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633 collocations for  exchanges

633 collocations for exchanges

They made me low bows some distance off and rarely stopped to exchange a few words with me.

" Mac and the Colonel exchanged dark glances.

And all who met her smiled, and every group exchanged greetings as they passed along, all knowing each other.

The younger children, consisting of two boys and a girl, exchanged looks with each other at the selections I made, and I thought I perceived in the looks of the mother, still more aversion than surprise.

" Mrs. Gannat arose to receive the great lady, and when she had exchanged salutations with the rest she presented Jack.

She exchanged a smile with him.

It was the only means by which we could exchange confidences.

Mr. Reed will exchange places with you and ride your horse.

He paid me a short formal visit soon after he had accepted the post; we exchanged a few remarks about the situation, I hoped we would faire bon menage, and had no particular impression of him except that he was very French and stiff; I didn't suppose I should see much of him.

Not a day passed that we did not exchange letters, which, though they contained few facts, and always expressed the same sentiments, still repeated what we were never tired of hearing.

"Yet I hear that you have been wrangling over me with Mr. Charles Grey, and exchanging pistol shots.

" When they came back, the Colonel was still there exchanging views about Alaska with Sukey, and with Sebastian about the bull.

Lay further states that his friend the Tautai informed him that they are prepared to receive the new Ambassador peacefully at Pekin, when he goes to exchange ratifications.

Meanwhile Carleton and Washington had exchanged the usual compliments on the conclusion of peace and had met each other on the 6th of May at Tappan, where they discussed the exchange of prisoners.

We exchanged a good many visits and dinners, and while my uncle several times invited Leithcourt and his friends to his shoot with al fresco luncheon, which the ladies joined, the tenant of Rannoch always invited us back in return.

" "'I am the Captain Castanos.'" "Our acquaintance was of long standing; and, but for mutual agitation, we should have had no need to exchange our names.

I came home t'other day from business, hungry as a hunter, to dinner, with nothing, I am sure, of the author but hunger about me, and whom found I closeted with Mary but a friend of this Miss Wesley, one Miss Benje, or Bengey, I don't know how she spells her name, I just came is time enough, I believe, luckily, to prevent them from exchanging vows of eternal friendship.

I am sorry, my son, that we must wait till later in the day to exchange ideas.

As the lovers parted they unaffectedly exchanged a kiss, so honest and sincere that it might have been heard above the swaying pines.

After these exploits they exchanged congratulations, and Djaida felt happy to be with Khaled.

Gently yet decidedly she pronounced: "We will exchange rings.

We do not deny it, we boast of it, but we exchange a wink with the angelseh?" Alexis rode on in silence for a few moments.

At that moment all human customs and institutions seemed to him nothing but folly; for said he, "I would exchange all my life as a man for my happiness now, and even now I retain almost all of the ridiculous conceptions of a man.

We walked together during the day, and exchanged our thoughts about Jesus.

When he came out he had exchanged his coat for a rough jacket.

At times, felt shoes scuffed the stone floor without, and high, scolding voices rose, exchanging unfathomable courtesy with his clerks.

Like the old heroes in Homer we exchanged gifts; I gave Byron a beautiful dagger mounted with gold, which had been the property of the redoubted Elfi Bey.

However I'll give it to the pew-opener (in whom I have a little interest,) to hand over to the Clerk, whose wife she sometimes drinks tea with, for him to lay before the Deacon, who exchanges the civility of the hat with him, for him to transmit to the Minister, who shakes hand with him out of Chapel, and he, in all odds, will with it.

Her own appetite, too, had returned when the tray was brought; napkin and plate were passed through the grille to him, and, as they lunched, he in his cage, she close to the bars, they fell into conversation, exchanging information concerning mutual acquaintances whom they had expected to meet at the Delancy Courlands'.

Nobody hardly ever goes there except to shoot snipe and woodcock in the fall, and yet we happen to know there's one person hiding out there, and that he knows Todd Pemberton, for they've been exchanging signals through the wigwag code.

Catrina came forward and exchanged a formal bow with Etta, who took in her plainness and the faults of her dress at one contemptuous glance.

Society we must have; but let it be society, and not exchanging news, or eating from the same dish.

'Dear Oriana, you need not fear,' he replied, affectionately; 'I speak the truth of my heart when I tell you that I would not exchange my Indian home, and sacrifice my Indian squaw, and my little half-bred son, for all the comforts and pleasures of civilized lifeno, not even to be restored to the parents I still love so dearly, and the brother and sister who played with me in childhood.

When not thus actively engaged they whispered together in corners and nudged each other, exchanging muttered comments, in which the word charmante came conveniently to the fore.

I say nominally, as the law relating to absolute silence was never actually enforced; and as long as the members amused themselves in a reasonably quiet manner, and without turning the place into a bear-garden, they were allowed to converse over their games of chess or draughts, and exchange their opinions on the news of the day.

Treadwell, gazing intensely into her eyes, exchanged a few commonplaces.

With the easy good-humor characteristic of his class, he insisted upon exchanging his own riding-horse, "Five Spot," for the sorry mule which the Duchess rode.

They crossed the dancing deck together, his hand upon her arm, and paused for a moment at the door to exchange a few sentences.

What shall we exchange him for? WIFE.

Each, on the present occasion, was carrying out his portion of the contract; that is to say, Verty and Redbud were quietly smiling at each other; Ralph and Fanny were exchanging repartees.

After exchanging the usual salute, he came immediately to the point.

Well, did I ever!" Linnet ran in to exchange her afternoon dress for a short, dark calico, and to put on her old shoes before she went into the barnyard to milk Bess and Brindle and Beauty.

There was a Union trading boat, the Lake City, that had been successful in exchanging her goods for cotton that came from Memphis.

These realities consisted mainly in receiving the chiefs at private and public Durbars, exchanging presents and civilities with them, and returning their visits.

And he encouraged the acquaintance the Boy had struck up with the Buckeyes, hoping against hope that to go over and smoke a pipe, and exchange experiences with such mighty good fellows would lighten the tedium of the long day spent looking for a job.

For better security, he exchanged clothes with a shepherd; and as he feared even his sister at first, from doubting whether she still loved him, his interview with her was in all its circumstances painfully dramatic.

The mother and daughter leaned a little farther forward, and exchanged the same spasmodic hand-pressure as before.

To this the Huntsman readily assented, for he felt unable to shoot the Prince, and after they had exchanged their clothing the Huntsman returned home, and the Prince went deeper into the wood.

Now we've exchanged tokens.

John had induced Emily to trust herself once more to the bays and his skill; but on perceiving the melancholy of her aunt, she insisted on exchanging seats with Jane, who had accepted a place in the carriage of Mrs. Wilson.

They toil all day with one another; they create all of beauty and use that men may need; they exchange these things with each other; they go home at night to gardens and simple houses, they find happy women there and sunburnt, laughing children.

We exchanged grips, and for once in my life I found a man whose fingers seemed as strong as my own.

We exchanged addresses and souvenirs, and when the time came we shook hands and saluted each other, returning to our trenches.

He knew his way about these holy houses, and exchanged a nod of recognition with the lay brother on duty in the office.

The rivers in this province yield large quantities of washed gold, and, likewise in the mountains, solid gold is found in veins; and the people exchange gold against silver, at the rate of one pound of gold for six pounds of silver.

" In the evening some Indians visited the campwhich as yet consisted only of tents, though some logs had been cut preparatory to building housesand exchanged their furs for clothing, sugar and tobacco.

There may be some of us who don't like you; there is not one who could bear to be sent away, not one who would exchange this house for the palace of the camptรข though you pronounce him kingly in nature as in power.

and the empress, sensible of his merit and importance, consented to exchange the prisoners on equal terms.

After asking leave to call on them in their retreat, and exchanging good wishes, the Spanish lady withdrew, and, as Jane had made her selection, was followed immediately by John Moseley and his sisters.

In his writings since 1878 Nietzsche has exchanged the rรดle of a German Rousseau for that of a follower of Voltaire, to arrive finally at the ideal of the man above men.

Later in the morning we exchanged sledges with Bowers, pulled theirs easily, whilst they made quite heavy work with ours.

Godliness is great Gain, and to exchange earth for heaven is a satisfying and unregretted Trade.

I happened to catch hold of various articles of support, and to exchange each article for another just at the right time.

At the end of a continuous residence of ten years in all, and at any period after that, he is entitled to a free passage back to Hindostan; or he may exchange his right to a free passage for a Government grant of ten acres of land.

Why?' 'I feel all the time, somehow, as if he were calling me by my Christian name without an introduction, or as if he wanted me to exchange hats with him,' she said.

" The clerk, greatly relieved, rang his bell, and the gentlemen at the other end of the room sauntered elsewhere to exchange their impressions of an incident which was remarkable enough in itself, without the accentuation put upon it by the extreme beauty of the girl and the one conspicuous blemish to that beautyher unfortunate scar.

Even with her, whom I supposed to be his mother, he exchanged no kind of welcome.

Presently when she grew more quiet he exchanged her soaking bit of cambric for his own more serviceable square.

The young man exchanged embraces with the baron, whose character he knew to be kind in the main, and for whom he felt the regard which was natural to his present situation.

If they ever fancy they would, it is only in cases of unhappiness so extreme, that to escape from it they would exchange their lot for almost any other, however undesirable in their own eyes.

"Madam," replied the slave, "who can help laughing to see an old fool offering to exchange fine new lamps for old ones?" Another slave, hearing this, said: "There is an old one on the cornice there which he can have.

Several minutes were spent in exchanging fierce sentiments and slapping the palm of the left hand rapidly with the back of the right.

Who, that was untrammelled by the cares of business, or shortened purse-strings, but would not gladly exchange the bill of fare England has to offer, of London fogs, east winds, Scotch mists, and Irish dynamite, for the handsome menu awaiting him at Pau?

About the spring of the year, there arrived a fleet of ships from, Genoa, at the port of Joppa; and when the Christian merchants had exchanged all their commodities in the towns upon the coast, and had likewise visited the holy places, we all embarked.

He even knew their horses by name also, and asked after each, while Perro, affable alike with rich and poor, exchanged the time of day with traveled dogs, all lean and dusty from the road, who limped on sore feet and probably told him of the snow while they lay in the sun and licked their paws.

Passengers and their friends were exchanging farewells, small boats were rowing about in all directions; on every face could be read fear, impatience, or hope; and, amidst all the agitation which surrounded it, the majestic vessel swayed gently to and fro under the wind that swelled her proud sails.

Outside, by the embers of the camp fire, Jarvis and Josephine exchanged a brief conversation.

Did you exchange any correspondence on the matter?" "Not a line!" replied the Princess.

In pursuance of this plan I exchanged my boots for a pair of slippers and settled myself down comfortably in the only easy-chair in the room.

I know that when the Great White Silence, as they call the long winter up here, is broken by the thunder of the ice rushing down to the sea, you, like the rest, will exchange the snow-fields for the gold-fields, and pass out of our ken.

There men and women mingled indiscriminately, watching the divers, conversing, matching wits, exchanging gossip, some walking briskly around the promenade while others lounged on the marble seats that were interspaced against the wall between the statues.

You wouldn't have recognized the scapegrace, Dick Perley, in the carnival figure that came forward, for his curling blond hair was closely cropped, his face was smeared with the soilure of pots and pans, and it was evident that the eager warrior had exchanged the weapons of war for the utensils of the company kitchen.

They recognize that the fruit of life is experience, and not happiness; they become accustomed and content to exchange hope for insight; and, in the end, they can say, with Petrarch, that all they care for is to learn: Altro diletto che 'mparar, non provo.

and she would have told him why he should exchange chairs.

They mean not to exchange solid money for such airy honour.

Lady Maud stood beside her, leaning against the corner of the instrument, her cup in her hand, and the two young women exchanged rather idle observations about the lovely day that was over, and the perfect weather.

Of the Chippewayans Hearne relates (129) that it is a very common custom among the men to exchange a night's lodging with each other's wives.

Riding up to his side and seeing that his weapon was empty, I exchanged pistols with him.

She raised her head, and their bright, ardent eyes Exchanged the voiceless language of the soul; A joy ineffable diffused its flush O'er both their faces; yet she did not speak, But only clung the closer to her sire, As if in fear to lose her self-control.

If she thinks that she can squeedge those little tootsywootsies of 'ers into them boo'" The door slammed violently and left him exchanging grins with Mr. Jobson.

In an oasis we met some rebels, bearing a flag of truce, and exchanged the women for guns and ammunition.

Ask her if she would exchange her brave husband for one of those superfine niceties, who suing for favor at her feet, had at the same time lined their vows of love and constancy with the yellow dust, which had they known the strong chest to have been at their backs, while in this humble posture, it were uncertain to which might have been made an apology,the fair lady or her dowry.

At about tea time, Mr. Karslake, faultlessly arrayed, ambled in, selected a table diagonally across the room from the caisse, exchanged pleasantries with the waiter who served him a picon, and used a copy of The Evening Standard & St. James's Gazette as a cover for his wistful admiration of Sofia.

"Lambeth, envy of each band and gown," has been for more than 700 years the residence of the Archbishops of Canterbury, tho the site of the present palace was only obtained by Archbishop Baldwin in 1197, when he exchanged some lands in Kent for it with Glanville, Bishop of Rochester, to whose see it had been granted by the Countess Goda, sister of the Confessor.

The grand tiger was also sick, and expected in no short time to exchange this transitory world for another or none.

Misquith and Jayne exchange a few speeches in an undertone, and then Cayley Drummle comes in, bringing the story of George Orreyd's marriage to the unmentionable Miss Hervey.

"] On Monday, the 5th of July, with a leading gale and the flood of tide, a Spanish fleet of thirty-six sail, consisting of three ships of twenty guns, two large snows, three schooners, four sloops, and the rest half-galleys, with landsmen on board, entered the harbor; and, after exchanging a brisk fire with the fort, for four hours, passed all the batteries and shipping, proceeded up the river.

I met a negrito family here who had friendly relations with the people in the iron-works, and were in the habit of exchanging the produce of the forest with them for provisions.

The individual loses his natural freedom, receiving in exchange the liberty of a citizen, which is limited by the general will, and, in addition, property rights in all that he possesses, equality before the law, and moral freedom, which first really makes him master of himself.

In reply to this I would say, that it must be a base spirit which does not prize "independence" for its own sake, whatever privation and suffering may attend it; and much more base must be that spirit, which can exchange that "independence" for a state of slavish subjectioneven though that state abound in all sensual gratifications.