one of the most finished, and displaying most knowledge, that issued from the hands of Michelangelo, is far, to my mind, from equalling other works of the great sculptor.

Thus the cake and the meal equal the whole difference between the buying and selling price, so that all the roots, chaff, and attendance go entirely to the account of manure.

A great benefit for his family was arranged, but fate would not cease mocking him in his grave,the receipts hardly equalled the expenses!

Though primarily the paper stood for the suffrage movement, the editors were on the best of terms with labor organizations and they were constantly urging working-women to organize and coรถperate with men trade unionists, and in especial to maintain constantly their claim to equal pay for equal work.

* Mary Barton "Mary Barton," although not Mrs. Gaskell's first attempt at authorship, was her first literary success; and although her later writings revealed a gain in skill, subtlety and humour, none of them equalled "Mary Barton" in dramatic intensity and fervent sincerity.

At last these memories became so vivid as to equal a second-sight.

SIR, Upon Reflection, I find the Injury I have done both to you and my self to be so great, that though the Part I now act may appear contrary to that Decorum usually observed by our Sex, yet I purposely break through all Rules, that my Repentance may in some measure equal my Crime.

Katrine was not long in discovering these excellences, and, if his boldness had equalled his passion, she would have shown him how little she esteemed the pretensions of the proud landholder or the miserly carpenter.

Nothing I had ever imagined of the loveliness of nature equalled the reality of these scenes.

He is one that if fortune equal his worth puts a lustre in all preferment; but if otherwise he be too much crossed, turns desperately melancholy, and scorns mankind.

The thickness multiplied by the length then by 2 (as there are two sides) then by the tensile strength equals the bursting pressure: 3/8 x 72 X 2 x 60,000 = 3,240,000 the total bursting pressure and the pressure per square inch required to burst the shell is found by dividing the total bursting pressure 3,240,000 pounds by the diameter times the length 3,240,000 / (32 x 72) = 1406 lbs.

I have seen many terrible sights, but for utter and concentrated horror I have never seen anything to equal those finger-marks, the very sign- manual of Death.

2. The condition of servants in their masters' families, the privileges which they shared in common with the children, and their recognition as equals by the highest officers of the governmentmake the doctrine that they were mere COMMODITIES, an absurdity.

Morton, on his part, whose vanity fully equaled his personal prowess, encouraged and justified the prevailing opinion, by his boastful threats.

It was then a general belief that the world would come to an end in the following year, a catastrophe which to many seemed the more imminent from the election of a chief pastor whose celebrity as a theologian, though not inconsiderable, by no means equalled his reputation as a necromancer.

"In the harmonious structure and disposition of periods, no writer whatever, ancient or modern, equals Cicero."Blair, 121; Jamieson, 123.

In America, what single novel ever equalled the success of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?

Failakรบs placed him under Aristรกtalรญs, a sage of great renown, and he soon equalled his master in learning and science.

Why, there just ain't nothin' to equal a happy woman in the house!

The total power of the stream due to the area of the blade equals the Square of the velocity of the stream ร— Twice gravity (64.33) volume of water in cubic feet per second ร— 62.5 (weight of 1 C')

It were for me To throw my sceptre at the injurious gods; To tell them that this world did equal theirs Till they had stolen my jewel.

Nothing can equal the avidity of these people for news.

Its exports would be tobacco, flour, and corn; the tobacco crop probably more than equalling in value those portions of the other crops which are sent out of the country.

He bears in this respect an analogy to Lucretius among the Romans, who, inferior in polish to Virgil, was incomparably more animated and energetic in style; who exhibited, besides, traits of lofty imagination rarely met with in Virgil, and never in Dryden; and who equalled the English poet in the power of reasoning in verse, and setting the severe abstractions of metaphysical thought to music.

And when he goes he needs not to put them to the ground, for his great tail so nearly equals the weight of his body that one pair of legs keeps the balance even.

A desire also to distinguish himself in the presence of Oriana, and show her that a pale-face could equal her own dark race in courage and dexterity, inspired him with peculiar ardor; and he galloped to the station appointed him by Tisquantum, with a heart that bounded with pride and pleasure.

The Story of Liberty BellImpartial Opinions on the Revolutionary WarThe Shot that was Heard Around the WorldThe First Committee of SafetyA Defeat which Equaled a VictoryWashington's EarnestnessTo Congress on HorsebackThe First 4th of July Celebration.

I never found in their pages a cabin-boy like Rajah the Malay, strutting about with a long kris stuck in the folds of his scarlet sarong, or a mate whose truculence equalled the chronic ill-humour of Harris, who learned his seamanship as a fisherman on the Newfoundland Banks.

The productiveness of the public revenues hitherto has continued to equal the anticipations which were formed of it, but it is not expected to prove commensurate with all the objects which have been suggested.

Nor was Tarquin, though a tyrannical prince in time of peace, an incompetent general in war; nay, he would have equalled his predecessors in that art, had not his degeneracy in other ways likewise detracted from his merit in this respect.

That, however, the Bellovaci had derived from the battle one advantage, of some importance, considering their loss; that Correus, the author of the rebellion, and agitator of the people, was slain: for that whilst he lived, the senate had never equal influence in the state with the giddy populace.

Let AB, CD, cut one another at E, then the angles CEA, CEB equal two right angles (prop.

Pictures like these, dear Madam, to design, Asks no firm hand, and no unerring line; Some wandering touches, some reflected light, Some flying stroke alone can hit them right: For how should equal colours do the knack?

The basilic of the Lateran equals St. Peter's in splendor, though its size is much smaller.

The apprentice, in our country, is subjected to an authority, equaling a parent's authority, but not always tempered in its exercise, with a parent's love.

He told them how imperfect and faulty were all mankindthat married life was not all couleur de rosethat the trials and cares incident to matrimony fully equalled its pleasures; and besought them to bear with each other patiently, to be charitable to each other's faultsand a reasonable share of earthly happiness must be the result.

He fears not the power of authority to equal justice with mercy, and joys but in the judgment of grace, to see the execution of justice.

Under existing conditions we cannot equal the production of 1917, much less surpass it, and this for reasons over which the farmers have no control.

He suffered so horribly that we should be bound to pity him, only that he suffered after the fashion of devils, his malignity equalling his agony.

The price, then, of a commodity tends roughly to equal its marginal cost of production; and this marginal cost (in perfect symmetry with what we observed as regards marginal utility), may be conceived as applying either to the marginal producer or to the marginal output of any producer.

Do not desire to learn what he will do when his success equals his wishes, but on the basis of his previous ventures plan beforehand to suffer no further outrages.

But the venerable Speaker of the House exclaimed, "Sit down, Mr. Washington; your modesty equals your valor, and that surpasses the power of any language I possess.

The path of the Dominions, settled by emigrants akin to the home population, Siberia, Canada, and so forth, to equal citizenship with the people of the Mother Country is by comparison simple and plain.

Your orders have been but poorly obeyed; and your soldiers almost equal the Austrians in rudeness and violence.

A refutation of the physiological objection to equal suffrage is, however, not hard to find.

Now, I stood instantly with my hat in my hand; and answered her gentle bantering so well as I might, the while that I peered intent and wondering at her through the gloom; for truly Rumour had told no tale to equal the beauty of this strange maid; who now stood jesting with so sweet a spirit, and claiming kinship of Cousinhood with me, as was truth, now that I did wake to think.

Peron needle equals nailed fist.

Wherefore, O lady, to maintain thy grace, So far above my fortune, what I bring Is rather thanklessness than courtesy: For if both met as equals face to face, She whom I love could not be called my king; There is no lordship in equality.

The art of spinning is daily improving in England; and if thread sufficiently fine can be manufactured, there is no reason why we should not equal our neighbours in the beauty of this article.

To gird my loins, repent, my path repass, Sound counsel take, I cannot, now death's near; Foe to myself, each tear, Each sigh, is idly to the light wind sent, For there's no loss to equal time ill-spent.

In the mean time I carry it with so equal a Behaviour, that the Nymph and the Swain too are mighty at a loss; each believes I, who know them both well, think my self revenged in their Love to one another, which creates an irreconcileable Jealousy.

And it was as that our sense and our Spirits did assure us that the thing had no wotting of us; but surely our fears did nigh to equal the comfort of this sweet reason, and to make us think otherwise.

That it is a country of magnificent distances, is shown from the fact that the northern frontier equals in length the distance between the great seat of learning and culture in Massachusetts and the capital city of the short-lived Confederacy.

The family Sparidae is that best represented in the Louisiade Archipelago so far as I could judgethree species of Pentapus numerically more than equal all the rest, and the next commonest fish is Diacope octo-lineata.)

Though not so high in rank as a batsman as some of his contemporaries, there was none in the organization who could equal his ability to get to third base on long hits.

To the front of this was attached a delicately adjusted combination of scales and springs, by which Allan could tell when the draft of the team equaled a pound to the dog; and if more was indicated he was always behind pushing and adding all of the strength he possessed to that of those steel-muscled animals each of whom can start, on runners, several hundred pounds on level snow.

Certainly, in my mind, these books will be always intimately associated; and when a few adventitious points of difference be forgotten, it is interesting to note how firm is the alliance, and how cognate and co-equal the sympathies on which it is based; the same glad worship of the visible world, and the same incurable belief that the beauty of material things is sufficient for all the needs of life.

Nothing in other countries can equal the Kathayans in masonry, joiner-work, making relievos or raised figures in plaster, and in painting.

With moccasined feet they trod among brittle twigs, dried leaves, and dead branches as silently as the cougar, and they equalled the great wood-cat in stealth and far surpassed it in cunning and ferocity.

Ten thousand chariots at their speed could not have equalled the rumbling that succeeded, when the winds came booming over the lake.

Who equals Wordsworth in purity, in majesty, in tranquil contemplation, in childlikeness?

The heroine was usually condemned to equal hardships and hazards.

And 'tis as truly folly, for the poor to ape the rich; as for the frog to swell, in order to equal the ox.

Are we not already nigh enough, for men who cruise with commissions no better than our own pleasure?" The Rover glanced a look of impatient suspicion at the countenance of his companion; but its expression changed to a smile of haughty audacity, as he answered, "Let him equal the eagle in his highest and swiftest flight, he shall find us no laggards on the wing!