37 collocations for gimme

You ran away so quick this mornin' you didn't gimme any chance to thank you.

They gimme a ticket for twenty meals and told me by the time I ate them up, they might have something else they could do for me.

"Now, gimme your hand," said I. He held out his hand, which I grasped, and he pulled hard; it took two pulls to bring me to his side.

"Gents," he said huskily, while a gust of wind fanned a cloud of dust from his clothes, "is there anybody in this town can gimme a hoss to get to Stillwater, inside three hours' riding?" He waited a moment, his hungry eyes traveling eagerly from face to face.

From time to time you can gimme a check for what you think I'm wuth.

By jingo, you gimme my pick uh Lefty's crew, Jack, an' I'll bring that cedar out.

As ah said cook dem aigs, gimme some uv hit, an he lef' den.

Say, Mrs. Pitman, gimme that doughnut.

" "Then gimme a big drink.

Calls himself Jack Harpe, huh? Shore, he come in the Starlight with Lanpher and gimme the eye without a quiver.

"O Lord, gimme this one favour.

Old mars', your pa, gimme a pah of dem mule colts when I lef' fur to staht me goin' with.

Figured you could gimme the double-cross an' git away with it?

"God gimme the grit to stick it out," begged Haw-Haw Langley in an agony of desire.

It's more'n likely it'll get me into evil company or gimme some bad habit, and I'll gargle off before I've had a chance to spend it.

And if you gimme an idea of the trail that'll lead to Cold Feet, I can see to it that you get out of this mess pretty pronto.

"If you gimme the job of guarding Sinclair," said Arizona, "I'd sure" "Wait a minute," cut in the sheriff.

You gimme a kind of a start, stranger.

First gimme a list of the places you'll stop for the relays.

But the sheriff just gimme a look and then he tells me what it's about.

"Then gimme back that bronze man!" declared Jimmie.

"You carry that box and gimme the slow match.

"I got to ask you to gimme about two minutes of listening, Miss Jordan.

"Gimme a nickel to get a drink?" whined a voice at his elbow.

Old mars', your pa, gimme a pah of dem mule colts when I lef' fur to staht me goin' with.

37 collocations for  gimme