839 collocations for grant

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I now ask you, and believe you will grant my request, to make arrangements to give me my freedom as soon as possible.

I know that he will grant her permission to take Richard home with her, and the question now is whether it is safe to let them go together alone?"

The text of the document granting the privilege is obscurely worded.

If you purchase a field or house, the seller retaining another field between yours and the highway, he must of necessity grant you a right of way.

The Constitution wisely refused to grant such a power.

We can not err much in granting their prayer.

Thus do we leave thee in the hands of God to grant thee life or death: and may he have mercy on thy guilty soul!"

"Grant me this favor, and when the fite of the Amazons begins, you can count on me to hold your bonnets.

General Carr, at my request, kindly granted me one month's leave of absence to visit my family in St. Louis, and ordered Captain Hays, our quartermaster, to let me ride my mule and horse to Sheridan, distant 140 miles, where I was to take the cars.

She the governor to grant her husband a pardon.

The French had granted lands in seigneuries.

May our Divine Keeper, in his infinite mercy, grant us protection and safety, even in the hands of ungodly men!

But he recommends their recitation on certain fixed days and grants an indulgence for the practice.

By all that Love you ever had for me, By all those Infant Charms which us'd to please you, When on your Lap you taught my Tongue that Art Which made those dear Impressions on your Heart, Which ever since to my Advantage grew, I do conjure you hear me now I sue, And grant the mighty Grace I beg of you.

But all the entreaties of Fatimaall my letters, impassioned as they were, appealing at once to her generosity, humanity, and love,could not prevail on her to grant me an interview.

Even this was printed secretly abroad, nobody yet knows where, and did not have Grafton's name attached to it till the King had granted him a license under the privy seal.

A Church should grant liberty of research, of thought, of speechto a degree.

The first public notice of coal is in the reign of Henry III., who, in 1272, granted a charter to the town of Newcastle, permitting the inhabitants to dig for coal.

Thine eyes were glowing like blue-bells blowing, With dew-drops twinkling their silvery fires; Thine heart was panting with love enchanting, For mine was granting its fond desires.

For she was entirely impressed with the idea that no person or body could have any right to call in question the king's disposal of the national revenue; and that there was no prerogative of the crown of which the exercise was more becoming to the royal dignity than that of granting pensions or creating sinecures with no limitations but such as might be imposed by his own will or discretion.

While your affairs are in a favorable and ours in a dubious state, you would derive honor and splendor from granting peace; while to us, who solicit it, it would be considered as necessary rather than honorable.

That's too severe, yet I will grant it thee?

But ere it come, that doom of death which fills us with alarms, May Allah grant to me the boon of resting in thine arms!

It is a strange concept that would bar the business man from the ideal; that would limit his life to an account-book, a ledger, a roll of stocks, rents, and possessions, instead of granting him the freedom of the universe, the privilege of ministering to the race.

839 collocations for  grant
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