688 collocations for guards

He and the Countess Arnim received a great deal, and their beautiful rooms in the Palazzo Caffarelli, on the top of the Capitol Hill (the two great statues of Castor and Pollux standing by their horses looking as if they were guarding the entrance) were a brilliant centre for all the Roman and diplomatic world.

Aunt Nancy's trembling voice arose,the voice which had jealously guarded the right of saying grace at table in the Old Ladies' Home for twenty years,not, however, in the customary words of thanksgiving, but in a peremptory "Brother Abe!" Abraham looked up.

But, in fact, there were two men in the Towerone of them big Neddy; and the function, which Beaumaroy supposed to have been intrusted to the Sergeant, had never been assigned to him at all; to guard the door and the road had been his only tasks.

It is a great honour to be an ambassador for a great king and a mighty kingdom, guarding the interests of the fatherland in a foreign land.

Then he passed days wandering over the Libby Hill, down in the bed of the "Rockets," as the bed of the James was known in those days; he learned the ground to the very beat of the patrols that guarded the wretched prisoners in the towering shambles.

Where is the great hound that guards the house at night?

For, surely, Madame X. would scarcely guard the secret of that drawer with poison!

'That will with-sufficient- safety guard our treasure.

I'th' utmost Borders of the Earth I'll find thee Seas shall not hide thee, nor vast Mountains guard thee: Even in the depth of Hell I'll find thee out, And lash thy filthy and adulterous Soul.

Stern Famine guards the solitary coast, And Winter barricades the realms of frost.

Leaving the infantry to guard the supply camp, Colonel Mills struck out for the north with the seven companies of cavalry.

Scipio expected that Hasdrubal would attempt the nearest route along the coast of the Mediterranean, and he therefore carefully fortified and guarded the passes of the eastern Pyrenees.

Clem will remain here with number six to guard the gate.

Thou the fires of hate and strife, The wasting fever of the heart; From perils guard our feeble life, And to our souls Thy grace impart.

French troops guarded the entire frontier, battling to check the other German invading columns.

Those who were quarreling at that time and causing all the trouble were Trebellius and Dolabella: Antony did no wrong and was active in every way in our behalf, so much so that he was entrusted by us with guarding the city against those very men, and not only did this remarkable orator not oppose it (he was there) but even approved it.

The passage to the North Pole is barred by ice fields and guarded by frost and snow more securely than Cerberus guarded the approach to the kingdom of Pluto.

"At Braisne the First cavalry division met with considerable opposition from infantry and machine-guns holding the town and guarding the bridge.

Who guides or guards my ways, Seeing my soul, so lost and ill-betided, Burns in your presence, in your absence dies? XXX. TO TOMMASO DE' CAVALIERI.

If my hand were to guard my head it must find some other way of it.

In Rochester, serene and yet active, the very ancient seat of a bishopric, we have something essentially Roman, the fortress on the Watling Street guarding the passage of the Medway, precisely as Piacenza was and is a Roman fortress upon the Emilian Way guarding the passage of the Po.

The warriors now, with sad forebodings wrung, Torn from that hope to which they proudly clung, On Gúdarz rest, to soothe with gentle sway, The frantic King, and Rustem's wrath allay. With bitter grief they wail misfortune's shock, No shepherd now to guard the timorous flock.

Go not to Bed, I guard this sacred Place, And the Adulterer dies that enters here.

He meant that his three chums should know everything in the beginning, before he called on them to decide whether they would stay over a few days, and guard the property, while Obed was marketing his first proceeds in a distant city; for the pups were really too valuable to be trusted to the tender mercies of an express company, Obed thought.

A rigorous police guarded his person, his house, and his property; he was supreme and uncontrolled within his family.

688 collocations for  guards
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