29 collocations for flavoring

By flavoring the milk with cocoanut, a different pudding may be produced.

She gets into the pot to flavor the vegetables.

This food was sometimes eaten by itself, but more often was used to flavor soups and to mix with pemmican.

The fruit is highly fragrant and exceedingly acid, and for these reasons it is largely employed to flavor other fruits.

Later the term came to be applied to the lady in whose honor the company drank, her name serving to flavor the bumper as the toast flavored the drink.

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Later the term came to be applied to the lady in whose honor the company drank, her name serving to flavor the bumper as the toast flavored the drink.

Josey was extravagant, to be sure; she was vain; but something so tender and feminine flavored her very faults that they charmed me.

[Greek: Emetikhaeu], etc.: he was under the emetic cure, and consequently ate and drank freely and with much satisfaction; and everything certainly was good and well served; nay more, I may say that "Though the cook was good, 'Twas Attic salt that flavored best the food.

As the gentlemen of the staff got their sea legs, and flavored the narration of their experiences with humor, I found myself in a cloudy state and mentioned a small matter to the brigadier surgeon, who whipped out a thermometer and took my temperature, and that man of science gave me no peace night or day, and drove me from the ship into Paradisethat is to say I was ordered to stay at Honolulu.

Just as taste and flavor influence nutrition by affecting the digestive process, so the agreeable odors about us, even those of the perfumes, play an important part in the economy of life.

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It may be diluted with water to form a pleasing beverage, and is especially useful in flavoring puddings and sauces.

A jury of Little Arcadians would have multiplied it tenfold without a blush; for, while that little hoard endured, any citizen, however public spirited, could flavor with a certain grace his refusal to subscribe for a book.

The brown man had never before realized the faint amusement and condescension that had flavored all his relations with his mother since his return home.

An excellent soup may be prepared by flavoring the stock with celery, or by the addition of a quantity of strained stewed tomato sufficient to disguise the taste of the stock.

Place on top a mass of whipped cream, already sweetened and flavored then a single strawberry, sprinkle with shelled pecans.

Just for a time, a little time, the five-million-manned city flavored its confused, selfish struggle with simple brotherhood.

The quarrel they had heard somehow had flavored their surroundings.

For the first time in his life the mulatto felt that contempt for a white man's technicalities that flavors every negro's thoughts.

It flavored the vodka, and with that fiery poison served to raise a laugh.

Form into bonbons, color and flavor any desired way; dip in melted chocolate, to which has been added a small piece of wax or paraffine.

The ghost of a spree is a most alluring fellow; it is the dust on the bottle that flavors the wine; a musty bin is the soul's delight; we drink the vintage and not the wine.

" It would have been a speech both stupid and pert in the mouth of another; but Donnegan knew how to flavor words with a touch of mockery of himself as well as another.

For Instance, flavor apple with lemon, pineapple, quince, or rose water.

29 collocations for  flavoring