Pick Elegant Words
386 collocations for  haunting

386 collocations for haunting

"No," answered the priest in the same low voice; "if they listen long to the dying, the cry gets fixed in their imagination, and they hear it after the death, and think the spirit haunts the place.

When long familiar joys are all resigned, Why does their sad remembrance haunt the mind?

Swift, A Tale of a Tub, Section II, has: 'They went to new plays on the first night, haunted the chocolate houses, beat the watch, lay on bulks.' p. 279 Tubs.

Spectres and fairies haunt the murderer's dreams; Grants and disgraces are the courtier's themes.

His father's ghost, which he had seen, still haunted his imagination, and the sacred injunction to revenge his murder gave him no rest till it was accomplished.

And now she first became conscious how he had haunted her thoughts in the last few months, not as a soul to be saved, but as a living manhis face, his figure, his voice, his every gesture and expression, rising clear before her, in spite of herself, by day and night.

Lord Byron removed from Florence, but these spirits have haunted him all his life.

That her testimony on this point would be invaluable was self-evident, for proofs were plenty of her having haunted her sister's rooms all the evening in a condition of more or less delirium.

After Neddy had dropped Mr. Saffron's scepter into Captain Duggle's grave (had he known that it was Captain Duggle's, and not been a prey to the ridiculous but haunting fancy that it had been destined for, or evenoh, these errant fanciesalready occupied by, Mr. Saffron himself, Neddy would have been less agitated)

O they be the Fayries that haunt these woods.

Yet, for days after, the images of the real Honoria and Dalton, my friends, remained separated from the creatures of the vision; and the Denslow Palace of dreamland, the pictures, the revelry, and the magic of the Demon Duke haunted my memory, and kept with them all their visionary splendors and regrets.

Vague fear and spectral terrors haunt the soul that dwells in shade, Nor e'er can crimson conscience confront the crimson blade.

How my love, cried I, durst thou hither stray Thro' the gloom, nor fear the ghosts that haunt the grove?

Keep back the phantoms and the visions sad, The shades of grey, The fancies that so haunt the little hours Before the day.

between fish and reptiles, haunt the seas.

These Sperm Whales inhabit warm seas, but others of the Whale family haunt colder regions.

He haunted the High Street, and when the suspicious Mrs. Silk spoke of Amelia he only laughed and waxed humorous over such unlikely subjects as broken hearts and broken vows.

It haunts the whole forest, and rightly understood fills it with meaning and can never have been or be far from the thoughts of anyone who wanders there, even as I have done in the excellent days of Spring.

"Such men (those who have gained great reputations) biographies show to be haunted and driven by an incessant, instinctive craving for intellectual work."

Before that time they were merely woods children, blind puppets of nature, sleeping where exhaustion found them; wandering without aim in the tree aisles; mating when they met the female of their species on the trails and venturing on again; knowing the ghastly, haunting fear of the night and the blind terror of the storm and elements: merely higher beasts in a world of beasts.

After that, there rose in my memory the still more terrible Thing, that had haunted the shores of the Sea of Sleep, and lurked in the shadows of this old building.

In time of war they haunt the battle-field with the pertinacity of newspaper specials, and have a much more certain method of making themselves acquainted with the Organization of military Bodies than the gentlemen of the press who Pick the Brains of fugitives from the field for their information.

A sentence in one of his sermons haunted her night and day:"And now, brethren, if you cannot answer me, how will you at the last day answer the Great Searcher of hearts?"

He advertised me but the other day of some pleasant green lanes which he had found out for me, knowing me to be a great walker, in my own immediate vicinitywho have haunted the identical spot any time these twenty years!

He was under the belief that an evil spirit was haunting his steps.

The ghost of sex begins to haunt the scene.

Always, I resolved to forego it like a man; always, like a man, I was overborne by the ancient longing, the formless "heimweh" that haunts the hearts of the unmated, and which in my own case made short work of stoic resolutions.

I haunt a castle.

These 'Dreams that watched Urania's eyes' appear to be dreams in the more obvious sense of that word-visions which had haunted the slumbers of Urania.

She succeeded admirably, but the smile could not always be there, and ghosts of her dead years came stealthily to haunt her face as surely as the smile went.

On the tesselated slopes Of the Isle of Tapioca, Where the azure antelopes Haunt the valley of Avoca, Dwelt the maid Opoponax, Only child of Brex Koax, Far renowned in song and saga, Ruler of ten million blacks, Emperor of Larranaga.

She shuddered at the thought of the villain from whose snare she had been rescued: and yet, his image as he had been to her in the brief golden time when she believed him noble, and chivalrous, and true, haunted her lonely days, mixed itself with her troubled dreams, came between her and every other thought.

Had it existed forty or fifty years longer, until that incubus which haunted Jefferson's brain had passed away, and the republic become so firmly established that people would no longer fear British dependency, the Federal party would have been a firmly fixed institution.

You may be one of the profligate and profane crew who haunt the court.

I got home I don't quite know how; but in my mind there was no longer any indifference as to the thing, whatever it was, that haunted these ruins.

What hourly nonsense haunts her ear!

The sorrows we have hid in silent weariness, As birds above a wounded, bleeding breast, Their bright plumes cast; The griefs like mourners in a dark array, That haunt our footsteps here, will flee away, And leave us to forget the sorrowful past, At last.

The conquerors would see their aboriginal slaves of the old race still haunting the tree, making stealthy offerings to it by night: and they would ask the reason.

In bitter disappointment, both because of what is and what is not, both because of what he has done and what he has failed to do, having for the time lost all chance, with the last vision of the Ghost still haunting his eyes, his last reproachful words yet ringing in his ears, are we bound to take his judgment of himself because it is against himself?

These fools of feeling are mere birds of winter That haunt some barren island of the north, Where, if a famishing man stretch forth his hand, They think it is to feed them.

All through the bright autumn days, Laurella Himes had hurried from one new and charming sensation or discovery to another; she was like the butterflies that haunt the banks of little streams or wayside pools at this season, disporting themselves more gaily even than the insects of spring in what must be at best a briefer glory.

They had not been long in this dismal hiding when they were surprised by a party of tomb-wreckersghouls who haunted these roads by night and lived by robbing tombs or travellers.

It gives such a curious account of a ghost who is supposed to haunt this housethe ghost of a most awfully wicked woman who killed her stepson by throwing him into the moat, and then drowned herself" Mr. Tapster, who seldom contributed anything worth hearing to the conversation, suddenly remarked: "The ghost has been seen within the last two days by one of the servants here.

Thy constant true Adorer, Who all this fatal Day has haunted thee To ease his tortur'd Soul.

It was believed that the unquiet ghost of the murdered madman haunted the palace, and long before it had been laid to rest by the forms of decent sepulchre, a new emperor of the great Julian family was securely seated upon the throne.

It is said that he feeds mostly on the Cuttle-fish, that giant cousin of the Octopus, who haunts the dim caverns of the deep.

"It haunts the air above and around; it distils in showers upon the polished marble; it rises, it falls....

But Death haunts the death-dealer; blood taints the life of blood!

One calls this haunt a Cave of Polypheme, And one Atlante's Palace, one of Crete The Labyrinth, and one Hell's lowest pit.

Dreams of horror haunt his rest, Storms of madness vex his breast, Snares surround him, Death beset, Man forsakeand God forget!"

It was impossible that his imagination could avoid the impulses of the spirit which haunts the walls and ramparts of Malta; and the silence of his muse on a topic so rich in romance, and so well calculated to awaken associations concerning the knights, in unison with the ruminations of Childe Harold, persuades me that there must have been some specific cause for the omission.

Troops of white doves still haunt the shining towers, And fold in blissful calm, their wings of snow; We bade them build their nests in brighter bowers,

To guard against disappointments such as this, the jobber sends his salesmen to live at hotels, haunts the hotels himself, studies the hotel-register far more assiduously than he can study his own comfort, or the comfort of his wife and children.

she said, as if she had been haunting the halls in the hope of their coming.

His education consisted mainly in studying music with his talented mother, in haunting picture galleries, and in wide reading.

" She did not speak again, but lay looking at the ceiling until long after the moon had risen,the waning moon, that comes up so weirdly, late in the night, like a spectre of light appointed to haunt the solemn old earth, and punish it with the remembrance of a brighter, better light gone, and a renewed consciousness of its own once unformed, chaotic existence.

He haunts the stream, he haunts the grove, Lives in a fond romance of love, And seems for each to die; Till each, a little spiteful grown, Sabina Cรฆlia's shape ran down, And she Sabina's eye.

"It is, in fact, this dagger which is popularly supposed to 'haunt' the Chapel.

Angel faces watch my pillow, angel voices haunt my sleep, And upon the winds of midnight, shining pinions round me sweep; Floating downward on the starlight, two bright infant-forms I see They are mine, my own bright darlings, come from heaven to visit me.

" They abound exceedingly in all sunny spots; nor in the shady lane do they not haunt every bush, and lie perdu under every leaf, thence sallying forth on the luckless wight who presumes to molest their "solitary reign;" they hang with deliberate importunity over the path of the sauntering pedestrian, and fly with the flying horseman, like the black cares (that is to say, blue devils) described by the Roman lyrist.

But whoever has been his adviser, As his kingdom increases in growth, He now takes his measures much wiser, And trafics with beauty and youth. Disguis'd in the wanton and witty, He haunts both the church and the court; And sometimes he visits the city, Where all the best christians resort.

Is it then true, however, that Hymen haunts these shades?" "A bachelor's history of the progress of love, may be, like the education of his children, distrusted; but so sayeth tradition; and I never put my foot in the place, without making fresh vows of constancy to myself.

Still famine haunted his home; Churchill took, therefore, to teaching young ladies to read and write, and conducted himself in the boarding-school where his duties lay, with wonderful propriety.

He smiled, and then, closing his eyes, fell asleepoutside the borders of the land of visions, and with the music of a woman's voice haunting the last moments of his consciousness.

Twice I saw Castleman ride out with the young women, and after that I haunted the front door of the house.

A question was haunting him, a question which he could not thrust from him: he was going to marry Maude Falconer, going to take the hard and stony road of duty which Ida, in her noble way, had pointed out to him.

Did you ever walk through Ann Street, Boston, or haunt the purlieus of the Fulton Market?

And, if we be not as a ring enchanted, About each other's heart, to keep us gay, The young, who claim that joy which haunted Our visions once, will push us far away Into the desolate regions, dim and grey, Where the sea hath no moaning, and the cloud No rain of tears, but apathy doth shroud All being and all time.

'Well?' said I. 'Well, Sahib, my men say that if they disturb this land, the "Bhoots" (ghosts) of all those who have been burned there, will haunt the village at night, and they hope you will not persist in asking them to dig up the land.' 'Very well, bring down the men with their digging-hoes, and I will see.' Accordingly, next morning, I went down on my pony, found the dangurs all assembled, but no digging going on.

Amphibious monsters haunted the lagoon; The hippopotamus, amidst the flood, Flexile and active as the smallest swimmer; But on the bank, ill balanced and infirm, He grazed the herbage, with huge, head declined, Or lean'd to rest against some ancient tree.

He was an enormous brute, powerful and cunning beyond measure, that haunted the lonely thickets and ponds bordering the great caribou barrens over the ridge, and that kept a silent watch, within howling distance, over the den which he never saw.

He has peopled our hills with Heroes, even as Ossian peopled them; and, like a presiding spirit, his Image haunts the magnificent cliffs of our Lakes and Seas.

Bรผrger's Pastor's Daughter murdered her natural child, but it is her ghost which haunts its grave, which she had torn With bleeding nails beside the pond, And nightly pines the pool beside.

CHAPTER XLI HOW THEY RODE INTO THE WILDERNESS Fast galloped the good horse, bursting through underbrush and thicket with the roar of the pursuit following ever distant and more distant; and ever Beltane spurred deeper into those trackless wilds where few dare adventure them by reason of evil spirits that do haunt these solitudes (as they do say) and, moreover, of ravening beasts.

'The wretchedness of it all,' he cried, and fell to thinking that Nora's spirit haunted the lake, and that his punishment was to be kept a prisoner always.

What fury haunts this wretch on sudden thus?

You can arouse her and bring her to me and no one need know that she has had a visitorexcept, I suppose, the peeping eyes that haunt a nunnery corridor.

"Else could I bear, on all days of the year, Not now alone, this gentle summer night, When scythes are busy in the headed grass, And the full moon warms me to thoughtfulness, This voice that haunts the desert of my soul: 'It might have been!'

Still haunt the dark-browed little girl whom once he used to tease? CORYDON.

The Colonel made much of the pleasant and excellent man at the head of the Episcopal mission there, and the Boy haunted Benham's store, picking up a little Ingalik and the A. C. method of trading with the Indians, who, day and night, with a number of stranded Klondykers, congregated about the grateful warmth of the big iron stove.

MARGARET Each day I endure fresh insult from the scorn Of Woodvil's friends, the uncivil jests, And free discourses, of the dissolute men, That haunt this mansion, making me their mirth.

And when, an hour later, we ourselves reached Gerbรฉviller, the terror which had inspired that frenzied flight became, as we listened to Soeur Julie, a tangible presence haunting the ruined town.

But why had the Lascar been haunting the ship before?

They held two or three dances, and we were again struck by the rhythm and weird, haunting melody of their chanting.

He may have been plunged in some profound depth of the metaphysics of existence, or he may have been occupied with the one practical question, that of the slaying of his uncle, which has, now in one form, now in another, haunted his spirit for weeks.

To me, too, used to the feelings which haunt a society of struggling men, it was delightful to look upon a scene where nature still wore her motherly smile and seemed to promise room not only for those favored or cursed with the qualities best adapting for the strifes of competition, but for the delicate, the thoughtful, even the indolent or eccentric.

I have read a story of a woman whose ghost haunted her people because they had made her grave-clothes so short that the fires of purgatory burned her knees.

But every good college makes its students immune against this malady, of which the microbe haunts the neighborhood-printed pages.

We have seen how keenly he felt the suspicious intrusions upon his privacy which haunted his last years in the Church of England.

He also spoke of the fears which haunted the slaveholders.

No happy ghosts or fairies haunt The ancient city, huddling gaunt, Where waggons crawl with anxious wheel

In 1792, he was forbidden to haunt the White-Bear Tavern in London.

For four afternoons, as has been said, he fruitlessly haunted the Rock.

The dining-room, the sitting-room, the church, the school, were all given over to these destitute people, and from the beginning fear of massacre, as well as prevalence of disease, haunted the camp.

But he no more shall haunt the beach, Nor sit upon the tall cliff's crown, Nor go the round of all that reach, Nor feebly sit him down, Watching the swaying weeds; another day, And he'll have gone far hence that dreadful way.

What frantic humour doth thus haunt my sense, Striving to breed destruction in my spirit?

He took no walks or drives without her, and she seemed satisfied with his entire devotion; but a veiled singing shadow haunted the chambers of her soul.

This strange access in her of haunting loveliness, the gentle shadows that lay beneath her wideyet languorous eyes, the almost imperceptible tremor of her sweetly fashioned lips, all troubled him profoundly.

" "My angry ghost arising from the deep, Shall haunt thee waking, and disturb thy sleep; At least my shade thy punishment shall know, And Fame shall spread the pleasing news below.

But there are others, I know, who will scarce need telling, men and women with little ghosts of their own haunting their moonlit gardens;