564 collocations for fancies

In a word, we are apt to fancy that man, not God, is the master of this earth on which we live, and that men have no king over them in heaven.

Come, Sir, you must learn to be gay, to sing, to dance, and talk of any thing, and fancy any thing that's in your way too.

Parlour, you would fancy your self in an India Ware-house: Besides this she keeps a Squirrel, and I am doubly taxed to pay for the China he breaks.

" "Yes, Mamita," responded Flora; "and you know I fancied myself a great musical composer in those days,a sort of feminine Mozart; but the qui vive was always the key I composed in.

"Fancy my wife after a bad illness with a touch of something wrong in her head, and there is Anne Catherick for you," answered Sir Percival.

You fancy God far offsomewhere in the skies, beyond suns and stars.

" "Somehow," thought the cooper, "I don't fancy the woman's looks; but I dare say I am prejudiced.

No writer ever found a nearer way to the heart than he, and his verses have a peculiar happiness of recommending the author to our friendship as well as raising our admiration; one cannot read him without fancying oneself transported into Fairy Land, and there conversing with the Graces, in that enchanted region:

You fancy a woman in black slipping through the woods, and we hear a woman cry.

" You may fancy the state of my feelings, Mr. PUNCHINELLO, at being obliged to make this little speech, and my friend at the other end of the car looking on, with wonder in every one of his expressive features, and the conductor at that instant coming in and shouting, "ELIZABETH!" as though I were called for and must go that very instant.

"I do not fancy the idea of leaving a fellow-creature, a countrymannay, I might say, a neighbour, on this lone spot, with the uncertainty of his ever getting out of it.

'I can fancy two girls getting quite attached to each other, out of the season,' she said, 'but in May and June life is all a rush and a scramble' 'And one has no time to gather wayside flowers of friendship,' interjected Mr. Smithson.

After this came the regular assay of wines, during which it was easy to fancy the master of the house a dealer, for he usually sat either sucking a syphon or flourishing a cork-screw.

We can fancy the merry yet gracious poet chuckling over the vision of the child and the fancy of his words.

They have in all ages fancied themselves under the special protection of Deity, the object of special communications from above.

"When we see the many gravestones which have fallen in, which have been defaced by the footsteps of the congregation, which lie buried under the ruins of the churches, that have themselves crumbled together over them, we may fancy the life after death to be as a second life, into which a man enters in the figure, or the picture, or the inscription, and lives longer there than when he was really alive.

PUNCHINELLO: I fancy myself a victim of imposition, and I wish to place my case before you.

When you saw Jack figuring in Captain Absolute, you thought you could trace his promotion to some lady of quality who fancied the handsome fellow in his topknot, and had bought him a commission.

That, however pious we are, however enlightened we are, however useful we wish to be; in one word, however much we are, or fancy ourselves to be, children of light, our first duty as Christian men is the duty which lies nearest usthat of which it is written: "If a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the Church of God?"

Annette wielded the comb, as usual, while Ann Sidley, who was unconsciously jealous that any one should be employed about her darling, even in this manner, though so long accustomed to it, busied herself in preparing the different articles of attire that she fancied her young mistress might be disposed to wear that morning.

I fancied to myself the rural potentate, surrounded by his body-guard of butler, pages, and the blue-coated serving-men with their badges; while the luckless culprit was brought in, forlorn and chapfallen, in the custody of game-keepers, huntsmen, and whippers-in, and followed by a rabble rout of country clowns.

I fancied bright faces of curious housemaids peeping from the half-opened doors; while from the gallery the fair daughters of the Knight leaned gracefully forward, eying the youthful prisoner with that pity "that dwells in womanhood."

And so help me God, I won't distrust you again!" Just as it entered my mind to risk everything on the chance that Ivor had by this time found his way out, I heard, or fancied I heard, a faint sound in the next room.

Now, fancy a Genius fishing for us.

Others calculate the injury to themselves, and no small portion would fancy it a greater proof of patriotism to turn a sentence in favour of the comparative 'energies' and 'superior intelligence' of their own people, than to point out this or any other disgraceful fact, did they even possess the opportunities to discover it.

564 collocations for  fancies