70 collocations for hatch

"Not exsactly," was his reply; "she would have hatched every egg, butbutbut," and he broke down and bust into teers.

"Neuman, you hatched up a plot with Glidden to kill me," said Anderson, bitterly.

So, you see, there's some one outside the cabin, and they're hatching up a scheme to get him loose.

These merchants came to the valley at the time when the eagles, which keep their eyries in the rocks, had hatched their young.

And really it did seem as though the birds were glad to be there again, for it is only in the North that these birds sing their sweet love songs to each other and build their nests and hatch out their little broods.

Now Cornelia had a little white banty, with a topknot on its head and feathers on its legs, which was a very great pet, of course; and Sissy had resolved to save all banty's eggs, so that she might hatch only her own chickens.

" "Be that as it may," said his partner, "from a cock's egg is hatched the cockatrice, or basilisk, the glance of whose eye turns the beholder to stone.

There were always vagabonds to hatch up things;" and he made a dead point at me, by putting himself into a posture which attracted the notice of those present, and by staring me in the face.

On our voyage Was hatched among the crew a foul Conspiracy Against my honour, in the which our Captain Was, I believed, prime Agent.

I am convinced now that he and Norbanus were hatching some kind of plot between thempossibly against the sacred person of our emperora frightful sacrilege!the suggestion of it makes me shudder!

For instance, one of my hens, setting unbeknown to anybody in a warm corner of the barn, has hatched out a dozen little chicks.

"Keep your eyes peeled; they're hatching up some sort of mischief!" called Frank, who knew the signs.

In Spain, our springs, like old men's children, be Decayed and withered from their infancy: No kindly showers fall on our barren earth, To hatch the season in a timely birth: Our summer such a russet livery wears, As in a garment often dyed appears.

He began to hatch treason and to hint doubts as to the genuineness of the Mahdi, who, as he truly represented, according to prophecy, ought to work miracles and show other proofs of his divine mission.

They are so pretty and white and soft, and they lay eggs and hatch young ones.

But it was extraordinary that Mrs. Lavington had cast off her usual primness, and seemed to-night, for the first time in her life, in an exuberant good humour, which she evinced by snubbing her usual favourite Honoria, and lavishing caresses on Argemone, whose vagaries she usually regarded with a sort of puzzled terror, like a hen who has hatched a duckling.

But how to hatch his eggfor this was what he thought ofbecame now the question.

A poor hen of ours did not escape so well; she, poor thing, ventured to form a nest, and actually hatched a fine family of chickens amongst these sacred shavings!

In what does the inferiority of Virgil, for example, consist, but in his having hatched fancies in his contemplations which the calm mind rejects as absurdities.

" "I figure," said Racey, "that they'd hatched that forgery some while before Dale was killed.

Only a few out of each thousand eggs will escape their enemies, and the baby Herrings, which hatch in about a fortnight, run many dangers; thus, in the end, the huge family of Mrs. Herring is reduced to a small one.

Next comes the foremast, and between that and the fore hatch the galley and winch; on the port side of the fore hatch are stalls for four poniesa very stout wooden structure.

"You call me the Java sparrow, and Java sparrows never hatch gay little humming-birds or tuneful mocking-birds.

You have filled their heads with those ideas, and I suppose you will have to invent some nonsense or other to fool them, and make them believe that it has hatched a giraffe, or an elephant, or something; they won't be satisfied with anything less.'

As old Sharon said, the Whipple chicken coop had hatched a gosling that wanted to swim in strange waters; but it was eventually decided that goslings were meant to swim and would one way or another find a pond.

70 collocations for  hatch
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