463 collocations for excuses

Owing to his poverty he has been unable to visit Constance, and when he appears before her in his gay clothes he excuses his fortnight's absence by saying, I have been 'out of Town to see a little thing that's fallen to me upon the Death of a Grandmother.'

The dancing being done, Romeo watched the place where the lady stood; and under favour of his masking habit, which might seem to excuse in part the liberty, he presumed in the gentlest manner to take her by the hand, calling it a shrine, which if he prophaned by touching it, he was a blushing pilgrim, and would kiss it for atonement.

" "Well, Hill," said Rolfe, resuming his severe official tone; "all this does not excuse in any way your conduct in coming over here and forcing your way into the house in defiance of the police; opening this desk, and prying about for private papers that don't concern you.

These difficulties, my Lord! may reasonably excuse the errors of my Undertaking: but for this confidence of my Dedication, I have an argument, which is too advantageous for me not to publish it to the World.

She's fair indeed; here, Frank, I give thee thy Celinda, whose Beauty Excuses all thy Faults of Disobedience.

Diaz was desired to say to the king, that the general begged his highness to excuse his presumption in sending such a present in token of his entire devotion to his service, having nothing worthy of the acceptance of so great a prince.

"Nothing serious, you understandsimply an adjustment to excuse a few minutes' delay and lend colour to our impatience.

"Excuse the intrusion," he said.

It's a bit selfish, dear, if you'll excuse my saying so.

PARTRIDGE, BELLAMY. Excuse my dust.

Ignorance of northern citizens respecting slavery; Betting upon crops; Extent and cruelty of the punishment of slaves; Slaveholders excuse their cruelties by the example of Preachers, and professors of religion, and Northern citizens; Novel torture, eulogized by a professor of religion; Whips as common as the plough; Ladies use cowhides, with shovel and tongs.

Even so in all ages, and now as much as, or more than ever, have men said, We are so necessary to God and God's cause, that He cannot do without us; and therefore though He hates sin in everyone else, He will excuse sin in us, as long as we are about His business.

" Brail and Tony, like the others before them, were quick to excuse Brodie's act.

" Then, seeing the city doctor, whom they recognized, "Excuse the interruption, but we can't get on without Dr. Clay, he's the whole works of the lacrosse team.

Thus, Marc Dufraisse never made the remark with which the men of Louis Bonaparte have wished to excuse their crimes: "If the President does not shoot all those among us who resist, he does not understand his business.

You will excuse my remarks, because I am hurt and vexed that you should think it necessary, with a prose apology, to open the eyes of dead men that cannot see.

Davis excused his lack of ceremonial dress, saying pleasantly: "I am something of a soldier, you know, and travel with a light train.

we are thus made; passion excuses every thing, transfigures every thing.

LADY F. Tut, let me excuse thee.

Mr. Kemble has favoured me with the following minute of what passed at this visit: 'When Mrs. Siddons came into the room, there happened to be no chair ready for her, which he observing, said with a smile, "Madam, you who so often occasion a want of seats to other people, will the more easily excuse the want of one yourself.

"You'll excuse an old sailor, sir; but I think that's more than mortal man can do.

He did not himself yet know why it was that he excused her follies, found her the most beautiful of all women, or fell into a sort of rage at seeing her in the loose society of the day, with such men as St. Aulaire and a dozen others of his kind in her train.

I hope you will excuse my rising.

"I hope you will excuse this visit, for IIheard that the brother of myof the pretty maid had come home, and hastened to congratulate him.

Photius, when called upon to answer for himself, having nothing to say in his own defence, excused his silence by the example of our Lord, who also was silent when accused.

463 collocations for  excuses
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