170 collocations for grudge

Our stories should not only prepare for literature, they should be literature, and those who realise what the story may do for children will not grudge time spent in preparation.

" "Oh, well," said Mrs. Hildreth, "of course one cannot grudge the money for that.

A secular nobility is formed by groups of people, who grudge each other their very lives and fight each other according to the rules of retaliation unmitigated by any more humane feelings.

You will not grudge this last pleasure to a poet and man of learning, will you?" "Penniless?" said the old man.

As the sun sinks low in the west, a stream of worshippers flows through the mosque-gatesrich black-coated Persian merchants, picturesque full-bearded Moulvis, smart sepoys from Hindustan, gold-turbaned shrewd-eyed Memon traders, ruddy Jats from Multan, high-cheeked Sidis, heavily dressed Bukharans, Arabs, Afghans and pallid embroiderers from Surat, who grudge the half-hour stolen from the daylight.

And then the other cardinal, the long lean one who had taken his pocket-money, and had grudged him his food, and had dressed him in old clothes.

Sleep thou on still, poor chargethough I'll not grudge One moment of my sickening toil about thee, Best counsellordumb preacher, who dost warn me How much I have enjoyed, how much have left, Which thou hast never known.

If he be a clergy hypocrite, then all manner of vice is for the most part so proper to him as he will grudge any man the practice of it but himself; like that grave burgess, who being desired to lend his clothes to represent a part in a comedy, answered: No, by his leave, he would have nobody play the fool in his clothes but himself.

Other people had a right to enjoy the Yosemite and she must not grudge them their place.

Nor does anyone grudge Germany wealth, trade, shipping, or anything else that goes with the politician's phrase of "legitimate expansion" for its own sake.

He would not entertain; he grudged the expense.

He's a generous boy, and he won't grudge a few dollars lost to a good cause.

And I had liked the ways that his sailors had, and the prayers that they prayed at evening side by side, grudging not one another their alien gods.

Few wealthy people really grudge the poor a share of the necessities of life, and most are quite willing to assist in projects for such a distribution.

"It is a most disagreeable office to give opinions on MSS.; one reads them at a moment when one has other things in one's headthen one is obliged to fatigue the brain with thinking; but if I can occasionally hinder you from publishing nugatory works, I do not grudge the pains.

It would be hard to grudge the poor thing her dreams; and many such did she have, and tell blushingly to honest Becky as they sat by the kitchen fire, while indignation was growing apace in the breasts of her mother and sisters at the sight of so much interest centred on so poor an object.

And good so well, they will not grudge the price.

We grudged them their good fortune; and perhaps we had to thank this specimen of Christian love on our part, that on the 3rd of July, we had not got further than Cuxhaven, seventy-four miles from Hamburgh.

Let but Germany cure herself of her Hohenzollern taint, and the world will grudge her wealth and economic pre-eminence as little as it grudges wealth and economic pre-eminence to the United States.

The people all supposed that your Majesty grudged the animal, but your servant knows surely that it was your Majesty's not being able to bear the sight of the creature's distress which made you do as you did.

Miles, I do not grudge you the possession of the property the least in the world; but it would make me very unhappy to know one of those Hazens, or Morgans, or Van-der-Schamps had it."

My Lords, we have, therefore, thought it advisable not to grudge Russia those conquests that have been madeespecially after obtaining the restoration of the town of Bayazid and its important district.

" Once, seeing that his disciple Tsz-kung was desirous that the ceremonial observance of offering a sheep at the new moon might be dispensed with, the Master said, "Ah! you grudge the loss of the sheep; I grudge the loss of the ceremony.

The wind may howl about the eaves, and the snow may drift against the wall, but they know that the one will calm down, and that the other will melt, and that life will go on as beforehard, back-breaking, grudging even the dark bread, but secure and independent.

"Knights," said he, "take into your service warriors not a few, and grudge not the sergeant his wages.

170 collocations for  grudge
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