620 collocations for greeted

The rapidity with which we approached the moon, impressed me, in spite of myself, with the alarming sensation of falling; and I found myself alternately agitated with a sense of this danger, and with impatience to take a nearer view of the new objects that greeted my eyes.

The Easter holidays came and went as rapidly as Easter holidays always do, and before the Alliance had recovered from the excitement connected with their first experience of breaking up at Ronleigh, they were back again, greeting their friends, asking new boys their names, and, in short, commencing their second term as regular old stagers.

Quoth he: "Right noble and most resplendent lord Duke Beltane, I do most humbly greet thee, ILubbo Fitz-Lubbin, past Pardoner of the Holy Seewho but a poor plain soul am, do offer thee my very insignificant, yet most sincere, felicitous good wishes.

Indeed, that was what those thought who saw him there, for suddenly a dog-sledge came round the corner of the hill and a loud halloo greeted his ears.

Uncle John greeted the man with an attempt at cordiality.

And the British public often greets its visitors with a touch of this canine philosophy.

"You say that Miss Molly, 'looking more lovely than ever in her handsome new gown, greeted her guests with a roughish smile.'

Toward these they now retreated; and just as dawn broke, and the British sailors obtained their first view of the promised assistanceand greeted the new arrivals with cheersthe British advanced to the attack.

Fields of golden sunflowers facing eastward, greeted the rising sun.

How I got down the stair I do not know; but I, too, turned back along the lower hall, expecting any instant to come upon I knew not what horror; I reached an open door, passed through it, and found myself in the laundry, in the midst of a group of excited and indignant women, who greeted my appearance with a fresh series of screams.

" "Why, it's much warmer," said the Boy as they went by the cross; and Father Richmond greeted the half-dozen native boys, who were packing down the fresh snow under their broad shoes, laughing and shouting to one another as they made anew the familiar mission trails.

As he greeted the two strangers, and said simply that he had just arrived, himself, by way of the Anvik portage, the Colonel felt that he must have meant from New York or from Paris instead of the words he added, "from St. Michael's.

She's an 'Organizer'" Dead silence greeted this sudden announcement.

During which time we may well suppose what feastings, what rejoicings, what costly shews and entertainments the governor made in Metaline, to greet the royal father of his dear Marina, whom in her obscure fortunes he had so respected.

I saw them through the churchyard pass, but such a nuptial train I would not for the wealth of worlds should greet my sight again.

Robert greeted his mother, his affianced and his sister with the most ardent affection.

The detective greeted the young ladies with polite bows, supplemented by an aimless compliment on the neatness of their office.

She greeted his return with a low whine of joy, and muzzled him with her blind face.

he said, as he struck the first low swell of rising land, where a cool wind from off the wooded and watered hills greeted his face.

She sat in state in the great drawing-room with her hands folded on her lap and placidly arranged her proposed mode of greeting the newcomers.

" The lady smiled indulgently as Maud quietly supported her sister's appeal, the while greeting her acquaintances of yesterday with her sweet, girlish charm of manner.

Fifteen years after it had seen a guest so strange as the Emperor of the East, it saw Henry V. return from Agincourt, and the Mayor of London with the aldermen and four hundred citizens, "all in scarlet with hoods of red and white," greet the hero king. ...

He is weak from loss of blood, and must not be agitated; therefore meet him cheerfully, and then hasten to make the arrangements for his comfort that your scanty means will permit.' Helen dried her tears, and forced, a smile to greet her wounded child, who was now being lifted from the bottom of the boat, and gently carried on shore by two of the men.

yet first must I greet this my lady wife.'

" Up among the people some one hissed, then some one else joined in, and, before the judge and officers could restore order in the room, the indignant crowd had greeted Sharpman's words with a perfect torrent of groans and hisses.

620 collocations for  greeted
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