519 collocations for favoring

Learning, however, of his own condemnation and of their reconciliation he wished to lead a campaign against Caesar, but was abandoned by Plancus who favored the cause of Lepidus and Antony.

"We take them by surprise, you know," explained the Major, who heartily favored the idea.

Through all this gradual progress in liberal government and public amelioration, the need of another reform had been pointed out by some thinkers and statesmen, and at last the condition of the country favored the views of its advocates.

It is but fair to the President to say, that his conduct was such that it was obvious that he did not favor slavery because he had any respect for it.

Louis, whose crooked policy had so far succeeded on all occasions, now seemed to favor Charles's plans of aggrandizement, and to recognize his pretended right to Lorraine, which legitimately belonged to the empire, and the invasion of which by Charles would be sure to set him at variance with the whole of Germany.


So startling were the rapid strides made by the colored people in their mental development after the revolutionary era that certain southerners who had not seriously objected to the enlightenment of the Negroes began to favor the half reactionary policy of educating them only on the condition that they should be colonized.

A report that seemed to favor the supposition that death resulted from poison, threw the populace into a frenzy, and the stoning to death of Count Fersen resulted.

Moreover, the imposition of this improper tax on the most important industry of the country not only crippled the free trade in palms, but also the manufacture of raw sugar; for the government, to favor their own monopoly, had forbidden the sugar manufacturers to make rum from their molasses, which became in consequence so valueless that in Manila they gave it to their horses.

Whatever the formation adopted, it should favor the escape of at least one man in case of surprise.

The provincial changed his opinion again, and now favored the enterprise.

Events of which the twins knew nothing favored their project and made Fred and his wife glad to leave Toronto.

It has become clear to him, in other words, that if among civilized folk the current belief is that a man who robs and does not repent will be eternally damned, while an accepted proverb among the Bilochs is, that "God will not favor a man who does not steal and rob," it is impossible to hold that men have in common an innate perception of right and wrong.

It was once more twilight, and the dimness favored her design.

Elizabeth favored both religious parties, and presently the world saw with amazement Catholics and Protestants acting together as trusted counselors of a great sovereign.

The court favored the improvements of Paris, especially those designed for public amusements.

[person who favors peace] dove.

We charge upon the American Constitution, that it contains provisions, and enjoins duties, which make it unlawful for freemen to take the oath of allegiance to it, because they are expressly designed to favor a slaveholding oligarchy, and consequently, to make one portion of the people a prey to another.

The miller was inclined to favor his suit.

In politics Kant favors democratic theories, though less decidedly than Rousseau and Fichte.

Although the laws were made to favor the agricultural interests, yet there was distress among agricultural laborers; and the dearer the price of corn,that is, the worse the harvests,the more the landlords were enriched, and the more wretched were those who raised the crops.

At the same time, however disagreeable to the artist, this tendency in murder to excite and irritate the subject, is certainly one of its advantages to the world in general, which we ought not to overlook, since it favors the development of latent talent.

His eminent social qualities favored his introduction into a society more cultivated than fashionable, and he was known as a scientific rather than a political celebrity.

The language of those who favor the measure is, that religion will take care of itselfthat no external aid is necessarythat all legislative interference is impious.

Jane knew, both by her own feelings and by all the legends of love from its earliest days, that the moment of parting was generally a crisis in affairs of the heart, and, with a backwardness occasioned by her modesty, had rather avoided than sought an opportunity to favor the colonel's wishes.

519 collocations for  favoring