88 collocations for ginned

He paid "one-third of his product for the use of the land, he paid an exorbitant fee for recording the contract by which he paid his pound of flesh; he was charged two or three times as much as he ought to pay for ginning his cotton; and, finally, he turned over his crop to be eaten up in commissions, if any was still left to him.

Hast not gin thy consent, Sophy, to be married to-morrow?" "Such are your commands, sir," cries Sophia, "and I dare not be guilty of disobedience.

Instead of ginning two or three bales of cotton a day, as at Pontotoc, they ginned six to seven bales here.

I kin jaw back splendid of you gin me time.

The Lion, looking up, gan him avize, [Avize, bethink.

She didn't like Nate, and she did like Sam, and I don't spoze it made much difference in her feelin's, but Sam kep' sheep and did gin her yarn for a pair of stockin's, and jest out of pure kindness I colored it for her in my indigo dye tub.

Then gan the goddesse bright Her selfe likewise unto her worke to dight.

" The porter anon it gan forth bring, With the pel, and with the ring.

He got kinder worrisome as it wuz and didn't want to stay so long as we did, and after a hour or so I compromised with him, gin him nut cakes occasionally and anon when we would enter a new gallery he would set down by the door till I had got through lookin'.

Ye 'd hev been shot at daylight, but we gin ye a chance fer yer life.

She taught them the crafte of endytynge Whiche vyces ben that sholde avoyded be Whiche ben the coulours gay of that connynge Theyr dyfference and eke theyr properte Eche thynge endyte how it sholde poynted be Dystynctyon she gan clare and dyscusse Whiche is Coma Colym perydus.

Nor till the broom her every petal lock, Let the loud bell recal them to the hoe, But when the jalap her bright tint displays, When the solanum fills her cup with dew, And crickets, snakes and lizards gin their coil, Let them find shelter in their cane-thatched huts.

SCENE V The incongruity of all the passages, in which the Thane of Cawdor is mentioned, is very remarkable; in the second scene the Thanes of Rosse and Angus bring the king an account of the battle, and inform him that Norway, Assisted by that most disloyal traitor The Thane of Cawdor, 'gan a dismal conflict.

Then gan this craftie couple to devize, 655 How for the court themselves they might aguize: [Aguize, decorate.

Why he gin enough reasons to excuse a regiment let alone one small deacon.

She talked powerful about it, and I sez: "Jane Olive, I've gin a good deal of thought to this subject, and I think this house of yourn is a good idee, but to my mind it don't cover the hull ground.

And swithe well he gan devise, Her semblant, and her gentrise, Her lovesome eyen, her rode so bright.

Dilsey had got ter thinkin' a heap 'bout Dave, en den he sorter hilt off aw'ile, en purten' lack he gin Dilsey up.

Miss Huff gin her the most minute directions about where it wuz and what car to take, it wuzn't a great ways off, and she ort to got back at four o'clock anyway.

In less'n a week atter he gin dis warnin', he cotch a nigger in de hen-'ouse, en fill' 'im full er squir'l-shot.

"So dey gin me my discharge an' a Gov'ment pahs on de Mallory liner Clyde.

What time the Romaine Empire bore the raine Of all the world, and florisht most in might, The nations gan their soveraigntie disdaine, And cast to quitt them from their bondage quight.

To rich and poor she gan her 'dress, That all her loved more and less;

These mothers whose boys and girls wuz like pieces of their own hearts, and these wives in the grief made recklessness of despair, made a hash vow that they would break up Perkinses saloons or die in the attempt, so they sot on him that night and gin him good drubbin'.

But Mars Marrabo knowed de res' would n' be satisfied ef he gin

88 collocations for  ginned