42 collocations for flickered

"But they give such a ghostly, flickering light," protested Violet, as if it were in some way Mrs. Gilligan's fault.

But in the calles, half in moonlight and half in shadow, night wears a more poetic air of mystery and quiet; and if a fear but come in passing some dread spot of tragic memory, a gentle Virgin at every turning, with a dingy, flickering flame beneath her image, is waiting to grant her gracefor is not Venice the Virgin City?

Leaving a picket at the front door and another at the back, the sergeant and he drove the trembling butler in front of them his shaking candle sending strange, flickering shadows over the old tapestries and the low, oak-raftered ceilings.

Because I could not go when I saw that you wanted to turn me out of the garden!" His quivering words were spoken to a profile of bronze, over which flickered a smile as she answered with a prompting and disinterested analysis.

I shall always think of your face framed in evergreens, and with flickering firelight on it.

The Prairie The skies are blue above my head, The prairie green below, And flickering o'er the tufted grass The shifting shadows go, Vague-sailing, where the feathery clouds Fleck white the tranquil skies, Black javelins darting where aloft The whirring pheasant flies.

The end is nearthe fierce old tiger dies! Up there on purple cushion, in the light Of flickering lamps, pale Cæsar waits for morn; His sallow face, by hideous ulcers torn, Looks ghastlier than was e'er its wont tonight; Hollow the eyes; the fire of fell disease And burning fever runs through every limb; None but the aged leech abides with him, And Macro, trusted bearer of the keys.

We all three of us sat around a pine table, upon which faintly flickered a tallow candle in a soda-water bottle, that shed around a sickly glare (that is to say, the candle did).

But, while it vanished, the trail of its approach and disappearance flickered a moment before her shaking vision.

I wish the picture would keep still a minutein Robinson Crusoe it all stayed still and one could sit and look at it, the blue sea and the green palm trees and the black footprints in the yellow sandbut this blamed thing keeps rippling and flickering all the timeHa!

A vivid, flickering pain in his arm woke him.

The speckled sky is dim with snow, The light flakes falter and fall slow; Athwart the hill-top, rapt and pale, Silently drops a silvery veil; The far-off mountain's misty form Is entering now a tent of storm; And all the valley is shut in By flickering curtains gray and thin.

About his waist flickered a sort of aura of radiance which was extinguished as he flung himself headforemost into the cold spring.

It rose over America near the size of the moon, but blinding white to look at, and hot; and a breath of hot wind blew now with its rising and gathering strength, and in Virginia, and Brazil, and down the St. Lawrence valley, it shone intermittently through a driving reek of thunder-clouds, flickering violet lightning, and hail unprecedented.

Overhead the branches of the trees laced together in flickering foliage, all golden where it grew thin to the sunlight; beneath his feet the ground was soft and moist from the sheltering shade.

Now he scooped it up, threw off the covers of the stove, and in a moment white smoke was pouring up from the paper, then flickering bursts of flame every one of which made the body of Perris seem shuddering back to life.

For some reason, just then, there flickered through Peter's mind a picture of the Arkwright boy sitting hunched over in the cedar glade, staring at the needles.

He turned his head towards her, and flickered his baby hands, and cooed with that indescribable voice that goes to every woman's heart.

The women, neatly and cleanly clad, sat in long rows and offered their provisions for sale by the light of hundreds of torches; and, when the business was over, the slopes of the mountains were studded all over with flickering little points of brightness proceeding from the torches carried by the homeward-bound market women.

She got to her feet and stood naked on the rocks as though she were in her bedroom, firelight flickering up her body.

"I'll just flicker an eyelid occasionally at Parker, unless you object?" "Not in the least," Ophelia answered, blushing a trifle.

For there, once morelow crouched, war-painted and gliding like the red savages so many of them were named for, the tall ones stripped of all their upper spars, but with the pink spot of wrath flickering at every mastheadcame the ships of Farragut.

Here and there Follett would flicker his hook over the surface of a shaded pool, poise it at the foot of a ripple, skim it across an eddy, cast it under a shelf of rock or dangle it in some promising nook by the willow roots, shielding himself meanwhile as best he could; here behind a boulder, there bending a willow in front of him, again lying flat on the bank, taking care to keep even his shadow off the stream and to go silently.

" Billy flickered his tail and solemnly winked at me.

The Coolies seemed as merry as the Negroes, even about the face of the Chinese there flickered, at times, a feeble ray of interest.

42 collocations for  flickered