416 collocations for equalled

As the boat continued to ascend, Mr. Effingham triumphantly affirmed that the appearance of things more than equalled his expectations, while both Eve and the baronet declared that a succession of lovelier landscapes could hardly be presented to the eye.

There she is the weaker vessel, and it takes so many of her to equal one man, that she is kept in a proper state of subjection.

Its obsequiousness equals its "power of legislation in all cases whatsoever."

During the fourth quarter of the year it is estimated that the receipts will at least equal the expenditures, and that there will remain in the Treasury on the 1st day of January next a surplus of nearly $9,000,000.

The burly Juniper, whose girth sometimes more than equals its height, is about as rigid as the rocks on which it grows.

And the continued maintenance of this practice must be regarded farther as a proof that the English legislators had not yet learned to consider Ireland as an integral part of the kingdom, entitled in every particular to equal rights with England and Scotland.

A variation of the first method on a map of different scale might be: 1 inch equals 1 mile.

In spite of its civic associations, when once inside there is much of the state and grandeur inseparable from Royalty, and I soon determine that Holland can almost equal England for its palatial contents and embellishments.

Stockholders who were dissatisfied could protest against the enabling resolution to be offered at the annual meeting of the stockholders of Horse's Neck to be held the following week at Wilmington, Delaware, and could avail themselves of the right to have their equity assessed under the laws of Delaware, but as the liabilities practically equaled the present value of the property that equity would naturally be highly problematical.

Mignon B. Rimmer (W); 21Jan72; R521971. Inspiration plus revelation equals the Bible.

His height at shoulder should about equal his length from the top of the withers to the root of the tail.

The pamphlet, Right and Wrong in Boston, issued by them in which a particular account is given of that "mob of broad cloth in broad day," does equal credit to the head and the heart of her who wrote it.

When the number of people in a territory equals or nearly equals the number required to secure a representative in congress, the inhabitants thereof may petition congress, through their delegate, for an act authorizing the formation of a state government.

They were blessed with but one child, the young divine we have mentioned, who promised to equal his father in all those qualities which had made the Doctor the delight of his friends, and almost the idol of his parishioners.

Now, during the remaining years of this war and throughout the Napoleonic war, great as were the demands of the navy, they only in one year, that of the rupture of the Peace of Amiens, equalled the demand at the beginning of the Revolutionary war.

None of Livingstone's predecessors equalled the achievements of this Scottish missionary and explorer, who combined with his zeal in the cause of religion and humanity a spirit of investigation and adventure that made him also the servant of science, the "advance-agent" of discovery, settlement, and civilization.

During the first week after the tragedy this jail witnessed scenes of torture and horror that equaled the worst days of the Spanish inquisition.

Nothing in story books equals the pathos and romance of some of them.

Bunyan wrote many other works, but none of them equals the Pilgrim's Progress.

[that] we equal the Ancients in most kinds of Poesy, and in some, surpass them; neither know I any reason why I may not be as zealous for the reputation of our Age, as we find the Ancients themselves, in reference to those who lived before them.

In two minutes from the time I left his presence I had begun my flight, and there were no horses in all his dominions which could equal the speed of mine.

and Queen Elizabeth, and Shakspearethink of Shakspeare, young ladyand Sir Walter Scott, and the Gun-Powder Plot; and Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell, my dear Miss Eve; and Westminster Abbey, and London Bridge, and George IV., the descendant of a line of real kings,what, in the name of Heaven, can Italy possess, to equal the interest one feels in such things as these?'

The cubical contents of such a room equals 1,700 cubic feet.

Nothing can be more romantic than this country except the region about Valois, and nothing can equal this place in beauty but the borders of the Lake.

The only, splendid, great, unchangeable, eternal onelike God, who is the only Being that equals thee!

416 collocations for  equalled