170 collocations for glancing

As author, and principal performer, standing before a noble audience, my mind was too much engaged with the arduous task I had undertaken, to glance my eyes towards the music gallery, or I might have seen two more spectators there than I expected.

He glanced 'round, with a start, and I pointed toward the thing.

Presently, I turned from the window, and glanced 'round the room.

And as a swallow, at the hour of rest, Peeps often ere she darts into her nest, So to the homestead, where the grandsire tends A little prattling child, he oft descends, 485 To glance a look upon the well-matched pair; Till storm and driving ice blockade him there.

Involuntarily I glanced his way.

Here he comes now," she added, glancing up the street.

" "No?" "No, you'll have"he glanced a little uneasily around him"Lord Nick.

Constance alone remained grave, scarce condescending to bend her thin lips into a faint smile, while a shadow of deep pain passed over her withered face every time that she glanced round that gay table, whence new strength, based on the invincible future, arose in spite of all the recent mourning.

So he sailed; but saddest 'tis alway Not for those who go, but for those who stay; And her sweet eyes gathered a shadow dim As days went by with no news of him, And weeks and months, but at last it came, As the gray moor shone with the sunset flame Her quick eyes glanced the strange lines o'er, Then she fell like dead on the cottage floor.

Conroy glanced half wistfully over his shoulder in the direction where Johnnie had vanished.

Mr. Moffat glanced at the jury, the smile still on his lips.

The men glanced askance at the swamp where the black shining water had risen almost level with the edges of the road; but the Colonel and his staff, still mounted, rode coolly over it, and the regiment followed.

The pressure of those tender little arms was yet warm about the mother's neck; she glanced sidelong at the sleeping child.

" "And yet," thought Gifford, glancing at the dark, rather intriguing face opposite to him, "you don't look a sportsman.

and Fidelis sighed in deep and troubled fashion and so fell to silence, what time Beltane, cunning in wood-lore, glancing hither and thither at knotted branch and writhen tree bole, viewing earth and heaven with a forester's quick eye, rode on into the trackless wilds of the forest-lands.

They paused an instant before the mirror, between the windows in the front parlor, and both glanced in: a slight figure in gray, for she had put off her mourning at last, with a pale, calm face, and a plump little creature in brown, with a flushed face and full eyesthe girl growing up, and the girl grown up.

" I glanced astern, catching a fleeting glimpse beneath the main boom, of the disappearing quarter-boat, bobbing up and down in the distance; then my eyes sought the face of the girl.

But the bright pink of excitement and interest which had sprung to her face died away, as she opened the envelope and glanced down the first page of the letter, which was headed, "Doctor Beal's Nursing Home."

Ah! very apprehensive of being overheard, Jo looks about him, and even glances up some ten feet at the top of the boarding, and through the cracks in it, lest the object of his distrust should be looking over, or hidden on the other side.

Then the others rushed upon him, and Stutely struck again at another of the Sheriff's men, but the steel cap glanced the blow, and though the blade bit deep, it did not kill.

" They growled in their throats at that, but no man took it upon himself to speak out definitely, though they glanced sidewise among themselves.

The anxious question came from overhead, and glancing up Ken saw Dave Burney's head appearing over the edge of the bluff.

Julia leaned against the desk sociably and glanced down the hall.

Now she had quite recovered her good humour, and as she glanced down the list of guests she was awaiting she said to herself, with a sigh of satisfaction, that she was glad she had put on her rubies.

In the Tuileries gardens, glancing aslant the trees, I saw the first green of the year, as the buds were burgeoning and breaking into tiny leaves.

170 collocations for  glancing