120 collocations for fooled

The Japanese have a little trick to fool a man who catches you around the waist from behind.

John Thomas rambled on: "Tom Brown can't fool people with brains, you bet youAngus's woman explained it all to me.

The little turtle that could not stop talking and how Brother Rabbit fooled the whale and the elephant.

That dam fool Josephine.

"Peter, you're funny, all right; you're rich; I always did enjoy the prattle of children, but I can't fool away any more time on youso run along and sell your papers.

You can't fool a marine.

You can't fool your wife.

My friend Montana fooled everybody.

You can't fool the stars.

I was only fooling thee.

"You don't really think you can fool God that way, Papa?

He won't laugh so easily when he's up before a jury for murder; and he'll never again fool women or bulldoze men, even if they are weak enough to acquit him of this crime.

" "How?" "I'll tell you, I am a regular juggler; I know all the tricks of gamblers and I'd fool a fellow.

It would be fun to fool the catalogue folks.

I had set my heart on fooling Kybird and Smith, and now all my trouble is wasted.

But they failed to fool anybody, for the first one to come along was Mike, their father's hostler, who at once discovered the boys, and, saying "Ah! see the little laddie-bucks over the fince!"

How the fox fooled the hound.

They warned us to pay no attention to sign-posts, which, in order to fool the enemy, were either marked with false names or else were pointed in the wrong direction.

You'll have to fool your husband.

He hung it on the wall and fooled the rabbits with it for nearly an hour.

CHANTECLER That's it, you go and fool the dogs!

In future no one will go fooling round there except the fishermen.

Because it was possible that Donnegan might have seen her handwriting and in that case, though the imitation had been good enough to deceive Nelly herself, it probably would not for a moment fool the keen eyes of Donnegan.

"You'd fool the devil himself, Jemmy," said his captor.

You would fool your own mother.

120 collocations for  fooled