402 collocations for freed

" "Yes; every right-thinking person in the North is an abolitionist to this extent; we want the South to take the remedy into its own hands, to free its slaves voluntarily; the radical abolitionists prefer a violent means.

She struggled to free her hand but he held her fingers in a grasp of steel.

He wanted to go home with her and free his mind; but a neighborly old gentleman having been engaged as escort, there would have been very little satisfaction in a travelling trio; so he gave it up.

They offer to free the German people from indebtedness to the Allies and indebtedness to their own richer classes.

quoth Roger, striving to free his arm.

Will you show mercy and kindness to the people of the village and free this young man?" "A great chief is not weak.

Then since I cannot hope to alter thee, Let me but beg that thou wouldst set me free; Free this poor Soul that such a coil does keep; 'Twill neither let me wake in Peace, nor sleep.

I think we may safely lay it down, as a large and general rule, that all this prodigious warfare required to free the civilized world from peril of barbarian attack served greatly to increase the difficulty of solving the great initial problem of civilization.

"But for this pasty now, 'tis a somewhat solid fetter, meseemeth, so now do I free thee of itthus!"

"Raise our master from the dead," shouted the people, "and we will free the prisoners!" Mary kept her place.

Nothing more strikingly attests the folly of freeing the negro than the unwillingness of the better class of slaves to leave their former owners" "Now you are going to quote a paragraph or so from your Gracious Era.

During the Crimean War, and the War of 1859 in Italy, Kossuth and the Hungarian exiles were zealously laboring to free their country, by foreign aid, from the thraldom of oppression.

You freed the nigger and you gave him the ballot, but you couldn't make a citizen out of him.

At the first meeting of the Duma after the opening of hostilities the Labour Party declared its opinion that "through the agony of the battlefield the brotherhood of the Russian people will be strengthened and a common desire created to free the land from its terrible internal troubles.

But if on the other hand we could really reach the heart of this great people, if we could treat them really generously and with understanding, we should create a response there, and a recognition, which would remove all risk to ourselves, and possibly help to free Russia from the great burden of political servitude and ignorance which has so long oppressed her peasantry.

By the act that freed the serfs in Russia, Alexander II, to whom it was in great measure due, obtained a place of unusual honor among the sovereigns that have ruled his nation.

Mindful of His presence and majesty should we not try earnestly to bless His Holy name and to free our hearts from vain, evil and wandering thoughts?

What was the motive that had induced Napoleon to break his lately made promise of freeing Italy from the Alps to the Adriatic?

And honour to those who, as in Africa of late, put down those foul deeds, wheresoever they are done; who, at the risk of their own lives, dare free the captives from their chains; and who, if interfered with in their pious work, dare execute on armed murderers and manstealers the vengeance of a righteous God.

I endeavoured in various ways to relieve it, and even privily to free my leg; but the more it was swelled, the more was this rendered impossible.

Ay, ay, Madam, to the Comfort of many a hoping Coxcomb: but Lette,Rogue Lettethou wo't not make me free o'th' City a second time, wo't thou entice the Rogues with the Twire and the wanton Leer the amorous Simper that cries, come, kiss methen the pretty round Lips are pouted outhe, Rogue, how I long to be at 'em!well, she shall never go to Church more, that she shall not.

If the geographical position favours the venture, the Turks can free their brothers from foreign rule.

A connection of the heart becomes then a veritable torment, from which it is desirable to free oneself as quickly as possible.

The powers of the one, were allowed as wide a range and as free an exercise, with as warm encouragements, as active aids, and as high results, as the other.

Morton, Bishop of Ely, a zealous Lancastrian, whom the King had imprisoned, and had afterward committed to the custody of Buckingham, encouraged these sentiments; and by his exhortations the Duke cast his eye toward the young Earl of Richmond as the only person who could free the nation from the tyranny of the present usurper.

402 collocations for  freed
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