110 collocations for fade

"Now fades the landscape on the sight."

O almond-tree, thou provest That the expected hours Of bliss may often turn to bane, As fade thy dazzling flowers.

Women whose dream of marriage has faded a little have a way of transferring their passionate devotion and content from husband to child.

'Now, gentle flower, I pray thee tell If my love loves, and loves me well; So may the fall of the morning dew Keep the sun from fading thy tender blue; Now I remember the leaves for my lot He loves me nothe loves mehe loves me not He loves me!

A keen sun darkened his face and hands, brushed up in his cheeks a warmer glow than they had shown in many a year, and faded out the heavier lines with which Time had marked his countenance.

ORCHESTRA (pianissimo) Drifting cloud and misty wreathes Are fill'd with light elysian; O'er reed and leaf the zephyr breathes So fades the fairy vision!

He came close up to the little table in front of Lady Maulevrier's couch, and looked down at her, a strange, uncanny being, withered and bent, with pale, faded eyes in which there was a glimmer of unholy light.

they fade and wither, and their beauty and fragrance is but a memory.

Why fade these children of the spring, born but to smile and fall?

The light that ne'er shall fade, pageant.

Red stream the cottage-lights; the landscape fades, Erroneous wavering mid the twilight shades.

Fofanow Faded the Footstep of Spring from Our Garden.........

These shall the fury Passions tear, The vultures of the mind, Disdainful, Anger, pallid Fear, And Shame that skulks behind; Or pining Love shall waste their youth, Or Jealousy with rankling tooth, That inly gnaws the secret heart, And Envy wan, and faded Care, Grim-visaged comfortless Despair, And Sorrow's piercing dart.

764. Not faster in the summer's ray The spring's frail beauty fades away, Than anguish and decay consume The smiling virgin's rosy bloom.

She was naturally of a cheerful, hopeful temper, and though work and disappointment had faded the bright colors of hope, still hope buoyed up her spirits.

By the passionate beating of his heart, by his eager longing to clasp that faded form to his breast, he knew that he loved her as dearly as on the day when she promised to be his wife; that he must love her with the same measure till the end of his existence.

She looks, and her heart is in heaven: but they fade, The mist and the river, the hill and the shade: The stream will not flow, and the hill will not rise, 15 And the colours have all passed away from her eyes!

So fade the fair, When fevers revel through their azure veins.

O Friends, I hear the tread of nimble Feet Hasting this Way, and now by glimps discern Ithuriel and Zephon through the shade; And with them comes a third of Regal Port, But faded splendor wan; who by his gait And fierce demeanor seems the Prince of Hell; Not likely to part hence without contest: Stand firm, for in his look defiance lours.

III Others shall have their little space of time, Their proper niche and bust, then fade away Into the darkness, poets of a day;

So when I see my love again Fades the unquiet doubt away, While shines her beauty like the day Over my happy heart and brain.

Long since, that day had faded in the West; Yet could he ne'er the Sufferer's look forget The deep abyss of infinite sorrow, and yet The fulness of all blessing it expressed.

Liane Delorme was afflicted with no more visions, as the captain would have called them; though by common consent the subject had been dropped upon the failure of the search, and to all seeming was rapidly fading from the minds of everybody but Liane herself and Lanyard.

With them have faded into oblivion some religious orders and not a few kindred brotherhoods.

" They faded away into the mist, dim spectral figures, and I remained alone, listening anxiously for some hostile sound from below.

110 collocations for  fade