18 collocations for forks

My dauntless spirits never quail At earthquakes, hurricanes, or hail; The rolling thunder's fiery car Has never dared my form to mar; I've heard its rumbling undismayed, While forked lightnings round me played; But O, thou little murm'ring brook, How mean and meager is thy look; Babbling, babbling, all day long, How I detest thy simple song.

Upper parts shining blue-black, not quite so glossy on the wings and forked tail.

It didn't appear to like being looked at by them, for it raised its curious heart-shaped head and flicked its little red, forked tongue at them.

Here where the heat was almost intolerable and the red tongues sprang like forked daggers before dulled eyes, brutality and hatred alone seemed to reign.

Common Liverwort c.m. 132 - hortensis Star Anemone l.b. 133 - dichotoma Forked ditto l.b.

For getting Afoul of the Rocks we had to Fork over twenty dollars to the captain of a tug boat which came and Snaked us off with a Coil of Rope when the tide rose.

These arms ached sorely now; all day long had John been assisting in "carrying," and the hours spent in forking the hay from the ground to the cart had put his new-found ardour for a country life to a severe test.

When he had spun the twenty-third dollar to the bartender, Billy meant to quit drinking for the present; after that, he was not quite clear as to his intentions, farther than "forking his hoss and pulling out" when there was no more to be done.

The eaves were all hung with little bells (korung-korung ); and the whole house was radiantly bright, for over it forked lighting played continually.

General color of adult male strawberry-red, the wings and tail dark, with some light-brown and white edgings; the tail forked a little.

But not for many minutes, for, where the old road which leads to the Bear Grotto also begins to ascend, the new route strikes up to the right, and continues with an easy gradient to the point where it forks (24 miles), the continuation to the right leading to Eaux Chaudes, and the branch to the leftwhich we followedto Eaux Bonnes.

" "What does the woman say?" growled Ithuel to his interpreter, a Genoese, who, from having served several years in the British navy, spoke English with a very tolerable facility; "you know what we want, and just tell her to hand it over, and I will fork out her St. Paul without more words.

Var. cristata has forked pinnæ somewhat crowded toward the summit of the frond.

All the steam-launches of the fleet, provided with long, forked spars extending from their bows, formed in front of her, and, thus preceded, she deliberately steamed up to the Main channel.

The other sub-genera are Blastoceros, with branched antlers and no metatarsal gland; Xenelaphus, smaller in size, with small, simply forked antlers and no metatarsal gland; Mazama, containing the so-called brockets, very small, with minute spike antlers, lacking the metatarsal and sometimes the tarsal gland as well.

Still more analogous than turning tables to the savage use of inspired sticks for directing the inquirer to a lost object or to a criminal, is the modern employment of the divining-roda forked twig which, held by the ends, revolves in the hands of the performer when he reaches the object of his quest.

"You fork your bronc and get busy.

The plates were broad leaves, and for knives and forks the castaways used pointed sticks.

18 collocations for  forks