8 collocations for friendships

Female friendship Paganism unfavorable to friendship Character of Jewish women Great Pagan women Paula, her early life Her conversion to Christianity Her asceticism Asceticism the result of circumstances Virtues of Paula Her illustrious friends Saint Jerome and his great attainments His friendship with Paula His social influence at Rome

And now he was returning to them a stranger, to fulfil one of the formal duties of society in paying them his cold respects; an attention which he could scarcely have avoided offering had he been to them the merest acquaintance, instead of having found within those walls a home not merely in words, but friendship the most delicate and love the most pure, a second parent, and the only being whom he had ever styled sister!

Love is a dream, and friendship a delusion.

Now, Pembrooke, shew thy friendships true effect; Obtayne her love, my life thou shalt protect.

You know my feet betray my flight; To friendship every burden's light.'

Any one who has sat from two till six at that engaging occupation, will understand precisely how her back ached and her temples throbbed, and her fingers stung, and her neck stiffened; why her eyes swam, her cheeks burned, her brain was deadened, the children's voices were insufferable, the slamming of a door an agony, the past a blot, the future unendurable, life a burden, friendship a myth, her hair down, and her collar unpinned.

ACQUAINTANCE Is the first draught of a friend, whom we must lay down oft thus, as the foul copy, before we can write him perfect and true: for from hence, as from a probation, men take a degree in our respect, till at last they wholly possess us: for acquaintance is the hoard, and friendship the pair chosen out of it; by which at last we begin to impropriate and inclose to ourselves what before lay in common with others.

" In vain the gen'rous youth, with panting breath, 65 Pour'd these lost murmurs in the ear of death; He reads the fatal truth in Zilia's eye, And gives to friendship his expiring sigh.

8 collocations for  friendships