121 collocations for forestalled

Indeed the manifest absurdity of demanding it, seems to have quite forestalled the setting up of such a claim.

Her glance followed me inquiringly, but I forestalled her question.

" "Do you know when she will be home?" persisted Rolfe, forestalling an evident desire on the servant's part to shut the door in his face.

If you should refrain, in order to forestall embarrassing inquiries about my ancestry, I should have deprived you of something you are entitled to, something which has a real social value.

Harmar also wished to revenge his losses, and to forestall any attempt of the Indians to harass his shaken and retreating forces.

I maintain that they never can forestall loathing without leaving the heart something to wish for, and the time to consider.

Ere Mrs. Lessways could descend from her tiptoes to her heels and turn round Hilda said quickly, forestalling curiosity: "I'm going to get that thread you want.

The Painter, the more modest of the two, wishes his work to be admired, but is apprehensive, and would forestall the Poet's judgment.

But I will not, as Lord M. would say, forestall my own market.

IN SOME COUNTRIES, to please the epicurean taste of vitiated appetites, it is the custom to kill the calf for food almost immediately after birth, and any accident that forestalls that event, is considered to enhance its value.

In the end the Forsters forestalled Cook's book by about six weeks, and as this was after Cook had left England on his last voyage, Mr. Wales undertook the defence of the absent against the sneers and insinuations that were plentifully given out all round.

To assist our fellow-creatures is the noblest privilege of mortality: it is, in some sort, forestalling the bounty of Providence.

He would not again forestall the able Brigham.

He jumped so far, indeed, that he forestalled Brown, who failed to appear at the critical moment.

Had I been able to get here, I might have forestalled your more successful client.

I was more than once tempted to forestall the colonel and begin the revolution on my own account; only my inability to produce before their eyes any arguments of the sort they would listen to restrained me.

The Greeks, instead of hard contests for the Haliacmon Valley and Epirustheir proper Irredentapushed such weak forces before them that they got through to Salonika just in time to forestall a Bulgarian column.

Rumours that Louis XII. had accorded his son-in-law permission to traverse France at the head of a small army rendered the regency insecure, and to forestall the complication of a possible alliance between Philip and King Louis, Ferdinand, despite his advanced age and the recent death of his wife, asked the hand of a French princess, Germaine de Foix, in marriage, offering to settle the crown of Naples upon her descendants.

But she guessed what was coming, and to forestall any compliments, hastened to resume control of the conversation.

" Short-sighted John, to have dreamed that he could forestall any conjecture in the girl's heart!

It fulfils one of the great ends of craftsmanship, in foreshadowing without forestalling an intensely interesting conjuncture of affairs.

Even in that supreme moment this horseman's tribute to the fugitive Buckskin forestalled all baser considerations of pursuit and capture!

But it is still nobler to forestall crime.

Tall, green hollyhocks towered higher yet, holding the secret of their loveliness, until these should wither; when they too would burst into blossom, and forestall the round-budded dahlia.

From time to time, when he sought towards nightfall to forestall the danger of being wrecked in the darkness on that unknown coast, and tried to draw near to land, he was beaten back.

121 collocations for  forestalled