28 collocations for flavoured

Arrange the meat in a dish, thicken and flavour the gravy, and pour it over the meat, when it is ready to serve.

This jelly answers for making raspberry cream, and for flavouring various sweet dishes, when, in winter, the fresh fruit is not obtainable. Time.3/4 to 1 hour to draw the juice.

CELERY.As in the above recipe, the roots of celery are principally used in England for flavouring soups, sauces, and gravies, and for serving with cheese at the termination of a dinner, and as an ingredient for salad.

Sweeten and flavour the milk, either by infusing a little lemon-peel in it, or by adding a few drops of essence of vanilla; well whisk the eggs, and stir these to the milk.

The French use quinces for flavouring many sauces.

I can talk three languages at once and swear in six, use sulphur for tobacco, eat sardines without opening the can, and flavour my food for choice with gun-powder.

1 tablespoonful of liqueur of any kind, or 4 tablespoonfuls of wine, would nicely flavour the above proportion of cream.

It is used, as will be seen by many recipes in this book, as an ingredient for flavouring a number of various dishes.

t'e flavour off Parisoff t'at tear Paris off which I tream each night; t'ey recall t'e tays off my yout'!

The hovos bears a fruit resembling in its form and flavour our plum, though it is somewhat larger, and appears really to be the mirobolan, which grows so abundantly in Hispaniola that the pigs are fed on its fruit.

A little bruised ginger and lemon-rind, thinly pared, may be boiled in the syrup to flavour the pumpkin.

This goes farther than ordinary ketchup, as so little is required to flavour a good quantity of gravy.

In making the jelly, use for flavouring a very pale sherry, or the colour will be too dark to contrast nicely with the red jelly.

The French flavour a souflé with orange flour-water or vanilla, and the rind of a Seville orange is sometimes substituted for the rind of a lemon; there are dishes made expressly for souflés.

First, the oaths grew rarer in the ranks and vanished; then came the discovery that, after all, it really was possible to conduct a conversation in the same language as the soldier used at home with his wife and children; that, after all, the picturesque adjectives that flavoured the speech of camps were not necessary; that there was really no need for two kinds of speech, the language of the camp and the language of the drawing-room.

Leaves and stalks are eaten raw or boiled; the seeds are aromatic, and used to flavour spirits.

Teas of the finest flavour consist of the youngest leaves; and as these are gathered at four different periods of the year, the younger the leaves the higher flavoured the tea, and the scarcer, and consequently the dearer, the article.

In our own British Empire, only a few thousand miles away, sits a mild Hindu, almost unclad and wholly unlettered, to whom the tree that bore the fruit that flavoured the toffee that my little girl is enjoying seems to be one of the predominating tints of the whole landscape of life.

The fresh rind of the lemon is a gentle tonic, and, when dried and grated, is used in flavouring a variety of culinary preparations.

For flavouring vinegar; also used in salads, soups, and pickles.

Stale yeast produces, instead of vinous fermentation, an acetous fermentation, which flavours the bread and makes it disagreeable.

The fruit is a fine acid, and is much used by the common people, mixed with other fruits less astringent and acid, to flavour made wines.

Sweeten and flavour the cream with the lemon-juice and sherry; add the isinglass, which should be dissolved in a little water, and beat up the cream well.

A nice way to flavour custards and meringues for custard puddings is to beat fruit jelly with the whites of the eggs; red raspberry, quince, and pineapple jellies give especially nice flavours.

Thicken and flavour the liquor that was saved for sauce, pour it round the meat, and serve.

28 collocations for  flavoured