435 collocations for fire

Madame de MacMahon came up to me, saying: "Madame Waddington, Sa Majeste demande les nouvelles de M. Waddington," upon which His Majesty planted himself directly in front of me, so close that he almost touched me, and asked in a quick, abrupt manner, as if he were firing off a shot: "Ou est votre mari?"

The French ship next which they were lying, The Redoutable, having ceased firing her great guns, Nelson twice gave instructions to stop firing into her, with the humane desire of avoiding unnecessary slaughter.

When the waves divided us, and our voices could no longer reach each other, we made signals by firing pistols and carbines.

" At this, point the herder, myself and my sisters commenced stamping on the floor in imitation of a squad of soldiers, and the herder issued his orders in a loud voice to his imaginary troops, who were apparently approaching the window preparatory to firing a volley at the enemy.

We see that they have been "firing cannon in the fields near Paris, to bring on a rain."

He took careful aim and fired both barrels of his gun, wounding it badly.

When a foreign battleship enters a fortified port the visiting fleet, or rather, its flagship, fires a national salute of twenty-one guns.

Coming up behind them I fired my rifle, when about thirty feet distant; the ball passed through the backs of both, and they fell headlong to the ground; but I made no stop however just then, for I had my eye on the gentleman who was riding Powder Face.

Their appointment was signed on the spot, and the news being told to the insurgents "they fired muskets in token of joy, and went off with hymns for Italy and cheers for the Italian Constituent Assembly and the democratic Ministry.

"See here, Mr. Barnett, you're not going to fire a broadside of disturbing questions at my patient yet a while.

The Turks tried again and again to secure the hill, which commands a track to Bethlehem, but, although they fired 400 shells at the position, they could not enter it, and a battalion sent up to relieve the Middlesex men next morning found that the company had driven the enemy off, its casualties having amounted to only 2 killed and 17 wounded.

Greater and wider markets for German commerce were urgently demanded, and visions of Germany as mistress of the seas, with a great colonial empire, and of the Kaiser as the undisputed military overlord of Europe, already filled and fired the Teuton imagination.

The night before I had had qualms about the whole business, but the air of morning has a trick of firing my blood, and I believe I had forgotten the errand which was taking me to the Carolina shores.

"They'll probably try to fire the house next.

Then Perdosa fired a second time, again without result.

Finally, they encircled the post several times, fired some farewell rounds, and then galloped away over the prairie to overtake their fast departing village.

Hastily withdrawing, he threatened to telegraph it verbatim to the insurgents; it would fire the Southern heart.

Shots were fired, the bullets whistling through the opening, the flare lighting up the black depths below, revealing vaguely a mass of frantic men staring up, and cursing us fiercely in a dozen languages; but, in spite of them, we clamped the hatch down tight, and locked it securely into place with an iron bar.

"Did you do this?" he asked: "Have you been trying to fire off the revolver?" "No, no, monsieur," she exclaimed quickly.

"'Twas I did it, majjor, and 'twas as well fired a piece as ye've ever hear-r-d in the king's sarvice.

Conductor Scully fired the train; and with one tremendous upheaval the magazine was blown into the air, together with fifteen hundred rebels.

The vague rumors of years, that had been whispered about himrumors which of old had fired her soul with hot indignation, came back insidiously.

Slade fired the question at them like a cross- examiner.

After ten minutes we got near enough to fire our torpedo.

He had swung it around like a flash, and without apparently glancing along the barrels, fired one charge at something that was flashing through the undergrowth.

435 collocations for  fire
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