1256 collocations for expecting

To this I shall expect Your direct and Immediate answer.

I should have expected better things from you: but the sway of empiricism is destined yet to have a long struggle before it receives its final overthrow.

Indeed, according to an assertion in the "Library of Entertaining Knowledge," the horse knows from the bark of a dog when he may expect an attack on his heels.

For, a minute perhaps, the pressure was kept up; and I waited, nervously; expecting each moment to see the door come down with a crash.

" The attendant withdrew, taking care to pass into the antechamber by doors that rendered it unnecessary to show himself too soon to those who expected his return.

The scouts who had brought in this information also reported that they expected the arrival at Camp Evans of a bull-train from New Mexico with a large quantity of beer for the soldiers.

" The folly of expecting good results from the most unreasonable causes is the subject of the following old adage: "Plant the crab where you will, it will never bear pippins.

I expect a letter from him every night.

Whereupon I, who before this seemed to be without life or motionwhy, I do not knowfeeling that the force of the venom was seeking to reach my heart in divers subtle ways, now tossed and rolled upon the cool grass, expecting death at any moment.

And yet" "How then shall ye expect mercy?

" "Ah, how can you expect a man like that to understandyou?

Hill suggests her letters indicate friendly relations between her and Sir H.F. Sir H.F. expected visit, probably from lady, night of murder.

'I'm expecting a visitor who's never seen me in anything but a coat and skirt, or in evening dress.' 'Oh!

"Well, if you an' Jacob feel like havin' a look around, I'll ask the commandant's permission to do a little scoutin' on our own account, agreein', in case we're laid by the heels, not to expect any help from this 'ere garrison.

Yet how seldom is it exerted, in order to give a rational ground to expect permanent happiness in wedlock.

The Tyrians were elated with this gleam of good fortune; but that joy was of short duration, for in a little time they received intelligence from Carthage that they must expect no assistance from that quarter, as the Carthaginians themselves were then overawed by a powerful army of Syracusans, who had invaded their country.

" "But you can surely tell what hat?" They expected a violent reply, and they got it.

But he was mistaken in expecting kinder treatment of Regan than he had experienced from her sister Gonerill.

You are old, Signior, and we expect no good from you but Prayers to Heaven? Fran.

One comes to it from Rye on a still afternoon of spring when the faint shadows are beginning to lengthen, expecting little.

He wasted some time in finding out just how much aid he might expect from his late father's friends, but when he understood the attitude of society toward a knocked-out gentleman he wisely ceased to annoy society, and turned to the business world.

He expected stirring news from the army, and was eager to learn it.

But it is in vain to expect this sudden change of character.

If outsiders knew his shareholders were dissatisfied, things were worse than he had thought and he might expect trouble at the next meeting.

I do not expect that kind of conversion.

1256 collocations for  expecting
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