77 collocations for fretting

A somber scene, yet wanting only sunshine to make it flash in a richness of color; even to-day its quiet and spaciousness, its melancholy and monotony, seemed to bid a sympathetic and soothing welcome to aching and fretted hearts.

Instead you distribute them around among your relations and friends and then fret your soul because they won't accept your distributions.

On the 20th J.Y. writes, in allusion to the spiritual darkness which so generally covered the land of France; My soul is cast down, but when I am afflicted because of the wickedness of the people, I call to remembrance these words: "Fret not thyself because of evil-doers.

'An' then I reckon he frets her a good deal in school.

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more; it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

And they fretted a little in their starry home.

Renowned Soveraigne, doe not fret your self.

"My child thou'rt not alone, I love thee, hear thy moan, But winds that fret thee only causeth thee To more securely stand, More firmly clasp my hand, And soaring upward, closer cling to me.

The lakes are lapping their granite shores and wearing them away, and every one of these rills and young rivers is fretting the air into music, and carrying the mountains to the plains.

Like the midges that fret the surface of a shadowy stream, these men and women seemed to me; and though I laughed, danced, and made merry with them, I was not of them.

it might be just nothing, after all; the poor lady might be ill, or vexed past endurance at home; or some unhappy love affair might have come to fret her proud, impatient, defiant temper.

Her work for the first number of the paper was practically done, but there was this mysterious conclave which fretted her curiosity and threatened exciting development; also the Majuba disaster would mean trouble for somebody.

You are now fretting away your life in repentance of an act, against which repentance can give no caution, but to avoid the occasion of committing it.

When I had you with me as a tiny toddler, you would fret a whole day about a thing an ordinary child would forget inside an hour.

The teacher stops to hear all these, and to talk about them, fretting himself, and fretting the delinquents by his impatient remarks.

Neither doth he fret at those on whom he forceth precedence, as one that hoped their modesty would have refused; but holds his mind unfeignedly below his place, and is ready to go lower (if need be) without discontent.

ALL SUNG What shall I sing when all is sung, And every tale is told, And in the world is nothing young That was not long since old? Why should I fret unwilling ears With old things sung anew, While voices from the old dead years Still go on singing too?

That formless upholstery frets my eye as false notes grate on my ear;" and, becoming suddenly conscious of the presence of God, he fell on his knees and prayed.

And, beside it, from its pointed lance, whipped and snapped and fretted another flagsquare, red, crossed by a blue saltier edged with white on which glittered thirteen stars.

Ah, don't fret thendon't fret!

Though his attitude for some time was fixed, his countenance was troubled with anxiety and pain, and his sunken eyes rested upon her with a fiery and fretted gaze.

"Don't seem to fret his gizzard about his wife; but they say she's struck with death.

The man who frets at worldly strife Grows sallow, sour, and thin; Give us the lad whose happy life Is one perpetual grin: He, Midas-like, turns all to gold He smiles when others sigh, Enjoys alike the hot and cold, And laughs though wet or dry.

He that can only be useful on great occasions, may die without exerting his abilities, and stand a helpless spectator of a thousand vexations which fret away happiness, and which nothing is required to remove but a little dexterity of conduct and readiness of expedients.

"And, by my faith!" said Count Bernard, "thou shalt sleep this night in the strong castle of Bois Varne, with not even a mouse to fret thy yellow head; and, what is more, thou shalt see the fairest little maid that ever

77 collocations for  fretting
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