29 collocations for firm

And so we were fain to pull on, in the hope that we might come ultimately to firm ground.

Though he was ready to lay down his life for their good, it was long ere the natives understood how firm a friend he was.

Until the last few days of his life there was no apparent abatement of intellectual vigour; his interest in all things and persons that had interested him through life was undiminished, nor did the approach of death cause the smallest wavering (as in so strong and firm a mind it was impossible that it should) in his convictions on the subject of religion.

How proud his eye, and how firm his step!

The night was half spent when they separated to rest, with as firm a faith in the stories of the old medicine man, as we have in the annals of the Revolution.

Sweetly ferocious, [M] round his native walks, Pride of his sister-wives, the monarch stalks; Spur-clad his nervous feet, and firm his tread; A crest of purple tops the warrior's head.

Voices were borne to me,Clem's voice, Miss Caroline's and another not like her's, a voice firmer, yet a dusky-warm woman's voice.

If you cannot leave your picture at any moment, cannot turn from it and go on with another while the color is drying, cannot work at any part of it you choose with equal contentment, you have not firm enough grasp of it.

" As doves, drawn home from where they circled still, Set firm their open wings, and through the air Come sweeping, wafted by their pure good-will So broke from Dido's flock that gentle pair, Cleaving, to where we stood, the air malign, Such strength to bring them had a loving prayer.

Those interested in Miss Anthony's personal appearance long ago ceased to trust her with the purchase-money for any ornament; for, however firm her resolution to comply with their wish, the check invariably found its way to the credit column of those little cash-books as "money received for the cause."

After a time we were able to do that which should have been done at first, and fixt rope to firm rocks, in addition to being tied together.

And change it to firm land by magic step!

And remember, too, that, in riding, as in everything else, to him that hath shall be given, and the harder and firmer your muscles when you begin, the greater will be the benefit which you will derive from your rides, and the more you will enjoy them.

As for his wife, her diaries and letters show that, however high her spirit and firm her principles, her nature was an intensely anxious one.

So firm a strength, and yet withal so sweet, Did never but in Samson's riddle meet.

It would scarce, therefore, be wise to renounce an opinion which affords so firm a support to the soul, in those seasons wherein she stands in most need of assistance, merely because it is not possible, in questions of this kind, to solve every difficulty which attends them.'

I repeated my words in as clear and as firm a tone as I could assume.

How cool and firm his touch was, and how her tremor subsided under it!

how firm a keel he presents to the vainly breasting human tide that comes rolling on with a show of opposition to his onward course!

Johnson is said, when he visited his native city, to have shunned the society of Darwin: Cowper, who certainly was as firm a believer as Johnson, thought it no disparagement to his orthodoxy, to address some complimentary verses to him on the publication of his Botanic Garden.

Since she has so firm a Contract, I pronounce it a lawful Marriagebut hark, they are coming sure Dia.

Her hands moved deftly, and Wes, who had finished firming the earth about the plant, watched them.

From open violence The attachment of thy soldiery secures thee Todaytomorrow: but grant'st thou them a respite Unheard, unseen, they'll undermine that love On which thou now dost feel so firm a footing, With wily theft will draw away from thee One after the other other WALLENSTEIN.

Lightly and firm her footsteps fell; In rapture, she exclaimed, "I'm well!

Erect his port, and firm his going; So struts yon cock that now is crowing; 735 And the morning light in grace Strikes upon his lifted face, Hurrying the pallid hue away That might his trespasses betray.

29 collocations for  firm