9 collocations for forest

There seems to be a law, or rather a habit pertaining to forest life, into which every one falls, while upon excursions such as ours.

Careful observation and measurements have shown that unforested regions will discharge rain water at least twice as fast as will forested districts.

Yet to Forest the experiment was an unqualified success.

Under the white flashes of the northern lights in the desolate land he explored in his youth, there grows in the shelter of the spruce forests a flower which he found and loved beyond any other, the Linnæa borealis, named after him.

It is an up and down hill road, always bending, and so, ever changing, but yet always forest scenerythe close, thick forest.

In front of me rose to heaven forested hills, and the night clothed them in majesty.

But it must be remembered that, over and above all this, every hedge and wood furnishes wild fruit more or less eatable; the high forests plenty of oily seeds, in which the tropic man delights; and woods, forests, and fields medicinal plants uncounted.

The California oaks, different from all other oaks, were classic in shape as Greek temples sacred to forest deities, standing against a background of indigo sea.

And as to forest trees, they being often taken out of woods, and planted in single rows on the tops of ditches, it is impossible they should grow to be of use, beauty, or shelter.

9 collocations for  forest