48 collocations for flout

To be sure if any one had told Di so, she would have flouted the very idea.

By shaping and by becoming a predominant partner in the peace terms imposed on the helpless Sultan of Turkey, the Imperial Government have intentionally flouted the cherished sentiment of the Mussalman subjects of the Empire.

And, finally, there was the lure of unexplored possibilities, not only material and external, but psychological not only touching what others might do or what might happen to them, but raising also speculation as to what he might do, or what might happen to him at his own hands; for example, how far he would flout authority, defy the usual, and deny the accepted.

Tommy was honestly anxious to save Grizel the pain of thinking that she had flouted a man who loved her.

The garb of all was worn and frayed, With tatters grotesquely mended; But flouting the world, and undismayed, The three with fate contended.

It might be dangerous to flout such a sign from heaven.

He catalogues libraries, settles affairs in China, pronounces judgment on men who marry women superior to themselves, flouts popular liberty, hammers Swift unmercifully, and adds a few miscellaneous oracles, most of which are about as reliable as his knowledge of the hibernation of swallows.

There can be no sort of doubt that unless I was prepared to flout the wisdom of the ages, I ought to have refused his suggestion.

The quicker flow of blood that came with awaking, the expanding thrill of physical strength and buoyancy of life renewed, brought with it the moral courage which morning often brings to flout the compromises of the confusion of the evening's weariness.

He flouted the people, he turned the shafts of his irony on her father, he scathed the minister, he laughed at Louis Placide awakened from his sleep, he sang, he told her of the land of desolation, he pleaded.

To spank a child, or flout a fool, hurts without harming.

You can always flout your father, toohe's dead, but never mind; He and all who dream as he did are much better in their graves.

I cannot doubt that Marshall would have flouted this theory had he lived to pass upon it, but Marshall died in 1835, and the Charles River Bridge Case, in which this question was first presented to the Supreme Court of the United States, did not come up until 1837.

"There was a slight rustling noise overhead; a bat suddenly emerged from a broken panel of the ceiling, flitting about the room and athwart my solitary lamp; and as the fateful bird almost flouted my face with his noiseless wing, the grotesque faces carved in high relief in the cedar ceiling, whence he had emerged, seemed to mope and mow at me.

Don Juan de la Borrasca was flouting his sixties, fighting for his youth as a parent fights for its young.

On the backs of the tourists and travellers flocking to Goa came the stories of the parties, drug deaths, Anjuna hot-spots that managed openly flout local licences and throb on till the early hours of the morning.

Ever since 1493, when the Pope divided the monopoly of traffic on the ocean between Spain and Portugal, and English mariners flouted his edict, Great Britain has stood for the policy of the Open Sea, and there is no likelihood of our abandoning it.

He delighted in flouting convention, gloried in outraging decency.

No gentry shall match into this house, to flout their wife hereafter with her parentage.

But in thus flouting the letter of the law, Hannah well knows that she will break her father's heart.

Thus the Chitpavans gained their Brahmanhood, but lost their right to superiority in that they flouted the promise of their God.

Lawyers must suspend their practice and must resist the power of the Government which has chosen to flout public opinion.

The mountain banners of the crimson dogwood, red maple, yellow hickory and chestnut flout the skyas though all the nations of the world had met in one great federation underneath the azure dome not built with hands, and clashed together there the variegated banners which once led them to warnow beckoning in with waving silken folds the thousand years of peace!

Furthermore, Lady Diantha Mainwaring was moderately the talk of the town, in those prim, remotely ante-bellum daysthanks to high spirits and a whimsical tendency to flout the late Victorian proprieties; something which, however, had yet to lead her into any prank perilous to her good repute.

In the peace that lay around her, she who had flouted Sir George, not once or twice, who had mocked and tormented him, in fancy kissed his feet.

48 collocations for  flout