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121 collocations for  forestall

121 collocations for forestall

Indeed the manifest absurdity of demanding it, seems to have quite forestalled the setting up of such a claim.

Her glance followed me inquiringly, but I forestalled her question.

" "Do you know when she will be home?" persisted Rolfe, forestalling an evident desire on the servant's part to shut the door in his face.

Harmar also wished to revenge his losses, and to forestall any attempt of the Indians to harass his shaken and retreating forces.

The Painter, the more modest of the two, wishes his work to be admired, but is apprehensive, and would forestall the Poet's judgment.

But I will not, as Lord M. would say, forestall my own market.

If you should refrain, in order to forestall embarrassing inquiries about my ancestry, I should have deprived you of something you are entitled to, something which has a real social value.

IN SOME COUNTRIES, to please the epicurean taste of vitiated appetites, it is the custom to kill the calf for food almost immediately after birth, and any accident that forestalls that event, is considered to enhance its value.

Ere Mrs. Lessways could descend from her tiptoes to her heels and turn round Hilda said quickly, forestalling curiosity: "I'm going to get that thread you want.

I maintain that they never can forestall loathing without leaving the heart something to wish for, and the time to consider.

But I am in constitution and in feeling a much older person than you, my dear friend, as well as in look, however the acknowledgment of age (I am 48) may stand between us; and belonging to a most sanguine and confiding person, I am of course as prone to anticipate all probable evil as he is to forestall impossible good.

To assist our fellow-creatures is the noblest privilege of mortality: it is, in some sort, forestalling the bounty of Providence.

" End of Project Gutenberg's Against The Grain, by Joris-Karl Huysmans [Transcriber's Note, to forestall future queries: This translation, as printed, omits two sections: chapter 6 entirely, and a few paragraphs near the end of chapter 9 (totalling 2500 words, or about 4%).

"Stand up, fair youth, and tell thy tale, and how thou hast forestalled our succour.

But it is still nobler to forestall crime.

He hurried to the shed, but before he reached the door she ceased, and when he entered, regarded him with a wistful eye of recrimination which forestalled his reproaches.

It fulfils one of the great ends of craftsmanship, in foreshadowing without forestalling an intensely interesting conjuncture of affairs.

If, indeed, these corrections now come to us with the authority of a critic but little removed from Shakspeare's own time, it is remarkable that Sir Thomas Hanmer's, or rather Mr. Theobald's, ingenuity should have forestalled the fiat of Mr. Collier's folio in so many instances.

He jumped so far, indeed, that he forestalled Brown, who failed to appear at the critical moment.

Or is His power insufficient to forestall the devil?

They were caught in an irretrievable blunder, owing partly to discord amongst the uncles of Henry VI., partly to a want of funds, but partly to the very impossibility which they believed to press with tenfold force upon any French attempt to forestall theirs.

By this means they forestalled the mute discourtesy of the old Captain's walking away from his secretary to eat.

" I did not feel I had really made much headway, but I fared rather better with my host downstairs, who either did not pray with such enthusiasm or else had forestalled the muezzin.

He arrived early in the morning, that he might forestall the fishermen and their families in whatever arrangements they might be making for the day.

" So Tardrew had forestalled Thurnall in writing to the Viscount.

There is no doubt that an effort will be made to secure the repeal of the Fifteenth Amendment, and thus forestall the development of the wealthy and educated Negro, whom the South seems to anticipate as a greater menace than the ignorant ex-slave.

It ought to be reprinted, for the benefit of this generation, for its author has forestalled all subsequent writers on this all-important subject.

He knew them well, for he was born and bred among them, and he forestalls our Lord's words to them, "O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

Clark instantly decided to forestall his foe, and to make the attack himself, heedless of the almost impassable nature of the ground and of the icy severity of the weather.

Nothing could have hindered their growth, nothing could have forestalled their ultimate result.

No precautions can forestall them, no reticence prevent; nothing, apparently, short of dying outright, can set one free.

I was more than once tempted to forestall the colonel and begin the revolution on my own account; only my inability to produce before their eyes any arguments of the sort they would listen to restrained me.

Beyond doubt Julia, finding herself in solitude, had grown alarmed and had returned, fancying him late; perhaps pouting because he had not forestalled the time!

They get tellin' each other what a great nation they are, and how they was born to inherit the earth, and that it's only forestalling nature a bit to go and take it now, and so oneach going one better than the last.

Cousin Peligros was taking the siesta by which she sought to forestall a possible fatigue later in the day.

Suspecting that only tactful intervention would forestall possible murder, I sauntered over from my bench.

If so he had at least struck for a crown consistently and boldly; and even if his attempt for the moment united the senatorial party and the equites, while the city mob stood wavering or hostile, he might nevertheless have forestalled the empire by a century had Marius only had half his enterprise or nerve.

Just as he is about to enter the house the forester breaks the door open and thus forestalls himin order to surprise and overcome him.

And, as in these great principles, so in believing that the cosmos has a reproductive operation "by which a ruined constitution may be repaired," he forestalls Hutton; while, on the other hand, Kant is true to science.

About the same time the 24th Welsh Regimentdismounted yeomanrymade the enemy realise that we were on the alert, for they assaulted and captured a hill quite close to Et Tireh, just forestalling an attack by a Turkish storming battalion, and beat off several determined counter-attacks, as a result of which the enemy left seventy killed with the bayonet and also some machine guns on the hill slopes.

The outbreak of war had forestalled these demands.]

The national movement of Hellenism was gathering momentum in the background, but it was screened by the personal ambitions of Ali of Yannina, and Mahmud reckoned to forestall both enemies by quickly striking Ali down.

No provision is made for forestalling the deduction of the tax, and no returns are required of the names and addresses of persons to whom payments of incomes are made.

Accordingly my Expences in Coach-hire make no small Article; which you may believe, when I assure you, that I post away from Coffee-house to Coffee-house, and forestall the Evening-Post by two Hours.

The editor had neglected the matter, owing to considerations which deluded him, and I was just in time to forestall the worst effects of a scandal which made its noise in its day.

But no matter, alum or no alum, (for I was resolved to forestall any argument on that point,) know that I am a virtuoso in the art of murderam desirous of improving myself in its detailsand am enamored of your vast surface of throat, to which I am determined to be a customer.'

This settlement was established in order to forestall the French, who, according to rumour, intended to occupy the harbour and adjacent lands.

Rumours that Louis XII. had accorded his son-in-law permission to traverse France at the head of a small army rendered the regency insecure, and to forestall the complication of a possible alliance between Philip and King Louis, Ferdinand, despite his advanced age and the recent death of his wife, asked the hand of a French princess, Germaine de Foix, in marriage, offering to settle the crown of Naples upon her descendants.

" They were still in the log house when, twenty-four hours later, the telephone rang, and Gloria, quick to forestall her mother, heard the operator saying: "Coloma calling Ben Gaynor's residence.

Lord, man, what is the meaning of this?' 'We are going to see,' the landlord answered drily, forestalling the lawyer's reply.

A cackle from the layer brought all the rest to the spot; and I simply couldn't stay there all day to forestall the onslaught.

"Nonoshe didn't die;" then half to himself, half to forestall Maudie's crude probing, "but I lost her," he finished.

It ought to be the mother's hour; the mother's opportunity to undo any mischief the day may have done, to forestall any mischief the morrow may threaten.

Fourth, Not to take up anything which of necessity forestalls a great quantity of time, but to have this sound ever ringing in our ears: "Time is flyingtime that can never be retrieved.

After causing the lovers untold anxiety, the injured man recovers, and Jenny forestalls her lover's return by joining her friends on their wedding journey to Paris.

In spite of the insistence on forestalling destitution, there is still among local authorities much confusion of charity and relief work with anticipation of future needs calling for employment through the ordinary channels of trade.

It is not our purpose to forestall the reader, by any detailed account of the story; suffice it to say that, if we can accept the preliminary difficulty of the problem, its solution, in all its steps, is most admirably worked out.

It was important for us in 1870-71 to take Paris quickly, in order to forestall any interference of neutrals.

If they could reach the house before the murder became known to any third person, she might be the first to secure access to the remaining contents of the cedar chest, which would be likely to be held as evidence in case the officers of the law forestalled her own arrival.

How easy 'twere, now, Just to be like the rest, and let life run To use up to the rind what joys God sends us, Not thus forestall His rod: What!

Were an author of distinguished merit to announce his having made choice of a subject for a large poem, the writer would have more than common confidence who should venture to forestall his labours.

She forestalled their very wills, and made them desire what she desired.

] I will forestall their repaire hither, and say you are not fit.

This subtle flattery was evidently meant to forestall reproof.

Some readers will remember a passage in the dedication to his Peter Bell the Third (1819), which forestalled Macaulay's famous phrase about the 'New Zealander on the ruins of London Bridge.'

And happy was he in spirit at this victory obtained over his rival, the editor of the Vossian Gazette, and it made him very proud indeed to think that this once he had forestalled Mr. Kretschmer, and consequently would have the monopoly of describing in the morning's paper, to the people of Berlin, the magnificent and pompous entrance of the Russians!

Indeed it would be hard to find a parallel in history for such another complete and absolute justification of a plan drawn up several months previously, and it is doubtful if, supposing the Turks had succeeded in doing what their German advisers advocated, namely forestalling our blow by a vigorous attack on our positions, there would have been any material alteration in the working out of the scheme.

The Greeks, instead of hard contests for the Haliacmon Valley and Epirustheir proper Irredentapushed such weak forces before them that they got through to Salonika just in time to forestall a Bulgarian column.

I regret only one thing, that is, that those ferocious beasts should have forestalled my vengeance!"

If it should not come to-day, my cruisers will forestall its mission.

In Newbery's "Dives Pragmaticus," 1563, a unique poetical volume in the library at Althorpe, there is a catalogue of cooking utensils which, considering its completeness, is worth quotation; the author speaks in the character of a chapmanone forestalling Autolycus: "I have basins, ewers, of tin, pewter and glass.

He almost always had to forestall his new works.

The Ferry party, coming through the gap in the hedge a few minutes earlier than they would have done if it had not seemed expedient to forestall the gathering shower, saw the scurrying hosts.

But it shan't inconvenience you," I added brightly, in time to forestall an imminent other "Nonsense!" Being thus neatly thwarted, she looked over my shoulder and bent to her oars, for we had again drifted toward the troubled waters of the dam.

He would not again forestall the able Brigham.

Their years added would not total more than twoscore and five, but life had taken hold of them young and trained them to its purposes, had shot them through and through with hardihood and endurance and the cool prevision that forestalls disaster.

" Short-sighted John, to have dreamed that he could forestall any conjecture in the girl's heart!

He would forestall blame and disarm anger with kindnesshe would purchase Hannah a bonnet.

Immediately after the establishment of peace, he formed a company to speculate in Ohio lands, and made extensive surveys for the purpose of forestalling the best locations.

The sheriff forestalled his request.

We are quite aware that the doctrine assumed in our main proposition with regard to Beauty, as holding exclusive relation to the Physical, is not very likely to forestall favor; we therefore beg for it only such candid attention as, for the reasons advanced, it may appear to deserve.

But let it be added that victory depends less on such enheartening incidents, welcome as they are, than on the patient and usually monotonous performance of duty at sea by day and by night in all weathers, and on the skill in organization of the staff ashore in foreseeing and forestalling enemy activity on a hundred and one occasions of which the public necessarily knows nothing.

Tall, green hollyhocks towered higher yet, holding the secret of their loveliness, until these should wither; when they too would burst into blossom, and forestall the round-budded dahlia.

Notwithstanding the Forsters' endeavour to discount its success by forestalling the publication by some weeks, Cook's work was well received by the public, and Mrs. Cook, to whom the whole of the profits were given, reaped considerable benefit from its sale.

His tribe, as the owners of the Bay of Islands and other ports frequented by traders, were able to forestall their fellow-Maoris in getting firearms.

Of course it is a much more difficult thing to have forestalling and engrossing laws against foreign importations than against home productions; and so to-day we have not tried, except by a tariff, forestalling laws against foreign importations, but we have attempted to apply them very much as to home productions.

Then forestalling a protest she added: "You'll get two early evenings offat eight o'clock.

2. But what is most admirable is the independent spirit, with which they stemmed the torrent of fashion, and forestalled the second thoughts of their countrymen.

That may give protection till this blast of Hell passes!" A startled cry from Rrisa forestalled any answer.

But she guessed what was coming, and to forestall any compliments, hastened to resume control of the conversation.

Before proceeding further in our history of mediรฆval dress, we must forestall a remark which will not fail to be made by the reader, and this is, that we seem to occupy ourselves exclusively with the dress of kings, queens, and other people of note.

To forestall the Dutch with the Emperor, Gayer sent an agent offering to convoy the Red Sea fleet for the future, in return for a yearly payment of four lakhs a year.

During the pauses he withdrew into a corner as if to forestall possible advances.

" She was perhaps the less sorry that Paris was nearly emptied of fashionable society since her guest had the less chance of uttering dangerous sentiments before those who might have repeated them, and much as she liked him, she was relieved when letters came from her son undertaking to expedite them on their way provided they made haste to forestall any outbreak of the war in that quarter.

In fact, in these regions we find ambitious nobles forestalling the action of the King, and in order to attach towns to themselves and their houses, suppressing the most obnoxious of the taxes, and at the same time granting legal guarantees.

"This time," said he, "at least, I have forestalled my rival, good Mr. Krause.

To prove it, inquire of those whose servants have behaved ill, whether they would not have paid something to have forestalled their dishonesty.

Sabina on hearing about this began to persuade Nero to get rid of his mother in order to forestall her alleged plots against him.

The Volscians had collected a force which they were intending to send to the aid of the Latins had not the Dictator forestalled them by the rapidity of his movements, a rapidity due to his anxiety to avoid a battle with the combined armies.

These were fearful questions, of which men's imaginations were exhausted in forestalling the solution.