121 collocations for forestall

Indeed the manifest absurdity of demanding it, seems to have quite forestalled the setting up of such a claim.

Her glance followed me inquiringly, but I forestalled her question.

" "Do you know when she will be home?" persisted Rolfe, forestalling an evident desire on the servant's part to shut the door in his face.

Harmar also wished to revenge his losses, and to forestall any attempt of the Indians to harass his shaken and retreating forces.

The Painter, the more modest of the two, wishes his work to be admired, but is apprehensive, and would forestall the Poet's judgment.

But I will not, as Lord M. would say, forestall my own market.

If you should refrain, in order to forestall embarrassing inquiries about my ancestry, I should have deprived you of something you are entitled to, something which has a real social value.

IN SOME COUNTRIES, to please the epicurean taste of vitiated appetites, it is the custom to kill the calf for food almost immediately after birth, and any accident that forestalls that event, is considered to enhance its value.

Ere Mrs. Lessways could descend from her tiptoes to her heels and turn round Hilda said quickly, forestalling curiosity: "I'm going to get that thread you want.

I maintain that they never can forestall loathing without leaving the heart something to wish for, and the time to consider.

But I am in constitution and in feeling a much older person than you, my dear friend, as well as in look, however the acknowledgment of age (I am 48) may stand between us; and belonging to a most sanguine and confiding person, I am of course as prone to anticipate all probable evil as he is to forestall impossible good.

To assist our fellow-creatures is the noblest privilege of mortality: it is, in some sort, forestalling the bounty of Providence.

" End of Project Gutenberg's Against The Grain, by Joris-Karl Huysmans [Transcriber's Note, to forestall future queries: This translation, as printed, omits two sections: chapter 6 entirely, and a few paragraphs near the end of chapter 9 (totalling 2500 words, or about 4%).

"Stand up, fair youth, and tell thy tale, and how thou hast forestalled our succour.

But it is still nobler to forestall crime.

He hurried to the shed, but before he reached the door she ceased, and when he entered, regarded him with a wistful eye of recrimination which forestalled his reproaches.

It fulfils one of the great ends of craftsmanship, in foreshadowing without forestalling an intensely interesting conjuncture of affairs.

If, indeed, these corrections now come to us with the authority of a critic but little removed from Shakspeare's own time, it is remarkable that Sir Thomas Hanmer's, or rather Mr. Theobald's, ingenuity should have forestalled the fiat of Mr. Collier's folio in so many instances.

He jumped so far, indeed, that he forestalled Brown, who failed to appear at the critical moment.

Or is His power insufficient to forestall the devil?

They were caught in an irretrievable blunder, owing partly to discord amongst the uncles of Henry VI., partly to a want of funds, but partly to the very impossibility which they believed to press with tenfold force upon any French attempt to forestall theirs.

By this means they forestalled the mute discourtesy of the old Captain's walking away from his secretary to eat.

" I did not feel I had really made much headway, but I fared rather better with my host downstairs, who either did not pray with such enthusiasm or else had forestalled the muezzin.

He arrived early in the morning, that he might forestall the fishermen and their families in whatever arrangements they might be making for the day.

" So Tardrew had forestalled Thurnall in writing to the Viscount.

121 collocations for  forestall