89 collocations for everlasting

Next Sunday we shall pray that, by true understanding of the Scriptures, we may embrace and hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life.

Bless, guide, and defend them, that they may so pass through this world, as finally to enjoy in thy presence everlasting happiness, for Jesus Christ's sake.

Pillnitz will remain "damn'd to everlasting fame" as the place where the famous treaty was signed, the object of which was to put down the French Revolution, which Mr Pitt and the British ministry knew of and sanctioned, tho' they pretended ignorance of it and professed to have no desire to interfere with the affairs of France.

And how she had beaten thee on thy bent, and thy brand taken, With everlasting life that longed him till.

Spirits as gentle and kindly as Parnell insist that the only approach to happiness lies through a religious discipline of the feelings, and protest that death is not to be feared but welcomedas the passage from a troublous existence to everlasting peace.

"If he should be captured or slain what remains to us but to be cast out of our offices and honours to everlasting shame!"

She told them how He had died that they might be saved from everlasting death and be made pure.

Imogen gave her husband a diamond ring which had been her mother's, and Posthumus promised never to part with the ring; and he fastened a bracelet on the arm of his wife, which he begged she would preserve with great care, as a token of his love: they then bid each other farewel with many vows of everlasting love and fidelity.

No man also hath the heart to droll, or thinks raillery convenient, in cases nearly touching his life, his health, his estate, or his fame: and are the true life and health of our soul, are interests in God's favour and mercy, are everlasting glory and bliss affairs of less moment?

" Second specimen: A youth, after years of absence, revisits his native place, and thinks (as most people do) that there has been strange alteration in his absence, "And that the rocks And everlasting hills themselves were changed.

Will a soul be condemned to everlasting perdition for want of logical 'acumen' in the perception of consequences?If he verily embrace Christ as his Redeemer, and unfeignedly feel in himself the necessity of Redemption, he implicitly holds the Divinity of Christ, whatever from want or defect of logic may be his notion 'explicite'.

In old times (when persecution was allowed), it made them, or at least allowed them, to persecute, torment, and kill their neighbours, and fancy that by such conduct they did God service; and now it tempts them to despise their neighboursto look on every one who has not these strange, intense feelings which they say they have, as unconverted, and lost, and doomed to everlasting destruction.

Here stood his threshold; here was spread the roof That sheltered him, a self-secluded Man, After long exercise in social cares 10 And offices humane, intent to adore The Deity, with undistracted mind, And meditate on everlasting things, In utter solitude.

But in proportion as we grow like them, by the grace of God, just so far shall we enter into the communion of saints, and understand the bliss of that everlasting All Saints' Day which St John saw in heaven.

repair an injury done to rational being in the robbery of one of its rights, not merely by robbing it of all, but by annihilating the very foundation of themthat everlasting distinction between men and things?

I could wish, for the sake of my Country Friends, that there was such a kind of everlasting Drapery to be made use of by all who live at a certain distance from the Town, and that they would agree upon such Fashions as should never be liable to Changes and Innovations.

And thus even up yonder there would be everlasting ennui.

That one should try a little of everything, even of polities, when one is capable of nothing else, is, if not excusable, at any rate comprehensible; but when a man can make excellent boots like Napoleon Gaillard, or good paintings like Gustave Courbet, that he should deliberately lay himself open to ridicule, and perhaps to everlasting execration, is what we cannot admit.

* There are gallant hearts whose glory Columbia loves to name, Whose deeds shall live in story And everlasting fame.

Nor must the best of Maori whalers be forgottenthe chief Tuhawaikibrave in war, shrewd and businesslike in peace, who could sail a schooner as cleverly as any white skipper, and who has been most unfairly damned to everlasting famelocal fameby his whaler's nickname of "Bloody Jack!"

Those pledges are first favors, because conjugial love engages for itself everlasting favor; whereof those gifts are the first fruits.

"Depart from me, ye cursed ones, To everlasting fire, Because ye did not keep my word, Receive my vengeful ire, "When I was hungry, and did ask For bread, ye did deny; When I was parch'd and sick and faint, Ye then did pass me by.

"But, my dear boy, the trouble is that I shall not get to heaven either way, for it is my great misfortune to be already condemned to everlasting flames.

Whether we shall ever have in England a new tradition of poetic comedy it is difficult at present to say, but we shall assuredly never have it until we realise that comedy is built upon everlasting foundations in the nature of things, that it is not a thing too light to capture, but too deep to plumb.

"Why on earth so everlasting gloomy, Phil?" he said.

89 collocations for  everlasting
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