88 collocations for frying

Dip in beaten egg and fine bread-crumbs and fry a golden brown.

Cut hard-boiled eggs in halves; then fry 1 small chopped onion and 1 chopped apple in hot butter; add 1/4 cup of pounded almonds and 1 pint of milk, mixed with 1/2 tablespoonful of cornstarch.

Then fry some chopped bacon, 1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic chopped; add the meat; stir well and let all fry a few minutes.

"I'll ask that woman cooking over there," said Mr. Strong, as they went up to a woman who was cooking over a peat fire, holding over the coals an old battered skillet in which she was frying fish.

Nig! Colonel, don't do it!" He dashed into the circle of firelight, and beheld Nig standing with a bandaged paw, placidly eating softened biscuit out of the family frying-pan.

To have this dish in perfection, a portion of the fillet of the sirloin should be used, as the meat is generally so much more tender than that of the rump, and the steaks should be cut about 1/3 of an inch in thickness. Time.5 minutes to broil the steaks, and about the same time to fry the potatoes.

From 8 to 10 minutes to fry the fritters.

Time.10 minutes to fry the cutlets.

To fry meat and pan-cakes.

The young lady, in a checked apron and mob-cap, greeted her friends with a dish of buckwheats in one hand, and a pair of cheeks that proved she had been learning to fry these delectable cakes.

We cooked potatoes and rice, made coffee, and cornbread, and fried the antelope livers with bacon.

Hit was AugustbutO-o-h, hot enough to fry eggs on a shingle, the day I tramped down to Cottonville with them specimens; and here it is"he threw up his head and took a comprehensive survey of the grove about him"airly springMarch,

Then fry thin slices of egg-plant and add to the stew.

And I'm going to fry us a little steak in this darling little skillet.

Mince an onion rather fine, and fry it a light-brown colour; add the herbs and mutton, both of which should be also finely minced and well mixed; season with pepper and salt, and a little pounded mace or nutmeg, and moisten with the above proportion of gravy.

Time.10 minutes to fry the fowl.

Wad ye think it, baith, gentlemen, that our people are in their am cabins ag'in, boiling their pots, and frying their pork, a' the same as if the valley was in a state of tranquillity, and we so many lairds waiting for them to come and do our pleasure!"

Let all fry a few minutes; then add the mushroom liquor and 2 tablespoonfuls of white wine, salt and pepper to taste.

Serve in a dish with made gravy poured round them, and a little in a tureen. Time.1/2 hour to fry the sausages.

Cut the hare into small pieces, wash it and put it into a stew-pan, with a knuckle of veal; put in it a gallon of water, a little salt, and a handful of sweet herbs; let it stew 'till the gravy be good; fry a little of the hare to brown the soop; you may put in it some crusts of write bread among the meat to thicken the soop; put it into a dish, with a little stew'd spinage, crisp'd bread, and a few forc'd-meat balls.

" "I reckon I'll fry up some chicken an' bake some cakes, so yo' can tote it right along wid yo'.

Time.1/2 hour to boil the rice, 10 minutes to fry the croquettes.

How to fry CALF'S FEET in Butter.

" In the shack of the house he placed the best chair for Nash and set about frying ham and making coffee.

About 10 minutes to fry the rissoles.

88 collocations for  frying