6 collocations for hankered

I felt I'd seen too many ornaments, I most knowed I should never hanker agin for a minaret or a mosque, or a steeple or a crescent, or a wavin' banner, or gildin', I felt that my heart would never more long and pine for water to squirt up in the air or drizzle down three or four hundred feet, nor for statutes or peaks or pillers.

It wasn't the gal, it was the money I hankered arter.

Will Thompson might be said to be the on'y friend the Cap'n really hankered fer.

Then if you hanker for this battery as it hankers for you" "Mary, Queen of Scots!" rejoiced Hilary.

" Our hero had been impressed by Creedon's statement that he had examined every nook and corner in the mountain, and yet he did feel a sort of hankering notion that he could find the gold, and he said: "I want to explore again.

And if they didn't, youth's a foolish time at best; and the carnal man will be hankering after amusement, siramusement.'

6 collocations for  hankered