32 collocations for fused

But to combine and fuse all these elements was the work of England.

And yet, if you put a bit of lead into the crucible with the platinum, both metals will melt down together at the low temperature that fuses the lead, and if you try to melt lead in a platinum crucible, you will find that as soon as the lead melts the platinum with which it comes into contact also melts and your crucible is destroyed.

They worked in a state of fervid heat above a glowing furnace, into which they flung lavish masses of unshaped metal, caring little for immediate effect or minute dexterity of stroke, but knowing full well that the emotional energy of their temperaments was capable of fusing the most intractable material, and that in the end they would produce their great, downright effect.

It is time now to turn to the dramatists themselves. (2) Of Marlowe, Kyd, Greene, and Peele, the "University Wits" who fused the academic and the popular drama, and by giving the latter a sense of literature and learning to mould it to finer issues, gave us Shakespeare, only Marlowe can be treated here.

Under oppression, it may fuse all the pleasant uses of existence into one consuming impulse of fanatical devotion.

There was needed a man to body these scattered elements, to fuse the forces of the nation into a personality, to live the dreams which a race had visioned.

Sleep, fusing all her senses, soon Fanned over her in drowsy rune All night long a pomegranate wing.

They have taken pains to ally the interests alike of capital and labour to their policy, and to fuse the whole nation by a uniform national education and by a series of paternal social reforms imposed from above.

All the knowledge we have of the subject justifies the inference that most of the igneous rocks which have been poured out in our Western Territories are but fused conditions of sediments which form the substructure of that country.

The breaking-up of old associations, the opening of a fresh existence, the necessity of new relationships,this fuses the crust of conventionality, quickens the springs of life, and renders character sympathetic and fluent.

PTAH-SEKER is the dual god formed by fusing Seker, the Egyptian name of the incarnation of the Apis Bull of Memphis, with Ptah. PTAH-SEKER-AUSAR was a triune god who, in brief, symbolized life, death, and the resurrection.

He didn't relish it bery much, but he didn't like to 'fuse Marse Robert.

France and England, long regarding each other as natural enemies, are fused heart and soul.

We have a race almost certainly Semitic, fusing the primitive race during the period 3500-3000, and a few centuries later we have a new religious idea dominating the fused race.

All sorts of mediators passed there, angels and saints and supernatural inspirations, modifying matter, endowing it with life; or, again, it was only one single force, the soul of the world, working to fuse things and beings in a final kiss of love in fifty centuries more.

In a book which is now perhaps unduly neglected, from the fact that it has a markedly early Victorian flavour, Charles Kingsley's Yeast, there is a distinct attempt made to fuse the two motives.

Q. What is the degree of heat necessary to fuse iron?

Spallanzani joined issue with the English naturalist on both these pleas, and he showed that if, in the first place, the glass vessels in which the infusions were contained were hermetically sealed by fusing their necks, and if, in the second place, they were exposed to the temperature of boiling water for three-quarters of an hour, no animalcules ever made their appearance within them.

I incline to suppose that Shelley means 'unseen'; not so much that the lightning is itself unseen as that its action in fusing the sword, which remains concealed within the sheath, is unseen.

Had he been too finely tempered by circumstances or had the flame of life lacked the proper heat for fusing his virtues effectively?

Abdallah's death crushed for ever any attempts at revolt in Medina, and fused the Disaffected into the common stock of Believers.

It seemed as if an inspiration lit up the young face; her eye glowed with unwonted fervor; it seemed as if she had fused her whole soul into the subject, which was full of earnestness and enthusiasm.

Take to thee courage, for the sun is gone; His praisers, the glad birds, have hid their heads; Long, ghost-like forms of trees lie on the grass; All things are clothed in an obscuring light, Fusing their outline in a dreamy mass; Some faint, dim shadows from thy beauty fall On the clear lake which melts them half away Shine faster, stronger, O reviving moon!

" W. M. Rossetti wrote: "Miss Spartali has a fine power of fusing the emotion of her subject into its color and of giving aspiration to both; beyond what is actually achieved one sees a reaching toward something ulterior.

The very metropolis of this lyric realm was Mitylene of Lesbos, where, amid the myrtle groves and temples, the sunlit silver of the fountains, the hyacinth gardens by a soft blue sea, Beauty and Love in their young warmth could fuse the most rigid forms to fluency.

32 collocations for  fused