132 collocations for frowns

Awhile stood Beltane, viewing the sleepers 'neath frowning brows, then, sheathing his sword, he turned and reached out his arms to the nun in the darkness and, in the dark, she gave herself, warm and yielding, into his embrace, her arms clung soft about him, and he felt her breath upon his cheek, as clasping his left arm about her, he lifted her high against his breast.

" The Boy frowned a little, but rested his pack against the table in that way in which the Klondyker learns to make a chair-back of his burden.

" Awhile stood Beltane in frowning thought, then pointed to the green.

" Now did my Beltane frown the blacker by reason of bitter memory and the pain of his wound.

With frowning eyes he stared down at the maps upon his table.

And when he frowned his face grew marvelously dark, like some wrathful god, for there was a noble, a Grecian purity to the profile of Henry Nicholas Reardon, and when he frowned he seemed to be scorning, from a distance, ignoble, earthly things which troubled him.

Bonnie Jocky, blythe and gay, Kiss'd sweet Jenny making hay: The lassie blush'd, and frowning cried, "No, no, it will not do; I canna, canna, wonna, wonna, manna buckle to.

We were not a little surprised to see the demolished forts completely rebuilt, and frowning defiance.

The Whispers had suddenly ended, and the silence of those gaunt, frowning old walls was undisturbed.

On either side there was a dark, frowning battery, arranged in the beautiful and imposing order of marine architecture; but nowhere could he find a trace of the crowd of human beings which usually throng the deck of an armed ship, or that was necessary to render the engines effective.

I Just as the stage rumbled over the rickety old bridge, creaking and groaning, the sun came from behind the clouds that had frowned all the way, and the passengers cheered up a bit.

On yonder mound where frowns the wood, And curves the road with steep incline, A temple to Diana stood Before the age of Antonine.

Miss Bradshaw, glanced from him to the frowning Mr. Wright, and then, entering the parlour, closed the door with a bang.

" "Nonsense!" frowned the mother.

But hard, yea hapless, is that wretch's chance, Luckless his lot and caitiff-like accurs'd, At whose proceedings fortune ever frowns

" Jinks frowned a terrible frown, and ground his teeth.

His body served my father; his heart, my sole behest; What perils did he face upon that castle's frowning height!

North and east of Latron (which was not yet ours) frown the hills which constitute this important section of the Judean range, the backbone of Palestine.

And why frowns the maid, else as mild as the morn.

Ancient Florence, the city of the twelfth and beginning of the thirteenth centuries, the Florence of the nobles, the Florence of the Ghibellines, the Florence in which nearly every house was a castle, with frowning towers hundreds of feet high, machicolated battlements, donjon keeps, oubliettes, and all other appurtenances of a feudal stronghold, exists no longer.

" "Head of the family!" frowned Aunt Maria.

In front, at a little distance was the castle of Pfalz, in the middle of the river, and from the heights above Caub frowned the crumbling citadel of Gutenfels.

" It was impossible for Jack to sustain the rôle of frowning displeasure as Dick skipped back with him to the company.

"And is the roan stallion thine" frowned the Duke, "and to none would I lose him with a fairer grace, for 'twas a good bout as I foretold: yet, by the head of St. Martin!

May I request, Sir, said the prince, and frowned, Your ear a moment in the tilting ground?

132 collocations for  frowns
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