103 collocations for explode

Then Toscanini took command of what surely was one of the strangest concerts in the world, played in the moonlight, in an hour of glory, on a mountain top, which to the Italians had become an almost legendary name, to an audience of two contending Armies, amid the rattle of machine guns, the rumble of cannon, and the crashes of exploding shells.

You come up here and explode a bomb just to see how high I'll jump.

Then the fuse in the shell's base explodes the charge in the shell, immediately after the impact.

With our older pattern of shell, as used by the Fleet at Jutland and in earlier actions, there was no chance of the burst of the shell, when fired at battle range, taking place inboard, after penetrating the side armour of modern German capital ships, in such a position that the fragments might be expected to reach and explode the magazines.

A little forward of the motor is suspended to the keel the cigar-shaped gasoline reservoir, and strung along the top rod are the batteries which furnish the current to make the sparks for the purpose of exploding the gas in the motor.

Without, the gardens were a picture of neatness and order; within, everything was solid and comfortable: the furniture of a somewhat ponderous and exploded fashion, but handsome withal, and brightened here and there by some concession to modern notions of elegance or easea dainty little table for books, a luxurious arm-chair, and so on.

The addition to the wireless apparatus which they will use is such that they can not, even by accident, explode a mine guarding our seaports; but, on the other hand, the addition to the wireless apparatus which we will use permits of the extreme high charge which will explode their mines.

Also, by way of a foot-note, the managerial announcement that Madame Carresford had volunteered for the part at six o'clock, to rescue them from the necessity of closing the park and was to sing it absolutely without rehearsal, exploded for all time the notion that there was anything of the amateur about her.

Voltaire introduced a sort of rage for anecdotes, and for tracing all events to trifling causes, which has done much more towards exploding the old-fashioned system or the dignity of human nature than the dry maxims of Rochefaucault, the sophisms of Mandeville, or even the malicious wit of Swift.

Many chapters of high-class comedy and epigrammatical wit serve to explode a fallacious educational theory.

We have long since exploded the idea that whiteness is a test of superiority, for we know that this is attained by excluding the most wholesome and nutritious part of the wheat and by the use of chemicals.

We have recently seen the Freeborn, the Pawnee, and the Harriet Lane, when assailing the rebel batteries on the James and the Potomac, compelled to take positions at the distance of two miles, and to keep constantly moving, and compelled consequently to throw away most of their costly ammunition in uncertain shots, at the same time that they were constantly exposed to shots which might destroy their engines and explode their boilers.

On the cap of the cartridge was a mark where the hammer had struck without exploding the powder.

The Galvanic apparatus has been repeatedly tried in placethat is by exploding cartridges in the very chambers of the rock prepared for the powderwith the batteries at 1200 feet distance they are in full form and act admirably so that I see but little fear of failure on that head.

"And who would dare to explode dynamite at the dam?"

A shot struck the Marlborough in the forward turret, exploding her guns there and killing the gun crews.

"With modern industrial conditions hung on a hair trigger as they are, it's as though a boy had exploded a fire-cracker in the works of a watch.

Out of doors the air is filled with the smoke and roar of exploding firecrackers.

When a man of Voltaire's school has to explode a saint or a great religious hero, he says that such a person is a common human fool, or a common human fraud.

A few years ago, had children been permitted to write at all, one such copy as the above would have exploded the school, and perchance sent the teacher to jail for sedition.

Thus had the great Genoese been destined merely to make a new highway on the ocean and new lines on the map,to add the potato, maize, and tapioca to the known list of edibles, and tobacco to that of narcotics,to explode Spain, give England a cotton-field, Ireland a hospital, and Africa a hell.

The shells seemed to explode on the surface the moment they came in contact with the body.

It was proposed to explode a barrel of gunpowder; but, in consideration of the situation of the mother, better counsels prevailed, and only a few revolvers were discharged; for, whether owing to the rude surgery of the camp, or some other reason, Cherokee Sal was sinking fast.

Sir (exploded Petherton),What senseless drivel you write on the least provocation!


103 collocations for  explode