386 collocations for haunts

"No," answered the priest in the same low voice; "if they listen long to the dying, the cry gets fixed in their imagination, and they hear it after the death, and think the spirit haunts the place.

When long familiar joys are all resigned, Why does their sad remembrance haunt the mind?

Swift, A Tale of a Tub, Section II, has: 'They went to new plays on the first night, haunted the chocolate houses, beat the watch, lay on bulks.' p. 279 Tubs.

Spectres and fairies haunt the murderer's dreams; Grants and disgraces are the courtier's themes.

His father's ghost, which he had seen, still haunted his imagination, and the sacred injunction to revenge his murder gave him no rest till it was accomplished.

And now she first became conscious how he had haunted her thoughts in the last few months, not as a soul to be saved, but as a living manhis face, his figure, his voice, his every gesture and expression, rising clear before her, in spite of herself, by day and night.

Lord Byron removed from Florence, but these spirits have haunted him all his life.

That her testimony on this point would be invaluable was self-evident, for proofs were plenty of her having haunted her sister's rooms all the evening in a condition of more or less delirium.

After Neddy had dropped Mr. Saffron's scepter into Captain Duggle's grave (had he known that it was Captain Duggle's, and not been a prey to the ridiculous but haunting fancy that it had been destined for, or evenoh, these errant fanciesalready occupied by, Mr. Saffron himself, Neddy would have been less agitated)

O they be the Fayries that haunt these woods.

Vague fear and spectral terrors haunt the soul that dwells in shade, Nor e'er can crimson conscience confront the crimson blade.

How my love, cried I, durst thou hither stray Thro' the gloom, nor fear the ghosts that haunt the grove?

Yet, for days after, the images of the real Honoria and Dalton, my friends, remained separated from the creatures of the vision; and the Denslow Palace of dreamland, the pictures, the revelry, and the magic of the Demon Duke haunted my memory, and kept with them all their visionary splendors and regrets.

between fish and reptiles, haunt the seas.

Keep back the phantoms and the visions sad, The shades of grey, The fancies that so haunt the little hours Before the day.

These Sperm Whales inhabit warm seas, but others of the Whale family haunt colder regions.

It haunts the whole forest, and rightly understood fills it with meaning and can never have been or be far from the thoughts of anyone who wanders there, even as I have done in the excellent days of Spring.

He haunted the High Street, and when the suspicious Mrs. Silk spoke of Amelia he only laughed and waxed humorous over such unlikely subjects as broken hearts and broken vows.

The ghost of sex begins to haunt the scene.

He advertised me but the other day of some pleasant green lanes which he had found out for me, knowing me to be a great walker, in my own immediate vicinitywho have haunted the identical spot any time these twenty years!

A sentence in one of his sermons haunted her night and day:"And now, brethren, if you cannot answer me, how will you at the last day answer the Great Searcher of hearts?"

He was under the belief that an evil spirit was haunting his steps.

Before that time they were merely woods children, blind puppets of nature, sleeping where exhaustion found them; wandering without aim in the tree aisles; mating when they met the female of their species on the trails and venturing on again; knowing the ghastly, haunting fear of the night and the blind terror of the storm and elements: merely higher beasts in a world of beasts.

"Such men (those who have gained great reputations) biographies show to be haunted and driven by an incessant, instinctive craving for intellectual work."

After that, there rose in my memory the still more terrible Thing, that had haunted the shores of the Sea of Sleep, and lurked in the shadows of this old building.

386 collocations for  haunts