348 collocations for flash

But those of them who wear skirts, generally have delicate white hands, flowing curls, flashing black eyes, and the gift of oratoryand a desire to exhibit them all; while those in pantaloons have their hair combed smoothly back, as if preparing to be swallowed by a boa-constrictor, wear white cravats, talk softly, and show a good deal of the whites of their eyes, from a chronic habit of looking up towards the moon and stars.

Then, however, when they had come to close quarters with the enemy, from both sides of The Victory flashed forth the fire of the guns, carrying swift destruction among the foe.

Recovering the buoy, the coxswain flashed the red light three times.

And suddenly you flashed upon me a single glance; I felt it clash against my willpower.

He flashed a look of piteous, surprised reproach at her as she flecked the flies from the neck of her horse.

She flashed her quick smile again and nodded reassuringly.

Mary saw the gleam of flashing swords.

The Brahmans, with their contrary doctrine, became full of hatred and envy in their hearts, and wished to destroy them, but there came from the heavens such a storm of crashing thunder and flashing lightning that they were not able in the end to effect their purpose.

For the fire that leaped forth from his eyes encountered the light in mine, flashing thereunto a most subtle ray.

The Gold Dust maverick leaped to the center of the enclosure as the group drew near and stood with head up, eyes flashing and nostrils quivering, a perfect picture of defiance and fear.

It has welcomed all who were worthy of welcome, from the pale clergyman who came to breathe the sea-air with its medicinal salt and iodine, to the great statesman who turned his back on the affairs of empire, and smoothed his Olympian forehead, and flashed his white teeth in merriment over the long table, where his wit was the keenest and his story the best.

The long dark lashes swept her cheek; her lips set tightly to repress the quiver which threatened them; but when he had completely broken down, she raised her eyes to his with a look so grave, so sweet, so girlish, that Stafford's heart leapt, not for the first time that morning, and there flashed through him the unexpected thought: "What would not a man give to have those eyes turned upon him with love shining in their depths!"

He flashed the lantern across the path, and a few moments later his junior stepped up briskly with a bundle of newspapers tucked under his arm.

See all along the shore, as you look up the bay towards the Lake House, how the millions of fireflies flash their tiny torches, upward and downward, this way and that, mingling and crossing, and gyrating and whirlinga troubled and billowy sea of millions upon millions of glowing and sparkling gems.

A little later, as the Indefatigable drew even closer, Captain Reynolds of the Indefatigable flashed this message: "I am coming aboard you.

And glaciers split and rend, And sweepers turn the flimsy craft And trails come to an end; As long as flashing Northern Lights Flame in the Arctic sky, Your boldest ones, your bravest sons Come North to win or die.

In fact, Diablo came to a sudden halt directly behind the child, his head towering aloft above that of Tod while he flashed his defiance at Bull Hunter, as though he were making use of the small bulwark of Tod against the stranger.

No wonder that God, in a code of laws prepared for such a people at such a time, should light up on its threshold a blazing beacon to flash terror on slaveholders.

THE LAW OF LOVE, streaming from every page, flashes around it an omnipresent anguish and despair.

I have but to flash my pistol into it, and they will be picking the bits of you off the high trees.

But it was more than she could do: and she drew herself up and her eyes flashed back the challenge, as she said in a low but distinct voice: "Pardon me, but you are mistaken.

He sees that difficulty; he proposes to meet it; he says he will find you a suitor!" Olive freed her hands violently, motioned her mother back, and stood proudly drawn up, flashing an indignation too great for speech; but the next moment she had uttered a cry, and was sobbing on the floor.

The choice proved not inappropriate, for this modern Douglass fought as valiantly in his own cause and with his own weapons as ever any Douglass [Douglas] fought with flashing steel in border foray.

The British battleship fleet was far away to the northwest, but the wireless promptly flashed the signal, "Enemy in sight," and as the battle-cruisers raced to close quarters with the tardy foe, and sacrificed themselves in the effort to hold him in the open sea, down from the north rushed the leviathans of the Mistress of the Seas, that were counted on to crush the enemy when the opportunity came.

There was conversation, there were vehement exclamations which, if they had been in English, would have been oathsthere was a sudden movement of the horses and the camels; the outskirts of the crowd surged and broke, and then, above their heads, flashed the sabres of the spahis.

348 collocations for  flash
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