633 collocations for exchanging

They made me low bows some distance off and rarely stopped to exchange a few words with me.

" Mac and the Colonel exchanged dark glances.

And all who met her smiled, and every group exchanged greetings as they passed along, all knowing each other.

The younger children, consisting of two boys and a girl, exchanged looks with each other at the selections I made, and I thought I perceived in the looks of the mother, still more aversion than surprise.

" Mrs. Gannat arose to receive the great lady, and when she had exchanged salutations with the rest she presented Jack.

She exchanged a smile with him.

It was the only means by which we could exchange confidences.

Mr. Reed will exchange places with you and ride your horse.

He paid me a short formal visit soon after he had accepted the post; we exchanged a few remarks about the situation, I hoped we would faire bon menage, and had no particular impression of him except that he was very French and stiff; I didn't suppose I should see much of him.

Not a day passed that we did not exchange letters, which, though they contained few facts, and always expressed the same sentiments, still repeated what we were never tired of hearing.

"Yet I hear that you have been wrangling over me with Mr. Charles Grey, and exchanging pistol shots.

" When they came back, the Colonel was still there exchanging views about Alaska with Sukey, and with Sebastian about the bull.

Meanwhile Carleton and Washington had exchanged the usual compliments on the conclusion of peace and had met each other on the 6th of May at Tappan, where they discussed the exchange of prisoners.

I came home t'other day from business, hungry as a hunter, to dinner, with nothing, I am sure, of the author but hunger about me, and whom found I closeted with Mary but a friend of this Miss Wesley, one Miss Benje, or Bengey, I don't know how she spells her name, I just came is time enough, I believe, luckily, to prevent them from exchanging vows of eternal friendship.

Lay further states that his friend the Tautai informed him that they are prepared to receive the new Ambassador peacefully at Pekin, when he goes to exchange ratifications.

" "'I am the Captain Castanos.'" "Our acquaintance was of long standing; and, but for mutual agitation, we should have had no need to exchange our names.

We exchanged a good many visits and dinners, and while my uncle several times invited Leithcourt and his friends to his shoot with al fresco luncheon, which the ladies joined, the tenant of Rannoch always invited us back in return.

I am sorry, my son, that we must wait till later in the day to exchange ideas.

As the lovers parted they unaffectedly exchanged a kiss, so honest and sincere that it might have been heard above the swaying pines.

After these exploits they exchanged congratulations, and Djaida felt happy to be with Khaled.

Gently yet decidedly she pronounced: "We will exchange rings.

At that moment all human customs and institutions seemed to him nothing but folly; for said he, "I would exchange all my life as a man for my happiness now, and even now I retain almost all of the ridiculous conceptions of a man.

We do not deny it, we boast of it, but we exchange a wink with the angelseh?" Alexis rode on in silence for a few moments.

We walked together during the day, and exchanged our thoughts about Jesus.

When he came out he had exchanged his coat for a rough jacket.

633 collocations for  exchanging