16367 collocations for have

She seemed in a fainting condition; but I had no time then to spend on her.

The salon reserve had a blue ribbon stretched across the entrance from door to door, and was guarded by huissiers, old hands who knew everybody in the diplomatic and official world, and would not let any one in who hadn't a right to penetrate into the charmed circle (which of course became the one room where every one wanted to go).

At the sight, I remembered that I had there a power, which, as I had proved earlier, seemed as fatal to those monsters as to more ordinary animals; and I determined I would take the offensive.

He was listening to a troupe of comedians when he died, so you see I have reason to fear those gentry.

Except for these sounds, I had no idea of the whereabouts of the house.

He (like so many others) wrote repeated letters and warnings to the French Foreign Office, which apparently had no effect.

Gambetta didn't go out much, and as by some curious chance he was never next to me at dinner, I never had any opportunity of talking to him.

That there had been a land-slip of some kind, I had little doubt; but the cause was beyond my knowledge; and yet, even then, I had half imaginings; for, already, the thought had come to me, of those falling rocks, and that Thing in the bottom of the Pit; but, in the first minutes of confusion, I failed to reach the natural conclusion, to which the catastrophe pointed.

(In all French parties, immediately after dinner, the men all congregate together to talk to each other,never to the women,so unless you happen to find yourself seated next to some well-known man, you never really have a chance of talking to him.)

Of course he was supposed to have had his own way in everything.

No man or woman has a living-wage, who has no money to give away.

I had a numb sense of astonishment.

Some had their children with them, who looked half perished with cold, always insufficiently clad, but they were quite happy roasting potatoes in the ashes.

The one who has his eyes open reads, notes the state of the market, adds to his skill the power of counsel, and can gradually take a larger responsibility upon him, which will advance the economic value of his time, as well as the work.

I have one friend, a dog; yes, I would sooner have old Pepper than the rest of Creation together.

I declined any interference with the minister's appointments, assuring her I had no influence whatever, and she took leave of me very icily.

" "You think, then," said I, "that the native of Kamtschatka has the advantage?" "No," he rejoined, "I do not mean to say that, for the evils of his situation are likewise very great; but they are more manifest, and therefore less necessary to be brought to your notice.

They have their things straight from Paris, with very good catalogues, so that one can order fairly well.

Yet, in spite of this, still she warned me, earnestly; telling me that it was a place, long ago given over to evil, and under the power of grim laws, of which none here have knowledge.

He left bitter memories in France during the Franco-German War, was called the "Red Prince," he was so hard and cruel, always ready to shoot somebody and burn down villages on the slightest provocationso different from the Prince Imperial, the "unser Fritz" of the Germans, who always had a kind word for the fallen foe.

He had some difficulty in getting to Bordeaux.

No invitation was more appreciated, as it was almost impossible to have places unless one was invited by a friend.

I began to explain that I really had some interest in life outside of politics, but she was so convinced of the truth of her observation that it was quite useless to pursue the conversation, and I naturally didn't care.

He had need of all his roomParis was crowded with English.

On the sixth day, I had the pleasure of seeing Pepper, once more, upon his feet; and, though still very weak, he managed to keep me company during the whole of that day.

16367 collocations for  have
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