1748 collocations for exclaim

"Am I dreaming?" exclaimed the aged man, when thus suddenly rescued from his deadly lethargy at last "Is that you, my dear; or are you your late mother?"

But, Mrs. Abbott, I feel bound to tell you that your own daughter" "Biansy-Alzumy-Anne!" exclaimed the mother in alarm.

"Apology!" exclaimed the captain.

CHAPTER VI THE GATHERING OF THE CLOUDS "Mr. Gregg," exclaimed the girl with agitation, as she put forth her black-gloved hand, "II suppose you knowyou've heard all about the discovery to-day up at the wood?

"Oh!" exclaimed more than one voice, as at some grave mishap.

"Oh, don't let's have that proud Brandon!" exclaimed the young ladies, in consequence of which that gentleman was not invited to join the excursion.

" "Mademoiselle lures me to a drunkard's grave," exclaimed my father, bowing low, "but pray be seated.

" "Gee!" exclaimed the younger boy in delight.

Och hone, och hone, machree!" exclaims the venerable woman, hanging desolately around the tree by her arms while her bonnet falls over her left ear: "I've heard that name threatened.

"But we must see him at once," exclaimed Frank.

" "Good!" exclaimed Uncle John.

" "You," exclaimed the Doctor, "what had you to do with it, pray?

What dost thee think, Ruth?" "Why, he wants men to pile wood," exclaimed his wife.

"By Heaven!" exclaimed the King, "such a sight might recall the departing soul from Paradise.

In a body they came to meet Claudius; and when Claudius saw them, he exclaimed, "Friends everywhere, on my word!

"What!" exclaimed the head-master, taking the scrap of paper, and glancing alternately from the mystic word to the boy's face"what on earth is this?

Smith, feeling himself under observation, glanced up again in an unconcerned way, and as he faced the detective Fogerty gave a cleverly assumed start and exclaimed: "Good God!" Instantly Thursday Smith straightened up and looked at the man questioningly.

" "O!" exclaimed the child, whirling about like a leaf in a breeze.

"Why, Harry," exclaimed Miss Laura, "don't you know Beautiful Joe, that you rescued from that wretched milkman?" "Is it possible," he said, "that this well-conditioned creature is the bundle of dirty skin and bones that we nursed in Fairport?

" "Why," exclaimed the gentleman of the hair, staring in wonder, "you don't mean to tell me that my cane looks at all like his nephew?"

"So, then," exclaimed the Major, coming forward for a kiss, "you're back at last, safe and sound.

" "Just look at the sweep of the planes," exclaimed Barney.

Proceeding in this way, one day they found themselves at dawn in the mouth of a large river, into which the captain-major entered, for he always went first; and all entered, and found within a large bay sheltered from all winds, in which they anchored, and all exclaimed three times, "The mercy of the Lord God!" for which reason they gave this river the name of the River of Mercy.

"How very awkward!" exclaimed Mary.

Too fly- Ing.'" A chorus of hilarious laughter followed the reading, and then Patsy wiped her eyes and exclaimed: "Peggy, you are not only a poet but a humorist.

1748 collocations for  exclaim