167 collocations for grinning

and he grinned a little maliciously.

I never heard Johnson say anything severe of him, though when he mentioned his name, he generally "grinned horribly a ghastly smile,"'

" "Hear that, Swing?" grinned Racey, and twiddled his bare toes delightedly.

" "Well, there certainly is an odor about the East," grinned Jack.

He grinned at mea slow, diabolical grin.

"I reckon so, son," grinned the red-faced man, in response to this elegant speech; "now, then, are you going to give up that chair or not?" "I was just leaving it when you came out," rejoined Roy, who, by this time, was fairly boiling over.

" "Wait a minute," grinned Jim Silent, "an' watch me have some fun with these short-horns.

The lantern showed the tawny, grinning face of a servant, as they passed into a small garden, of dwarf orange trees pent in by a lofty, whitewashed wall.

"Nothing but our clothes," grinned Dan, "and some hair.

And looking round, he suddenly saw a little ugly black figure with bleared eyes and grinning teeth.

" "Great sport, all right," grinned Barney.

What are you plannin' to do?" "You'll learn by watchin'," grinned Buck, taking the reins of his horse.

"Yes," grinned Bruce, suddenly awaking from these wild speculations, "and maybe he's just some sort of bloomin' sport coming up here to take moving pictures of caribou herds, or to shoot white whale in Hudson Bay!

" "Some people wouldn't look at it that way, Doctor Holiday," grinned the captain.

" "You can't have a chicken pie," grinned Jimmie, "unless some one kills a chicken!

and gave Cartwright's favorite yell as a solo, while Marty and Joe grinned approval and some students passing in the street answered it with the "skyrocket.

With muttering jaws The wondering circle grinned applause.

"He means he aviated upward," grinned Jerry.

" "Come along with me, my lad," said the grinning Mr. Prowle, tapping him on the shoulder.

You're the only man in the State who could" "Soft-pedal the blarney," grinned Carroll.

" The cook nimbly caught the flying coin, and grinned his thanks.

Betsy Ann had grinned a great many times, and asked Polly over and over, "Where the presents all was?"

Erle Stanley Gardner (A); 21Apr55; R148417. Grinning gods.

Houses were entered, women insulted; time and again I saw a stray horse, grazing by the roadside, seized by a crowd of grinning Arabs, who piled on the poor beast's back until he was almost crushed to earth, and rode off triumphantly, while their comrades held back the weeping owner.

"We're snowed in," grinned Wabi.

167 collocations for  grinning