249 collocations for evaded

He tried to get out of me how I had come to be driving with Archie that night, and although I evaded his questions it was plain that he had a shrewd inkling of the reason.

" "Well," continued the lady, smiling, "here the reviewer asserts that Congress passed a law limiting the size of certain ships, in order to please the democracy; and that the Executive privately evaded this law, and built vessels of a much greater size; whereas the provision of the law is just the contrary, or that the ships should not be less than of seventy-four guns; a piece of information, by the way, that I obtained from Mr. Powis.

I seem always to evade my responsibilities, somehow" Then he began to laugh.

The wicked (according to Dauxion Lavaysse, a Frenchman inoculated somewhat with scientific and revolutionary notions, who wrote a very clever book, unfortunately very rare now) said that the Trinidad cacao was then, as now, very excellent; that therefore it was sold before it was gathered; and that thus the planters were able to evade the payment of tithes.

Tsz-lu remarked upon this, "It is not right he should evade official duties.

"I don't see any reason to want to knock you down with anything," she evaded the direct issue.

" "How much money will you be able to give that girl of yours, Peter?" said his friend, evading the point.

All this, I explained to the bo'sun, who, indeed, had been exercised in his own mind as to how we should be able to bend such a bow as I intended to make, and he was mightily pleased with my method of evading this difficulty, and also one other, which, else, had been greater than the bending, and that was the stringing of the bow, which would have proved a very awkward work.

" "You must have suffered terribly," rejoined Mrs. Fitzgerald, evading a direct answer to the question.

When Harris evaded the first blow, the German, caught off his balance, pitched forward against him.

She thought the policeman who was regulating the traffic eyed her curiously, and, more with the object of evading his eye than with any set plan in her mind, she stepped into an empty taxi-cab which was waiting to cross the street.

At eleven o'clock on the following day I found myself installed in the Hotel de Paris, a comfortable hostelry in the Little Morskaya, having succeeded in evading the vigilance of the spy who had so cleverly followed me from Abo, and in getting my suit-case round from the Hotel Europe.

While all the film makers evade any attempt to discover how prosperousfinanciallythey are, we know that without exception they have grown very wealthy.

"He'll take all the time to it he can," Racey evaded the direct reply.

She must evade Olympia's inquiries as best she could, and make some excuse for journeying thither.

The ministers endeavored to evade a demand which they were at first unwilling openly to refuse.

"It can't be ... you don't think they can be arresting poor Plooie at this late day for evading service?" "Serve him right if they did," said I.

And, anyway, it is probably all for the best that you evaded your obligations in that sickeningly craven way.

I knew him to be one of the most resourceful blackguards in the prison, and, provided the civil guard's first shot had failed to stop him, it was quite likely that he too had evaded capture.

"I suppose you are to remain at this hotel?" said Arthur, evading further argument.

Still, we were nearing Fort Duquesne, and the Indians, set on by the French, began to harass us, and killed and scalped a straggler now and then, always evading pursuit.

The tax possesses certain advantages from the standpoint of the taxpayer, also, assuming him to be an honest taxpayer who is not seeking opportunities to evade taxation.

Despair not, If Love evades our grasp, and rivals press our suit, God, Lord of every change, surveys the range: Despair not.

I could see no way of evading this conclusion, and I determinedly refused to seek release from imprisonment at the cost of a sin against God.

He traveled alone, and exhibited not only an immense amount of bravery, but also unlimited judgment in evading the attacks of wild beasts and equally savage Indians.

249 collocations for  evaded