11 collocations for gaged

I gage my honour he doth hold you dear.

No, in good sadness, I dare gage my life, His highness will accept it very kindly:

Tool design engineering: fourth semesterassembly fixtures, welding and gaging practice.

When one sleepy-eyed planet went in, another, not far away (from the human scope of survey) came out, and Francois, with the perspicacity of a follower of the sea, seemed to have learned how to gage direction by a visual game of hide-and-seek with the pin-points of infinitude.

Not only is this voluminous book a brilliantly written commentary on the opening months of the war, it is also infused with an inner sadness that could well be considered a precursor to the post-war "lost generation" myth, which is yet another indicator at how well Gibbs could gage the feel of the times and assess its impact on future developments in society.

It was merely a question as to whether or not the master had so gaged his strength that the bay would not collapse before even the summit of the range had been reached.

It gave Stella a shock to see her now, to gage her suffering by the havoc it had wrought.

Not so long as all this they gazed at each other, measured, took ground, gaging each the adversary opposite. "Do not go!"

Cham come too late for Money, I hold a penny, Suitors to Fortune there are so many; And all for Money, chill gage a round sum: Money is gone, before Tenacity come.

" She could not gage his conception of real speed if the gait he struck was not "too fast."

Long after de war was over de white folks would 'gage me to come' roun' wid de band an' call de figgers at all de big dances.

11 collocations for  gaged