38 collocations for expiring

When may I, digging my own grave, stretch myself out within my tomb, and, swinging thus upon the world, list the last breath, the death-gasp, of expiring nature?

Three were killed outright, the fourth expired the following day.

A great principle anchored to a common word or a familiar illustration never looses its hold upon the mind; it is like seeing the laws of Astronomy in the swing of a pendulum, or in the motion of the boy's ball,or the law of the tides and the seasons appearing in the beating of the pulse, or in inspiring and expiring the breath.

It will no longer be incomprehensible to them, if they will recollect, that, at the period in question, American slavery was regarded as a rapidly decaying, if not already expiring institution.

August to October Game Certificates expire, Mystical carpeted earth, with dead leaves of desire, Disrobing earth dying beneath love's fire.

Marian Lumley was the only surviving child of the last Duke of Annerdale, with whom had expired the higher honors of his house.

Everything distinctively Greek was expiring: fatherland, national faith, domestic life, all nobleness of action and sentiment were gone; poetry, history, and philosophy were inwardly exhausted; and nothing remained to the Athenian save the school, the fish-market, and the brothel.

O, no, he will not come to-night, The stars are fading from the sky; I've watch'd their dim, expiring light, With an unwearied, earnest eye, And soon the golden king of day Morn's eastern gates will open wide; And mounted on his fiery car, Triumphant over earth will ride.

188 The distance judged for shot of every size, The linstocks touch, the ponderous ball expires: The vigorous seaman every port-hole plies, And adds his heart to every gun he fires!

But now that good Heart bursts, and he is at restwith that Breath expired a Soul who never indulged a Passion unfit for the Place he is gone to: Where are now thy Plans of Justice, of Truth, of Honour?

To show that expired air is moist.

With Abiathar, who died in exile, expired the last glory of the house of Eli; and with Shimei, who was slain with Adonijah, passed away the last representative of the royal family of Saul.

We know that before that period may have expired fate will have granted us a sea-serpent with yet more coils, with a yet more bewildering arrangement of marine and sunset tints, and the conclusion of previous leases will enable us to grant him undisputed possession of Parnassus.

Very likely the original lease or arrangement has expired half a century since; but no one troubles to renew it.

One of the wounded rancheros expired on the mule to which he was strapped, and was carried dead for several hours, his ashy-brown face swinging to and fro, until Coronado had him thrown into a crevice.

This is the yarn that M'Larty told by the brazier fire, Where over the mud-filled trenches the star shells blaze and expire A yarn he swore was a true one; but Mac was an awful liar: "'Way up in the wild North Country, a couple of years ago I hauled Hank out of a snowdriftit was maybe thirty 'below,'

The particular period chosen is one of the deepest interest,that of the conflict of expiring Paganism with growing Christianity, under Julian the Apostate.

ON FATALISM[10] Not always wealth, not always force A splendid destiny commands; The lordly vulture gnaws the corse That rots upon yon barren sands. Nor want, nor weakness still conspires To bind us to a sordid state; The fly that with a touch expires Sips honey from the royal plate.

From Marlborough's eyes the streams of dotage flow, And Swift expires a driveller and a show.

She had mixed a cup of poison for a young nobleman who had acquired her husband's friendship, and had on that account become the object of her jealousy; but, unfortunately, the king drank of the fatal cup along with his favourite, and soon after expired [g].

Why should they fear?That pow'r that kindly spreads The clouds, a signal of impending show'rs, To warn the wand'ring linnet to the shade, Beheld without concern expiring Greece; And not one prodigy foretold our fate.

+===+=========+=========+=====+========+=======+=====+===============+ The three modes of selecting the Chief Justice are by electing or appointing one as such, by leaving the judges themselves to determine which shall act, or by a provision making the one whose term expires first act.

At this Conference I was returned to Spring Street Station, and, Brother Pillsbury's term on the District having expired, Rev. Wm.

] An eminent divine once described to me a scene he witnessed at a funeral, which he said nearly caused him to expire withwell, you shall see.

When shall we see expired deceivers' sway, And credit what our God and monarchs say? Dissembled patriots, bribed with Egypt's gold, Even Sanhedrims in blind obedience hold; 750 Those patriots falsehood in their actions see, And judge by the pernicious fruit the tree.

38 collocations for  expiring